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  1. Less than 1 month left! The season will be here before you know it!
  2. Due to the current economy and other issues we are down a member and would like to fill the spot. We are a small club with 9 members currently, and are located in Stockton not far from Frenchtown or Flemington. If your interested please PM me your info. Any questions please PM also. You can also email questions and info to [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Bump 50lbs $7 Pickup in Easton,Pa or PM for arrangements
  4. Hi everyone this is our first fundraiser we are doing so hopefully it works out. Our goal is to host another for the gun season, but info will be posted later about that. Taking a doe is a great way to manage the herd and keep the NJ deer population in check. Why not win something for doing what you love!? Prize for the heaviest doe harvested by bow during archery season. $25 to get in the contest. 2 does may be submitted.The contest will run from 9/12-11/20. The heaviest doe will win 50% of the entry amount collected and the heaviest doe entered by a youth hunter will win 20%. The rules
  5. ALL 3 ARE SOLD! THANKS EVERYONE! This ad can be removed now. Thanks!
  6. As of now no they are not.
  7. General Grabber ATX or Falken Wildpeak AT3W would be my choice. You want a reliable less expensive tire and I would be comfortable running either of those. $200 per tire price range.
  8. Still available! We can ship them out to you if your not local. $5 extra
  9. Bump for the weekend! Happy 4th to everyone!
  10. Ttt 2 left! Nice little cams
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