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  1. Thanks to everyone for the tips.... im thinking the wax tip can help for build up.... I bought a used bitzenburger it had a little glue build up gonna clean it up and try my first dozen..... it came with a right helical clamp so that’s what I’m going for gonna try a few with 4 fletch THANKS AGAIN
  2. WOW im surprised they are still available... I will take the DVD’s if the offer is still up for grabs..... I need an excuse to go check my camera
  3. I recently bought a bitzenburger .. do the guys who fletch their own arrows follow all the steps.... 1... thinner to clean shaft 2... primer on the fletch b4 the glue 3... the glue im gonna follow theSe steps John Dudley from nock on archery advices was wondering what some of u guys do
  4. Finally here can’t wait to shoot them
  5. EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE my 2nd time trying to post this the first one just disappeared... when I got my first bow it was from a place called BUTTS & BOWS in Belleville NJ just walking into that place made me feel cool, it was a BEAR package with quiver arrows & sight ready to shoot I was 10 yrs old when I grew out of that I bought a golden eagle same place... fast forward 1996 I’m out of the marines and they are no longer open my research leads me to a place called STRICTLY ARCHERY !!!! I wanted the latest craze carbon fiber arrows ..... the place advertised that one of the guys there shot archery in the OLYMPICS & that your bow will get tuned by an Olympic archer ... dropped the bow off told him I wanted carbon fiber arrows he said he would figure out which would fly best for my bow.... I get the call bow is ready I get there and the cocky guy said these aluminum game getters will do the trick he said the carbons didn’t fly well out of my bow....ok he knows best But I leave with a bad feeling in my gut.... I GOT THE FEELING HE WAS JUST INTERESTED IN GETTING RID OF OLD STOCK well in the past few months I read his shop was closing .....looks like his SHYSTERNESS caught up with him.. then more research leads me to TARGETEERS a family owned business that was around when BUTTS & BOWS were open ... the only pic on their wall that impressed me was the one with his dad and FRED BEAR talk about EXPERIENCE.... he has a wall full of famous football and baseball players not impressed I don’t care about that but these guys have the money to buy anywhere and from anyone in the U.S. but somehow they end up at TARGETEERS ..... when I first went there I sorta felt like I was being ignored did they even see me walk in I wait my turn... I bought a 2010 Mathews MONSTER 7.0.... years later a buy a used bow from the other site HOYT CARBON SPYDER for the wife Rob set it up...... buy the best bow u can buy if u have to save more money to do so SO BE IT!!!! later u won’t be doubting your equipment my childhood buddy bought a bear from dicks sporting goods the bow won’t hold a tune every year he has to sight in the bow. He picks up my monster and shoots a bullseye 🎯 every time.... so naturally he’s a good shot..... THINGS MAY BE A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN LANCASTER ARCHERY BUT THATS THE PRICE OF DOING BUSINESS HANDS ON EXPERIENCE PASSED DOWN FROM TRUE HUNTERS
  6. I love being in a tree the things u see are great..... BUT there’s nothing like hunting in a blind ... I was taught to put cedar chips on the floor for cover scent also works great for a nap.... I also store all my hunting stuff in plastic bins with the cedar chips on the bottom. walmart the stuff u buy for hamsters big bag under 10$ I believe
  7. BHC .... thank you for that lead will definitely look into what they offer titanium screws, colored strings,bolts
  8. I ordered a dozen June 20th the guy said 3 weeks still waiting.... just wondering if there legitimate 223$ with 3 lighted bolts after shooting the bolts that came with the ravin r29x and finding a fracture in one I thought this will become expensive if they break during practice every time.... do u guys think a block not rated for crossbows will cause damage to the shaft besides it getting buried to the fletching ??
