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  1. Big deal teamsters…. I knew you were retired the way you respond to everyone’s post I know this is your full time job… this is the only way you have to spew your ignorance…. but your generation is holding on to the old times
  2. Who are you …. You act like white people are the only ones that work hard…
  3. I never felt sorry for myself that’s why I what I have NOTHING WAS GIVEN TO ME… jd48 do u need some attention…. funny how the same losers back each other
  4. So what’s the point of your question…. do u like when the idiots give u a thumbs up….. Come up with something clever so that the peanut gallery can applaud you
  5. Well good for you…..I thought I had a privileged life even though growing up without much material stuff but we had love and my single mom didn’t sit in her ass she put herself thru college….SHE ALWAYS WORKED 2 JOBS……..the absence of family didn’t mean we weren’t willing to work hard….. she also taught me to never walk in anyone’s home empty handed…. ALWAYS GAVE MORE THAN WHAT SHE HAD when I started my tree business in 99’ I worked without a chipper for 4 years b4 I bought my first beat up chipper…. when my chipper goes in for service now I don’t even work and I realize how hard I worked just because I was happy to be working for myself . It’s almost like sending a carpenter to work without hammer, makes everything harder..
  6. No I don’t …… what’s your point have you always lived a privileged life?
  7. Is that your best white trash ebonics…. It’s so funny always the same guy ….. WHAT HAVE U DONE FOR THE COUNTRY BESIDES SPEW YOUR IGNORANCE…..
  9. Coming from Newark and being a skinny kid without a father I was suspicious of everyone maybe a little more towards blacks because of the reputation others gave them.. as I grew up I made my own opinions in the marines it wasn’t about color it was about the pride you took in yourself and in being a MARINE THE SHIT BIRDS STOOD OUT AND GOT ALL THE SHIT JOBS!!! there’s good and bad in all .... the facts are a person of a lighter complexion can fly under the radar without being ever suspected which puts them in a greater advantage of ever even becoming a statistic
  10. U can come up with any statistics you like..... show me a black JOHN WAYNE GACY.. or a black Jeffery dahmer.... and the countless sick white perverts then you say blacks are the most violent group in America TRUMP MENTALITY
  11. YOU DONT WANNA PLAY THE RACIST TAG BUT WTF DOES FLOYD HAVE TO DO WITH THIS .... if black cops were killing white civilians at the rate blacks get killed YOU BETTER BELIEVE WHITES WOULD BE YELLING .... the sad thing is your way of thinking gets taught to your kids i bet you use a more colorful language in private
  12. To the ones that put forth the effort HAPPY FATHERS DAY..... “ BEST JOB I EVER HAD "
  13. But to buy my first garden gnome lol....
  14. Looks like the same Turkey came in almost 4 days in a row
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