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  1. Bump for the weekend! Happy 4th to everyone!
  2. Ttt 2 left! Nice little cams
  3. Ttt $7 cant edit original ad
  4. $7 per 50lb bag we will keep it at this price and see if works for us. Our area seems to be the highest around, but if we can be somewhat competitive with others hopefully it will pay off for us. Again if you dont buy from us please buy from your local farm. Have a safe season!
  5. Not offended civil discussions and different opinions are great!
  6. Do you care where your steaks from? Our area is flooded with corn feeders and no crops. You do whatever you can to gain an edge. I have had green apples sit on the ground and rot and red apples go. I couldnt tell you why. This wasnt meant for a debate. Just an advertisement. If anyone in Stockton area needs corn we have it available. $5 a bag is great, but our area doesnt offer that, so we cant. At $8 a bag the feed store sells it left and right. We are just hoping to sell some corn and make a $1 or 2.
  7. Honestly you can tell a difference from walmart to local corn. If you notice the walmart is all shiny clean long kernels. To me thats like a cookie cutter house. Its always best to support your local farmers. Its hard work these days making ends meet and keeping the tradition alive. You may not get corn from us, but please buy from your local farms.
  8. This corn is all from Stockton area. We are just a small club not a farm or farmers. We purchase large quantities at a reduced rate.This is just one sportsman supporting another. I totally understand everyone has their own budgets and nothing in our sport is cheap anymore. Our local feedstore is $8 plus tax.
  9. Starting early but once those mineral sites slow down and natural browse are limited fill the feeders! 50lb bags $7.50 pickup in Easton or along 78 Pa to Clinton
  10. 2 cams left! thanks for your support!
  11. Brand new! Selling these for the club to raise a few extra bucks. We are trying to bring the club back to life with younger more active members and hopefully some events to raise money for more land and more members. 3 new Wildgame Terra 14mp cams! $35 each pickup in Easton or can meet up anywhere along 78 from Pa to Clinton
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