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  1. Nothing worse then a "man"? thats that desperate to shoot a Deer! He's not a true friend.He's disrespecting you! He's a LOSER!
  2. toxo

    Brand new Avery Blind bag

    I paid 39.99 for it.Don't need it now. Will ship on your dime.
  3. toxo

    What do you do?

    We have other Hunting clubs on both sides of our property They are scum-bags but we all agreed to let each other trail a deer on each others properties so no permission necessary.
  4. toxo

    Brand new Avery Blind bag

    Brand new Avery Finisher Marsh grass camo blind bag. Removable Padded shoulder strap, carry handle,zippered side pockets. Brand new,never used. 24.00 I'm in Ringwood N.J.
  5. toxo

    The Walpack Inn-No longer hunter friendly

    When you don't have many good restaurants in your area the one you have you have to say is GREAT even if it isn't.............Brings in a lot of weekend tourists that won't be back anyway.
  6. toxo

    How You U DO IT?

    I went to a butchering demo and the butcher stated never age a deer in the outside air skinned,The air does something to the meat,makes it get a hard, dark coating.
  7. toxo

    saddle river hunt is a go

    I was informed "vertical bows only", eliminating the most effective weapon for culling deer the "crossbow"! Great job!
  8. Like I've said before,I'm on a lot of Meds. and my pee STINKS! I use a bottle just to be safe.
  9. The other day my buddy put his memory card in his camera and it read "card locked". He asked me whats up with it.I said I don't know,I guess you need a new card. Today I put my card in my camera and it said "Card Locked"! WHAT! I did a search to find out whats wrong and I read that there is a very small switch on the side of the card,just flip it and the card will work.Well now it works! DUH!
  10. toxo

    Upright vs Chest Freezers

    What does an old lady have between her breasts that a young lady will never have? A belly button!
  11. toxo

    What do you consider to be a big buck?

    It all depends how much meat I have in the freezer!
  12. toxo

    How would you have handled this???

    I have 4 likes on this,how many you have? Just sayn.
  13. toxo

    How would you have handled this???

    Take my Wife,PLEASE!
  14. toxo

    How would you have handled this???

    The last thing I want to do is bother the land owner with small problems...........Could you imagine the owner finding out you are going to kick some guys ass that they also gave permission to hunt on their property? I think that both of you would be gone! Put a lock on the camera.
  15. toxo

    Poacher Caught !!!

    Good job! Thank god for stupidity!