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  1. I feel blessed to have been invited to be part of my hunting club 4 years ago.... And even more blessed that the guys I hunt with basically start hunting when they can start shooting muzzy or shotgun so I have 500 acres all to myself
  2. I bought mine about 4 years ago in the cabela’s bargin cave originally over 300$ its like a walking cloud of insulation, it’s got so much cushion on the backside from insulation I don’t even need a cushion to sit in my steel 2 man seat from the treestand...... hands down no wind will get thru it also has a self storage style compartment across the back to stuff itself in and a strap to throw over your shoulders..... which I have yet to figure out how to do ... the only downside is it’s called standhunter but doesn’t have a safety harness strap slit to attach yourself to the tree ..... oh wait
  3. Just saw 2 coyotes trailing a female coyote... to bad they were behind me great start to a chilly morning GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE OUT
  4. Definitely a GREAT BUCK ..... your hands are full of bone
  5. I’ll take that deal if they are still available....
  6. What can I say droptine 26....... WORK HARD PLAY HARD...... if your not happy with your work situation make more money.. NOTHING HAPPENS OVERNIGHT do you get upset with people who drive nice trucks or sports cars... a condescending attitude gets you no where in life strive harder hunting is my only vice
  7. Lead a great life & was truly a blessed man..... CANCER SUCKS!
  8. I totally agree with you FLAT9999 lol in the marines they taught us to use our slings to our advantage and yes all I ever needed was these cabela’s cheapo adjustable stick and was using when I missed the shot.... and yes lots more practice plus this just keeps it off the floor and with the sig sauer bdx system it’s just one less move after ranging I don’t have to reach for the crossbow maybe the barronett ox5 is so big I’m trying to fill some space up lol plus these orange tabs match the color of the trigger and safety lever LOL
  9. I’m not making excuses I missed a buck of a lifetime just trying to make it right..... I wanted to buy the primos trigger stick tripod seemed much more lighter and convenient but the bog pod was 50$ more and seemed much steadier after getting and feeling it with the crossbow I’m happy and finding it on Amazon for 203$ delivered to my door in 2 days not bad.... My girls baby socks lol im not a sniper by far, I shot a fox with my cva LR2 .50 muzzleloader while it was moving I’m a confident shot ... this crossbow just feels so light and compact feels like a M16 but reacts to t
  10. I didn’t wanna get into gadgets to hunt, a rest made me feel like I was target shooting instead of hunting but after several misses something had to be done... ordered these : big pod death grip carbon fiber legs everything feels much steadier... great quality AMERICAN MADE
  11. Got in very early for a change.... last season I got a nice buck on VETERANS DAY..... light rain at sun up and now it’s drizzling lonely doe what a great foggy morning GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY VETERANS DAY TO ALL THAT SERVED........
  12. I can’t believe I’m the first one posting this today..... figures with all the sh💩t going around HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MARINES
  13. In zone 8 got ready by 1pm..... beautiful day out for a November 245 no sign YET
  14. Now that some ravin owners are here I have noticed in some blind pics crossbow users having it on some kind of rest seemed to look like Caldwell shooting rest after several missed shots I decided to see what’s going on turns out the ravin r29x is super sensitive and I did feel that I tensed up b4 the shots which threw them off yesterday I squeezed just a tad to hard ended up in the tree first relaxed shot bullseye.. I was wondering what u guys are using I was thinking about the primos trigger stick then found this big pod death grip holds the weapon So more money to invest to
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