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  1. Sugar

    Gonna be a long night

    Good luck
  2. Sugar

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Congratulations Jack... beauty
  3. Sugar

    2018 Fall Buck Down

  4. Sugar

    Is Matt a millionaire yet?

    Anyone else think Matt has become filthy rich from this site and should be taking us on hunting trips?
  5. Sugar

    Congrats to TroutandBucks on his wedding tomorrow!

  6. Sugar

    Bear Hunting Question (2nd from Newby)

    Baits are just as active in the AM as in the PM in most hunting camps the bigger reason for not hunting mornings is $$$$ I’m not able to post the video on here but this is just seconds before I put an arrow in him..... I would hold up 100 yards from the bait till it was light enough to see well as to not chase a Bear off in the dark and possibly have a shot. That’s exactly what happened. The trail camera just missed getting the shot on video. I also raked a trail clean for the last 100 yards so I could slip in as quietly as possible
  7. Sugar

    Bear Shot Placement (Newby)

    Blood trail 29B3F912-0796-4953-B7D2-5184B8A6CE4D.MOV
  8. Sugar

    Bear Shot Placement (Newby)

    The bear I shot last year was hit at the yellow dot. He was walking at the shot and I just clipped the shoulder blade the blood trail was ridiculously heavy
  9. Sugar

    Bear Shot Placement (Newby)

    A bear hit within 2”of any direction of that red dot will fall within 100 and most likely less than 1/2 that
  10. Sugar

    Bear Shot Placement (Newby)

    The internet is full of misinformation that photo is just one example... while yes bears Lungs extend further back they also go more forward than that pic shows... holding a few inches back behind the leg gives you the biggest degree of error...
  11. Sugar

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

  12. Sugar

    DIY Prong horn hunt questions

  13. 230 .. not sure what ya mean. Ive never been to anticosi island and that’s a WT deer hunt im prett sure..
  14. Sugar

    WTB pedestal stand

    Try McKenzie Taxidermy
  15. Sugar

    New Mexico Archery 6x6 success

    Congratulations and good luck in Mt