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  1. Sugar

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

  2. Sugar

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    I’ve been to a couple of townships hearings that fish and game personnel was also at where hunting was essentially outlawed without saying No hunting allowed
  3. Sugar

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Yes but there are some towns that the no discharge law also stops hunting... a few in Bergen county come to mind. yes municipalities can’t actually say NO Hunting that’s fish and games job but they can create laws that “outlaw” hunting
  4. Sugar

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    No... I already hunt the section behind the 3 acres...lol
  5. Sugar

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    I was told that by. Police officer...
  6. Sugar

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    If it’s Holmdel you need 5 acres to legally hunt it
  7. Sugar

    Grey fox in back yard

    I want one!
  8. Sugar

    2018 UBNJ 3-D Summer League

    C U there
  9. Sugar

    Back from California

    Double post Can a mod delete the first darker pic plzz ty
  10. Sugar

    Back from California

    Not sure I ever wrote up a finale about Sitka deer but a year but a year or so after this hunt I went to Kodiak island and took a good P and Y Sitka blacktail...a dead phone and heavy rains that ruined my camera kept me from getting any dead deer pics but He’s the second deer from the left... What made me drag this up from the dead post graveyard? I was on Bowsite and one of the guys was talking about deer slams it turns out there are only 15 or so listed in P and Y and I was feeling rather fortunate...
  11. Sugar

    Happy BirthDay TOXO and NotJust22s

    Happy Birthday
  12. Sugar

    Anyone know what can decapitate a barred owl?

    An Ax? A machete? Piano wire? A bridge lower than the height sign states? A gobbler guillotine?
  13. Sugar

    Anyone Going To The Def Leppard/Journey Concert?

    I’ll wait for the album... enjoy
  14. Sugar

    Supposed Hunter - Trash Hunter

    Ridiculous post!! Congrats to her!!! If I’d had the cash I’d go shoot one tomorrow just for you 1957