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  1. I have seen them fly here and there but haven’t been able to locate them ether. I’m trying to find public land to go after them but can’t find it out near you or somerset county
  2. I would love to have one but not going to go all out and get a kayak my first season. I have been looking like crazy to find just any place I can walk in but all the awesome spots I think would be good is off limits. Thank you got the advice! Definitely something to keep in mind if and when I get out there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I do not have a dog. Gun, waders and 2 calls is what I’m working with
  4. I believe I sound a spot on the Raritan River in manville but not to sure. Going to call the local pd and double check. Thank you all for the help
  5. Hello all, For the past few years I have been telling myself this will be the year I’ll start duck / waterfowl hunting but never do. A good friend of mine got me into bow hunting back in 2015 letting me buy into his land leases. I am a first generation hunter and live in the Hudson county area but always hunted out West Jersey and work out that way as well. Not asking for anyone to give up any spots but just point me in a area. Just bought waders so I’ll be doing the leg work. I have read from on here about the millstone river. Think I found a spot just south of six mile run state
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