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  1. Weekends malied today.. Thanks.. Have about 20 left..
  2. Last youth day for my youngest... He has his eye on a big 7 and a tad smaller 8.. Hope one of them shows..... My favorite day of the year... Gonna miss them...
  3. Matt is correct.. No moderation and filled with bots and scammers.. Unless you know the users name is valid, buyer beware.. face to face and local sales only. NjD, sorry but they got you and your money.. I can still access certain things on the site.Let me know if I can help..
  4. This weeks will be sent out this morning,, thanks guys.. Keep filling up the pages!
  5. John, For the TC WM, can you pm me the serial number so I can look up the rate of twist? thx
  6. Cool hooks... Congrats..
  7. Weekend purchases will be mailed today.. Thank you...
  8. I bought a doz DP’s from trapsusa.com last year.. They worked just fine.
  9. Or just buy a kit and solve all of your problems!!! All purchased kits have been mailed .. Thanks guys!
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