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  1. Nice fox! Years ago I shot a fox with my bow.I gave it to a guy on the farm that was a trapper.The next time I saw him I asked,how did you make out with the fox, he replied,I got nothing,it had 2 big holes in it! Sorry! lol
  2. Wow! That sounds like a great place. Would you mind telling me the Outfitter? Thankz
  3. Look at the butt of the crossbow.If it has a small indentation hole it will accept Excalibur's portable C 2 crank. It slips in the hole and you tighten it to the stock.I have one you can use if your in Taylor Ham country.
  4. It also depends if you have any plans on going back,you don't want to stiff a guy if you are going back! LOL Plan on 10-15% You have to see the effort put in by your guide before you can decide.
  5. toxo


    Puts a new twist to the name BONE Freak!
  6. toxo


    Ya but you can't see their teeth!
  7. toxo


    Is it just me or does anyone else think that some gals look pretty sexy in the black face masks!!!!!!! Midnight at the oasis,send your camel to bed! Should I get Help?
  8. I like to soak Venison over night in Butter Milk, take it out rinse it, pat it dry and put it back in fridge to get that dry exterior for better searing when grilling
  9. Nice find,cool bow but I would not shoot it. Put it on the wall.
  10. I was told by a guy I met who owned 3 condos in Costa rica He said,Come here on vacation and rent,Don't buy,leave all the worries behind.Plus you are not stuck in one place.
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