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  1. I love Amazon but they seem to be slipping. I've read about missing parts,counterfeit items,bad sizing etc. I just bought a Swivel-ease boat seat swivel that doesn't swivel! Getting TOO big!
  2. Great video! Years ago,My Dad and I used to hunt the King Clapper and Sora rails at the Morgan Swamp Stinky mud,Mosquito's,hot sun. they tasted like the Mud they lived in! But it was GREAT!lol
  3. Uncle George say's YUM YUM EAT EM UP!
  4. Those are some great pictures or that horrific day! I worked for the Port Authority, Worked at the WTC PATH station for several years. You just NEVER know!
  5. Great condition,Bass Hunter EX for sale.Has the optional padded seats,a Min Kota Endura Trolling motor purchased 5/3/2019 and a deep cycle battery. Registered till 01/2020 Ready to go fishing! Fits in the back of a full size pick-up. $550.
  6. Both,Every year we go to a little place called Long Pond Lodge.Its far from 5 star but it gets the job done.Pete and Jane are great people! Been going around 12 years.Its on a Lake called Long Pond, in Willsboro N.Y. loaded with Largemouth and some Pike.When you stay there you get the use of a john boat. He also has a Guide package for Lake Champlain.Very reasonable.We went Mon to Fri with 1 day guided for 615 a piece. Check them out!
  7. Cool Pictures. Wildlife management is for all species.
  8. Thats the way to enjoy it! We used to go for Mackerel,guys would be pulling 3-4 out at a time.I would use an ultra-lite with one small diamond jig and have a blast one on one! I didn't want them anyway.
  9. I hear ya! Send the kids off to camp for a week and shoot up their!
  10. The air was around 65 during the day down to 45 at night,water was cold and very high because of all the rain.Pete told us that the spawn was running 2 weeks behind.The fish that we where catching where just coming into the shallower water to feed before picking a nesting spot. They where some BIG girls!
  11. The bait of the year was Ned Rigs.Green Pumpkin/Orange.Out of the 50,I caught 30 myself on them.
  12. Not in the Big Lake.We where told everything is 2 weeks behind because of the cold water temp.Larries where biting good on the smaller Lakes.
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