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  1. toxo

    Pizza Lovers.

    Just think,if and when they legalize Pot,you can order it as a Pizza topping.It will cause a kind of perpetual motion! Eat a slice,get the munchies,eat another slice,get the munchies again. There IS a God!
  2. toxo

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    There is a whole lot of Great pizza in N.J. I still make pizza on Hamburger rolls like the ones that I used to get from the cafeteria in grade school.
  3. toxo

    What's wrong with this picture?

    If they feel more comfortable without men there,go for it!
  4. toxo

    Camera stolen. Montville/Kinnelon area

    That stinks Mike!
  5. toxo

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    My Favorite Pizza is the piece I have in my hand at that time! Peace!
  6. The best bow stand is a climber.I'm too old to use one so I like Ladder stands.I use the 21 foot double rail from Sportsmens guide. Its high and very stable.I can sit in it all day.I camo it up with paint and cedar branches. I feel confined in a ground blind,( can't see far) and feel safer then in a lock-on.
  7. toxo

    Your luckiest hunt

    I climbed a tree for an afternoon hunt with my noisy Baker climber.I had just pulled my Kannah Kurve up and removed an arrow from my quiver.I heard a noise behind me coming from the woods.It was a Six pointer looking for the fight that he thought he heard,(it was me and my Baker treestand).Shot him and went home.
  8. toxo

    Happy birthday KMTPR!

  9. toxo

    Life Takes A Change.

    Just wondering how you feel about your comment on the other post,Man dies holding breath,"I guess he won the contest"? Best of Luck to your son!
  10. toxo

    Man dies holding breath!

    It was a bachelor party.I'm sure they were all boozed up.23 year old,what a shame! Imagine if it was your Son.A tragic mistake!
  11. toxo

    Gift From My Youngest Daughter !!!

    She is your real gift!
  12. I got settled in my tree stand in the dark and noticed a moving light circle on the ground,almost like a flashlight beam but no one was there!
  13. I had no eye deer! Thankz!
  14. toxo

    Rumor About NRA?

    I'm a Life member.They would have a lot more money if they would stop sending me all the mail asking for more money!