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  1. I forgot to mention that I never registered the RAVIN or the SKB case for warranty the RAVIN has a 5 year non transferable warranty still & the warranty on the SKB case covers a certain amount of value of contents Also will throw in the spynal tapp bolts custom made value 3 of those bolts are lighted nocks I think that’s a sweet deal ….. maybe it’s a sign to just keep it
  2. Still in impeccable condition bought on 6.16.20 u get the traveling hard case soft case ravin sling quiver 3 bolts 1-.001 2-.003 3 rage xbow heads This comes with the sig sauer range finder that syncs to the scope so you just range the target and the red dot adjust for yardage My wife had surgery today so I’m sitting here in the hospital bored and I saw someone posted about wanting to buy a high end bow well here it is….. I have had no desire to take this weapon out this season as of yet .. to tell you the truth I love how it feels.. it’s like having my m16 but I think it just isn’t for me I’m asking $3,000
  3. THE CAT IS IN THE BAG AND THE BAG IS IN THE RIVER……. the offer stands to anyone, can also be picked up at my yard THANK YOU !!!!
  4. My first load had smaller pieces…. But you are more than welcome to pic in choose at the yard in Lebenon from older wood to fresh cut
  5. I would have rather been hunting myself but as a favor to the DR. that operated on my wife his in-laws live next door there side was dying so everything was falling into their yard…. trees that big are not worth the money….. for you wood splitting guys here are some rounds……
  6. Yes kype….. offer still stands whenever you’re ready…. here are a few pics of the tree
  7. If anyone is interested I did a big oak on Saturday loading wood today just dropped off one load … if your in my route I would consider dropping the wood at your property… traveling rt22 Springfield to Lebenon NJ
  8. Hello DonT WHICH BOOTS DID U BUY? im the the market for a pair of uninsulated and noticed the Italian hiking boots the seem pretty lite was it these???
  9. I was looking at a pair of crispi but they are 400 gm insulated then thought if I’m gonna spend that kind of money the meindl may be better made and this pair is uninsulated hopefully I’ll get to go on an elk hunt
  10. LMFAO……. 😂 having a hard time deciding on early season boots that can hold up and waterproof ,finally found a un insulated pair …. I like to feel and try on a pair first now a day’s you have to order everything on line
  11. Good luck 🍀 to everyone out zone 8 been in the tree for an hour way to hot for these boots 1600gm lacrosse…..
  12. Which pair did you guys go with I put off buying a pair last year on sale …. I started early season with 1600 winter boots i was thinking of these
  13. I have a big Mike blind never treated with water repellent does fine but moisture does form inside and starts dripping here and there…. last year I bought a barronett ox5 much thicker material never treated and boy did that blind hold up in a heavy downfall last season with plenty of room for a full size cot
  14. I have bought cheap one everything on the millennium is thick won’t make a sound easy to take off at the end of the season less wear mans you get a 30’ life line
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