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  1. toxo

    What Reel

    Not bad.She reminds me of a Guide I met in the Adirondacks. I got a big kick out of Her,she smoked a cigar! Looks like she needs a line mending basket or to learn how to get the fish on the reel.
  2. toxo

    Turkey Huntn is"t easy!

    We heard Birds 2 of the 3 days.Had 4 Gobblers hung up and strutting about 70 yards, Hen walked off, so did they.I should have bought a Ravin Cross bow! One interesting thing on the trip,the outfitter pulled some trail cam cards and had a few pictures of a large White dog running with a pack of Coyotes! I also learned something that I would like to pass on. He said to put your Diaphragm calls in a little mouthwash to kill bacteria.He said that some guys where getting sick from the calls! Love these trips!
  3. toxo

    What Reel

    I see.Its the Girl in the picture Fly Fishing.There a lot better pictures of girls fly fishing then that one out there!LOL
  4. toxo

    Need a Prayer

    Prayers sent Mike! We miss your pictures!
  5. toxo

    Turkey Huntn is"t easy!

    I just got back from a guided Turkey hunt in Ohio.I'm BEAT! Up at 4am, In roosting spot buy 5, calling till around 9 am,Then running and gunning up and down mountains to 3 pm,quick lunch, back at it until 8:30 pm,dinner,in bed at 11 pm.Back at it again for 2 more days.We couldn't get the birds in close enough for a shot but it was a good Hunt.Got to meet some good Americans! I'm 67,the guide was around 28,Can't wait to do it again! lol
  6. toxo

    What Reel

    I like the waist high boot foot waders.I always seem to step in a hole and get wet with the regular hip boots. Get a large arbor fly reel. check out e-bay. Good Luck!
  7. toxo

    Thoughts on afternoon turkey hunting

    Again its,Me,Me,Me.Just because you can doesn't mean that you have to hunt in the afternoon! Think of the guys that work all week and would like to get out a day or two after work.Its great for them.
  8. toxo

    GUILT OVERLOAD - I have a confession!

    What where we talking about?Oh yea,overcooked Venison!A shame,always remember, meat keeps cooking after you take it off the grill. I forget so much that I can plan my own surprise party! You will get it right next time!
  9. toxo


    I added that they should let illegal aliens hunt for free,its the right thing to do!
  10. You should shoot EVERY arrow that you Hunt with, with a practice broadhead. I learned the hard way.I (thought) that I had my Crossbow dead on.I undershot a nice Buck in Kansas at 30 yards. Shot my crossbow at lunch time with the arrow that I was using to sight the bow in.It was RIGHT ON! Turns out there was something wrong with the arrow that I was using to sight the Bow in! Readjusted with a different arrow and Killed a nice 8 point later in the week.Now I shoot EVERY arrow that I Hunt with before I use them. Good Luck
  11. toxo

    Redneck Sale

    Just a heads up.Redneck Blinds has their blind chair on sale from 99 to 69.99 free shipping. This is a GREAT chair!
  12. toxo

    Butts and Bows

    I still have some of the Deer patches that you used to get when you checked your Deer in with him.Remember the Grand Slam?