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  1. This will be my 20 th year of applying!
  2. One of our favorite recipes....Good stuff there...
  3. So many bad shows out there it is hard to choose.. I have watched a bunch of them lately and there are so many bad ones... Either a bad shot, product whoring or the boo yah smoked em bullshit it makes you sick... I can say 97 % of them I hate...Short list of ones that seem genuine to me are and I go out of my way to watch are; Shockey,Meat Eaters Steve Rhineland, Tom Miranda, Fred Eichler, Tracks across Africa and the likes... All the others are non sense and just entertainment..
  4. They stopped traffic on 22... F26E6A1E-3E6B-4C58-8138-01C8F13619A6.MOV
  5. Sugar

    Joe... did I see somewhere on here that you were selling some mounts?

    1. JJoe


      Hey Mark,

        No, not me.. Another Joe,, can't think of his screen name on here.. sorry..

    2. Sugar
  6. Great deal here guys.. 35 inch tires are not cheap! Saved $800 from my last tire buy. I have been taking my vehicles to Ken for a number of years... Always good, honest and reliable service... Don't miss out...
  7. JJoe

    Maine Moose...

    Good luck.. My buddies son got a permit in 5.. They going up to camp on Saturday... 20 yrs and counting for mine.....
  8. I saw township employees posting yesterday...
  9. Looks like you all had a great trip....Some beautiful fish... Tough leaving that kind of fishing to come back to jersey....
  10. Congrats... seen your name on the list... Next year will be my 20th donation to the state of Maine..
  11. A lot of good karma in that on that day a Kenny... Congrats on a double day....
  12. Your lucky you got the later dates... Hit 85 up there this week!
  13. Curious, What bowhunting organizations are planning to collect donations? Have not heard a peep from anyone associated with them yet....Anyone contact you about this?
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