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  1. Try lion country supply they have a great selection. When I called a few years ago with questions the person actually went into their warehouse and grabbed the 3 bells I was looking at and rang them for me, awesome customer service ! Very nice people
  2. Just sent you a pm. I’ll take it
  3. Check out the pnuma heated vest. Awesome product can get 8 hours on highest setting with 2 batteries. Have a bunch of their stuff great quality and the vest is the best purchase I have made for cold weather hunts
  4. Zumabo

    Wireless Cams?

    For the spartan it’s per camera multiple options but I have $25 for 3 months so $8/month
  5. Zumabo

    Wireless Cams?

    I have been running a few spartan ATT cams and they are great I purchase them at the Harrisburg outdoor show about $400 each need to run lithium batteries so they last the att service is $25 for 3 months per camera I get at least 200 pics a day and never run out of data plan i just had a problem with 2 cameras stopped working sent in and they are repairing them at zero cost even though they are outside warranty . They just sent me a new camera to replace one that had a sensor issue. Amazing customer support! the picture quality is great and the ability to have pics sent via email or through their app is awesome
  6. Buschman please feel to pm me your contact information my brother in law is on of the top prosthetic guys around and specializes in people who are still physically active; athletes, broadway dancers etc.. I would be happy to connect you with him to see if he can help you? His main office is near Edison brian
  7. I put boots in plastic bag to hid scent. Xl ziplock
  8. I have size 13 boots and had the same issue. Now I head in and take my boots off completely in the iwom with a few hand warmers thrown in with just nice wool socks. Feet are the warmest they ever been.
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