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  1. Nice,One of a kind! Where did you get the base?
  2. Size 10 or any size circle hooks,they hook themselves.
  3. If your an Amazon prime member,They have some nice cheaper end rods and you can send them back for free if you really don't like it!
  4. The old Fenwick is whippy because its all fiberglass not Carbon.The Stradic Ci4 1000 is for 2-6 lb line,buy a rod made for that weight line. You can't have everything in one rod,so buy 2! I think a 6 footer in lite would be a good all around rod. You can use that combo for other fish also. Look for a rod that has a high Carbon fiber rating for better sensitivity.
  5. There is an old saying that "You reach the height of your incompetence."
  6. Sweeper's or strainer's in fast water, a Canoers or Kayakers worst nightmare! Prayers for him!
  7. Some People suck,we had a house on the Delaware river in Lordsville N.Y. The locals know when you leave.They stole all our firewood and would hang out in the house and drink anything that we left. They take everything they can,Hip boots, rods and reels anything. You just can't leave anything in your own place!
  8. Weekend warriors! I have never seen so many people by me! Closing all the parks by 9 am.I can't wait until they have to go back to work!
  9. If you live in South Jersey,why waist your time on little,stupid stocked Trout when you can be after Blues and Striped Bass! lol
  10. Fox are crazy! I was sitting in my tree stand watching 4 Adult Does feed in a harvested corn field.Out of nowhere a big Fox ran out and started to jump and bite at the back of one of the Does. They all ran off. Crazy!
  11. I don't know about freezers but I know that refrigerators have a hard time in sheds and garages in the winter when the ambient temperature is lower then the refrigerators internal temp. They just can't work as designed.
  12. Looks like it might be good for Shad.
  13. I thought everybody does that,I don't want the Aliens finding my hunting spot so I do it! The Truth is out there!
  14. Love your pictures! Good Luck!
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