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  1. toxo

    Would You Do It?

    Fat bottom girls you make the rockn world go round!
  2. Then aren't we are back to the same thing,who wants a bigger challenge, a Bear that you put in the time to locate or one over a bait pile.
  3. I remember reading that years ago,an Englishmen who missed his Starlings Released a bunch in Central Park starting the whole dam takeover! They are a BIG problem in parts of this country.
  4. Just wondering,Why is it so acceptable to bait Bears and not Deer.Once you get a Bear to a bait he becomes one stupid critter and easy to kill.
  5. Yes we have! I posted years ago asking if Trail cams where fair and I got blasted.
  6. I spend 3,200.I go to Ohio,they put the bait out for me. lol
  7. They call it Honey dew, after sucking on the sap, They excrete a sugary substance that causes a black mold on the plants. Thank you China!
  8. Hi Phil I'll hold them for you.Let me know when you want to get them
  9. toxo

    Hi Phil There yours if you want them let me know

  10. toxo

    Fishing line...

    I hate everything Dead Ringer makes! Poor copies of other broadheads!
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