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  1. I love a good steak but you can cook them anytime. Lobster, King Crab, Blue claw crab, Dungeness crab, and clams on the half shell are my treats.
  2. We where a group from P.A.T.H. I worked in Penn Station I'm retired 11 years now. Krugs was always full of guys having a good time on their lunch break. Miss the place!
  3. OMG! Krugs Tavern! I spent many lunch times in there! The BEST Roast beef,only had it 2 days a week and it was gone in 1 hour! Those Hamburgers start out as a meat ball the size of a softball,they would throw it down on the grill and grill them to perfection. Loved that place!
  4. Dude,I would get a new girlfriend! LOL
  5. I think that was me after I missed that Big Buck!
  6. It looks like a 1955 Kodiak too bad the sticker is missing,that would tell you for sure
  7. He's working in that fancy high end gun ,hunting place but he still does bows.I forgot the name,call the store.
  8. Tim is long gone from Tackle and Field
  9. I was sitting in my truck on the edge of a field waiting out a thunderstorm. Out pops 2 big Toms gobbling everytime it thundered............. Go figure!
  10. I had no effects from the shots but I hate people more then ever now!
  11. I still love my Micro 335! Now Excalibur has takedown models with a backpack case for hiking in. Flip a lever,the limbs come off, put both pieces in the backpack and off you go.Check em out!
  12. Brine overnight in water,salt and brown sugar or what ever you want to add. When you take them out, make sure that you dry them and leave them out until they get that hase covering on them. then smoke them with apple.
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