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  1. toxo

    Hunter's Butcher - Scammer? Help?

    Never pay ANYBODY for ANYTHING in full.........
  2. toxo

    Staying in Jersey

    The only thing Golden is the color of your pee when you go 5 times a night! lol
  3. toxo

    Staying in Jersey

    You nailed it! By the time you retire Your back hurts,bad knees and hips and you can't remember anything! My family is in N.J. so here I'll stay.
  4. toxo

    Found this shed today!

    Can't tell ya that,everyone will be Hunting there!
  5. toxo

    Times have really changed....

    I had the pistol that shot the rubber bullet heads with greenie stick-um caps. Remember this? You've seen guns for piece and guns for War but you've never seen guns like these before! Those WHERE the days!
  6. toxo

    Found this shed today!

    Obviously I have never seen it. You don't have to read it,you don't have to add a negative comment.Just move on.Some members enjoyed it!
  7. Even when I'm Pheasant Hunting,I'm really looking for Deer sign.........
  8. toxo

    Lou Martinez

    I was the UBNJ treasurer at that time.I received donations from all over the Country to help us stop those 2 Bills.It was amazing the support that fellow sportsmen showed the UBNJ. Lou now writes a fishing column in the N.J. State Federation of Sportsmens Clubs ,News letter. He has done more then anyone I know for Bowhunting in N.J. Thank you Lou Martinez!!!!!!
  9. I'm an antler whore but you are right.Never give up ground!^^^^^^^^^^
  10. toxo

    NJ Robo deer busts poachers

    LOVE it! Hope they bag a lot more losers!
  11. Hope your OK! A whistle is a good thing to have.It takes less strength then yelling and travels a lot further.
  12. toxo

    22 LR Rifle

    Great rifles!
  13. toxo

    Jeez...Polls are flying round here like....

    Lets have a poll to see if we like polls! I do!