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  1. toxo

    Best Xbow target.

    If your looking for field tips only,I use a Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 plus, a little heavy but its free-standing.
  2. toxo

    Baby Boy

  3. Bears are no problem,just make sure that you can outrun your new hunting partner! Good Luck!
  4. Thats funny! I have a 2000 Lowe that I was going to upgrade from. I'll keep it!
  5. I feel only if people buy this stuff. I wanted to up grade my boat,I was in touch with a Lund dealer The boat went up 2,000 in one month,I'm not buying the boat,a boat is not a necessary they can shove it! It's like the 22 thing, Don't buy and they will have no choice but to bring the prices down.
  6. You are correct,I have more fishing gear then I will ever use and after 55 years of Hunting I have more hunting gear then I will ever use. I am 70 years old and can't comprehend today's prices! LOL
  7. My point is you can hunt and fish for a fraction of the price. Like cattle to the slaughter, Oh I NEED this! I don't care that I'm getting ripped off! lol
  8. 55,000 truck,3000 crossbow, 1,300 camo,300 treestand and a 100 dollars in corn, Look at me I shot a Doe in N.J.! . N.J. wants to raise the licence fees? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry just find it amazing!lol
  9. Unless a guy is into extreme hunting out West or Canada,Camo clothing is over rated and WAY too expensive. You don't need a $1300 outfit on a bait pile in N.J.
  10. For $1300 you can buy a NEW set of cheaper camo every year! lol
  11. What can those clothes possibly do for $649 for the bibs and another $649 for the jacket?!!!!!!!!
  12. Nice fish! I don't fish where you fish,care to share your recipe?
  13. Can't thank you enough for what you and your Dogs do Darren! You save an awful lot of nice Deer and Bear for hunters!
  14. You should write a book Mark,Congrats!
  15. The article stated that the prion can live in the soil for years,what can be done for that?
  16. Great bow! Try listing it on Crossbow Nation or Archery Talk-Crossbow section I know the shipping is a pain but its a take down!
  17. We were taught to use the step thru method,twisted more Bow limbs then it was worth! I still unstring my recurves but now we have the step on Bow stringer
  18. I'm shooting the one I used last year,the year before and 3 years before that. Grim Reaper 125 Crossbow Heads. Watch-em-drop!
  19. I do,it's easy and can't hurt. Remember to take the pads off of the air brakes first. When I hunted with Trad bows you always unstring them.
  20. I shot a Pheasant, put it in my game bag. When I got back to the truck I took off my game bag and the dam Pheasant jumped out,scared the shit out of me and ran off!
  21. Zwickey is one of the best traditional heads ever made.As far as I know they never made a serrated head . They made 2 or 4 blade Eskimo and a wider Delta. I used the Delta in the picture on a wooden homemade arrow to take a P&Y Black Bear. They still make Zwickey's today.
  22. Here's the first great idea,made by Browning. No one will ever invent a better penetrating broadhead then the second one.
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