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  1. You'll draw in the little guys now.
  2. Did you try it? I don't get thru with 488,I get thru with 448............
  3. I know it works for fishing.2 hrs before and 2 hrs after the Moon rises are the best times to be out there. I've read that when the Bucks start to bother the Does and the Does are not ready,the Does move into the thickest,nastiest areas that they can find to hide themselves but the Bucks will follow.Maybe thats whats happening now.
  4. There is a saying that you are promoted until you reach the height of your incompetence............... So true!
  5. The WING has spoken on the (other) site!
  6. Expect to be shocked! Big Deer,great food and really friendly people! Good Luck!
  7. toxo

    Lighted nocks

    They are GREAT! I like Lumenok. You can see where you hit and it makes finding your arrow easier.
  8. It might not be needed but I like to use face paint.Its like putting your game face on. I use Carbo Mask. Never liked netting.
  9. toxo


    No Links,just an announcement,2 of the hottest Latino chicks in the country will perform together,JLO and Shakira.
  10. toxo


    I'm praying for a wardrobe malfunction in this years Super Bowl Show! lol
  11. toxo

    Broadhead use

    You can replace the blades on GrimReaper mechanical's.I do it all the time.
  12. A friend of mine said he just buried the skull part in the ground and put a bucket over it.Took a little while but the skull was cleaned off.
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