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  1. Those cannibalistic midgets sneak right up on ya!
  2. Hi,No Bear. Coons,Fox,tree rats, feral cats and Coyote.
  3. At the end of the season some critter always steals whats left of my Trophy Rock. Do Racoons eat it?
  4. Gun Broker has them listed for around 300.
  5. We used to make bombs out of match heads stuffed in glass jars. CRAZY!
  6. That Double shovel rack is amazing! How can you get rid of them just like that? Bring them with you and hang them on your shed or in your garage. Save those memories! You might want to strap them on your front bumper,make a BIG hit in Tennessee! Best of Luck!
  7. toxo


    Maybe you can do it in your new Hot Tub! lol
  8. Those are some GREAT Mule Deer! I always wanted to hunt Mule Deer.I looked into an outfitter that always posted pictures of Big Mule Deer, R&K Hunting Company.He was 7,500.I thought to myself,do I really want to spend 7,500 to kill a Mule Deer and put its head on my wall? I don't know,I'm an old timer and my brain can't keep up with today's prices.LOL God bless you if you can! Enjoy!
  9. Am I the only one that finds this disturbing? I'll sell you a little Deer for 4,500 but if you want a BIG one it will cost you 7,000!
  10. I'll take 1 of #1 realtree edge. Thankz!
  11. Saw him years ago at the Ramapo collage and talked to him a few times at the NY Bowhunters Banquet. Great guy!
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