  9. Has anyone every buy from these guys??? spynal tapp bolts???
  10. GREAT JOB ON EACH HARVEST.... my wife and girls said WOW...... I want a bear and boar they are gonna look great in the living room lol
  11. 4 years ago I bought myself a cva LR2 mounted scope with thumb hole my first muzzle loader.... not mechanically inclined so when I lubed the weapon with the anti seize lube I DIDNT FEEL COMFORTABLE UNSCREWING THE FIRING PIN SCREW DIDNT WANNA DEAL WITH SMALL PIECES after sighting it in and harvesting a small buck 162 yards ... first muzzle loader buck, I cleaned the weapon but didn’t clean the firing pin housing. ABOUT 12 shots in total....The following year I didn’t even touch it going thru cancer with wife things got put aside... Following season Things settle down I wanna go muzzle loader hunting but after getting everything ready for opening day I’m in the blind load the muzzle loader but the breech won’t close completely the firing pin is SEIZED ...... day was over I start looking for gunsmiths I’m in union county so I take it to GUN GUILD IN RAHWAY I BELIEVE ST.GEORGES AVE. Tell him the problem ,says he will soak it some special procedure and try to loosen the screw... so I ask him worse case scenario what happens if u can’t break it loose ... he said he would package it for me and send it to CVA so they could deal with it should be under some kind or warranty I said great service!!! 4 days later he calls it still seized doesn’t budge I know it’s tight because b4 taking it to him I figured I’d give it a try buy a long heavy duty flathead to fit the slot nicely and use the dremmal to put a notch in the middle for the firing pin sucker wouldn’t budge but I had no vice to hold the stock ... when I pick up the stock it didn’t look like anything was done to it looked dry only charged me $45 asked if I wanted them to send it to CVA I wasn’t ready for that season over.. last season muzzle loader is coming I remember seized firing pin i call GRIFFIN & HOWE set appointment I was amazed SUPER RITZY.... ONE DAY LATER CALLS ME ITS DONE AND READY 95$$$$$$ SAVED THE SEASON WELL WORTH IT!!!!
  12. I used two 50lbs Bags of corn to rest the xbow on .....I’m thinking I was a little to anxious to shoot it these glasses sure have been a challenge to deal with
  13. On June 16th I received my package from borkholder archery...after lots of research it was between the scorpyd & ravin needless to say I felt like a child waiting for XMAS i figured if I go with the scorpyd I can have some money left over and still have the same power but wouldn’t be as family friendly .....with my wife having a mastectomy this past year she wouldn’t be pulling back her bow any time soon a week later I finally get a chance to go shoot it with the family set up at 62yards the first 2 shots in red were mine I was very disappointed after spending so much I can’t even hit bullseye my 14 yr old girl shot the 3rd just right of the bullseye I got happy now my wife takes the 4th shot dead center bullseye 🎯 wow I’m amazed..... so in my first post I mentioned I use a verifier , so my question is should I be using my glasses to shoot With the scope I didn’t .they used it right after me didn’t adjust anything PLUS I used a regular block target not for this kind of power all the bolts got buried half way up the fletchings my wife’s bolt completely went in up to the nock...... when I pulled hers out it had a fracture half way up the bolt I’m glad I checked on the 25th I ordered a dozen spynal tapp arrows he told me 3 weeks so now I’m waiting for them to shoot again i ended up getting the ravin r29x ....skb travel case.... and the sig sauer bdx system I think I will use it during winter bow when the leaves drop can’t wait
  14. I wanna thank NB6624. .... NICK .... for what I believe to be a good deal! pulling up his long snaked driveway, I see horses and a peacock while talking about the mower an incredible screech comes from over my shoulders the peacock scares the hell out of me... he was then gracious enough to invite me into his house to show my his museum of buck mounts, bears , bear skulls, and a Christmas tree made of sheds ........... my jaw dropped in awwww thanks for giving me even more inspiration to get out into the woods
  15. I have seen bucks drop pellets like corn from a feeder, also doe leaving my corn pile, I always go back and check for droppings ... I thought the same maybe constipation, but then the pellets would be very moist or either watery, maybe too much water maybe the buck pushes out with more force, bigger muscles all I know some of the ones I’ve seen sure didn’t come out of something small... I will continue getting excited coming across these diamonds....
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