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  1. MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!!!!! Why does your tree stand safety belt have an expiration but your cars safety belts don't MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!
  2. Check out the New Excalibur AXE! You can add a crank to it if you need it.
  3. I remember seeing a video of a Bear killing a Deer in Green Turtle Pond.Seems like Deer are easier targets when they are in the water.
  4. Check out the Primos-Double Bull Surround view 270.Coolest blind so far.The cheapest I could find it was on E-bay,231.37 with free shipping and tax included.
  5. I left a Barronett hub blind out all year and the snow actually snapped the fiberglass roof poles.
  6. I've killed a lot of Deer with 125 grain Grim Reaper Crossbow heads. Some Bucks in Ohio and Kansas near and over 200 lbs. Never had to trail any.You yourself shot 6 Deer with no problems.Why panic and switch from such a great Broadhead? If you shoot a lot of Deer,I think ANY Broadhead will eventually have a mishap.
  7. Gods recreation on the new day! (cat stevens)
  8. I have tried InvizX.It seemed like a great line at first but every now and then it would go into a nasty twist-up somewhere along its length. Sometimes it would undue but sometimes it would knot up.
  9. Whats eveybody's favorite freshwater fishing line for spinning reels?
  10. Glad your ok! I did the same thing fell from the roof of my trailer in PA.Landed sideways on a small stump.I ruptured my kidney and cracked 5 ribs.It took 1 hour for the Ambulance to get to me! IT HURT!
  11. Well at least they found that Hotwheel that I lost as a kid!
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