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  1. Adventures are always better when shared with friends and family!
  2. Best of luck! Hope they find your problem and cure it!
  3. Bow to the Silver King! Nice one!
  4. Great, I don't think that I would shoot a bow that old.
  5. You don't need to be an angle but you would think a Moderator would post positive things on a members post or just don't post at all.
  6. I feel sorry for you.YOU don't like it,so its gay and your a moderator? Can I get my Membership money back?
  7. How can you beat the Army of the Dead? When they kill you, you rise up and become one of them. Its Never ending!
  8. If your in an area that has a lot of woods,Hunt near any houses.
  9. OMG I thought that me and my buddies where the only ones crazy enough to float down rivers in the large cement mixing tubs! Do I know you? lol
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