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  1. Congratulations to both of you
  2. My pleasure and congratulations again
  3. Sugar

    Gall Bladder fad

    The only people that pay high dollars for gall bladders are the feds trying to bust people for illegally selling them. I knew one guy who sold them legally he said anyway and he got $50 each roughly. Ill also say only once coming home from a bear hunt (crossing the border) did I ever get “inspected “ it was the only time the feds were there and they tore the vehicle apart looking for penis bones and bladders... neither of which we ever take home.
  4. I agree some hunting for some species can be ridiculous.. That being said anyone can go out west for several easy draw or over the counter tags. While the “ trophy “ quality of the animals themselves may not compare to most limited draw areas the hunt quality is as good. Wyoming is is a perfect example. There are lots of units that have leftover tags each year for deer and pronghorn and loads of public land that a hunter can go to for a week and it can cost 1/3-1/2 of an outfitter hunt for the same animals. Granted those aren’t those exotic animals like sheep and goats etc... but if it’s your first trip out west it will mean as much as any other species. For example a pronghorn tag may be$350- Airfare $350 rental car and hotel split $800 and food $300 so for under 2 Grand and a little research time on the computer a couple of guys could have an amazing time....All while waiting 30 years to draw that sheep tag. Im too old and fat and broke to consider even starting to play the draw game... if you have decades into it already good luck . If you’re young reading these words and think it’s something you want to do... don’t put it off. There are a few companies out there that lay out the cash for a small fee. Cabelas Tags is one. I believe they charge $50 ea submission just hope ya don’t draw 3-4 tags one year... although that could be a good problem to have...
  5. Nice... but it appears you could have found a couple of them last year so they shouldn’t count...lol
  6. Sugar


    Haven’t been there in years... Originally went there when ya walked into ordered and ate all in the same location. No seats just food at a counter and ate.. I remember my uncles talking about the original owner being from Carlstadt where they grew up. I also remember going in there embarrassed because I had camo face paint on and worried what all the other hunters with camo face paint on would think...lol Lots of memories revolve around that place for me...thanks for stir them up.
  7. Biggest jump I’ve ever seen that was 100% documented on a buck that wasn’t 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 was a 2 1/2 year old 115” 8 point blew up to 160”+ 5 x 5 so almost 50” in a year.... someone smarter than me can figure out the % Also I’ve always thought that 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 year old was the biggest % jump I mean if a buck is a spike or fork horn that scored say 40” then jumps to a 100” 4 x 4 that’s more than 100% growth.
  8. FYI... I’m also a Boone and Crockett measurer anyone has any xxl gun kills
  9. Sugar

    Prostate Exam

    This is what I see when the doctor walks in...
  10. Sugar

    Prostate Exam

    I asked my doctor where I should put my pants he said on the floor next to his... All kidding aside I went in for a biopsy on mine and the next day was rushed to the hospital where I spent the next 6 days with an ecoli blood infection.
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