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  1. Wow... Condolences to their friends and family..
  2. Oh well, maybe year 22 will be lucky for me.. Nothing for me and the boys this year. My friend from Knox, ME drew a Sept bull in 2.
  3. the boys and I are in.. I have 80 bonus points LOL..
  4. JJoe

    Gas Grill recomendations

    Another vote for Weber.. I have a Genesis II S-335.
  5. USA made...Always liked and used Buck for all my hunting and fishing needs... From mini bucks to filet knives.. I have used Buck.. Bought both my boys their Buck knives for hunting and fishing.. Yours look brand new! Great service!
  6. Very nice fish.. Great pic too!
  7. $ 150? Can Pickup in Hillsborough...
  8. On our third golden..Amazing family dogs... Mine chews antlers down like mad.. Cut a few racks up.. Start small and upsize..
  9. Added heavier rope, a 16 inch pc of conduit over the rope, and few holes and slots on the sides for bungees...
  10. I don't know,,, off one inch to the right or left may hurt bad.. Up or down an inch should be ok..
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