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  1. I just got my first gun, a Franchi Affinity (left hand). And am very happy with it. Others I’ve met who own them love them, too. Great quality for a solid price.
  2. Here’s an update for you - https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/hunted.htm
  3. I saw TONS of hens today after 2 weeks of no sightings. If hens were legal, I’d have some meat in the freezer right now.... of course on my drive home, I saw three huge toms in somebody’s yard! Well, maybe I’ll get a bird next year...
  4. Might know someone interested in the kayak, if you can post a picture.
  5. Congrats. I haven't heard a gobble since B week! Still optimistic about the next 2 days. Confined to Zone 16, now, where there's very few "drive-by" spots, and where I didn't have much pre-season scouting success...
  6. Wow, you’re right - sorry for misleading you. I did it just two months ago (1 day after COVID shutdowns) and it said you DID NOT need to be a PA resident, so I went ahead and did it. Perhaps people have been taking advantage of this, so the rules have been changed. Good luck! EDIT: looks like you can take the WA one - https://www.hunter-ed.com/washington/faq/
  7. No field test. You can complete the full thing online (and evidently for 45 other states, NJ not included). Since all states are reciprocal, you just take your proof of class completion to Walmart (or anyplace else that sells a license, though most places aren’t open right now), and you’ll be able to purchase a NJ license. It was surprisingly simple. No questions asked by the clerk, as the system is set up to accept out-of-state course info. Once this happens, you’re in the system for life, and can purchase a new license online each year. also, the link in my original post is wrong. It’s Hunter-Ed.com. It’s all IHEA-certified and fully supported by each state available on there.
  8. Well, today was my last chance to bag a gobbler in Zone 14. No luck. Was hitting Medford WMA hard all season. They were gobbling a lot early in the season. I figured out the section of the property they frequented. Got one shot off at one in Week B, but didn’t hit it. Then they shut the hell up! My first season trying to hunt has been frustrating to say the least! But I’ve had some fun, and I’ve still got one week to get my first bird in Zone 16. My fingers are still crossed!
  9. I'm in the same boat man... first season doing this, don't know anyone who does it... did lots of research all winter, mostly on youtube. Had a couple close calls the first few weeks in zone 14, but no dead birds. Now in Period D I'm confined to Zone 16, and besides a friend's property (he says he sees them often, but I haven't seen any yet), I'm not sure where to look. I've avoided the main part of Stafford Forge simply because there seems to be a ton of people there constantly. Still hoping I can get one! Best of luck to you.
  10. All morning on a small property that belongs to a friend, he sees them often, but I didn't see any today. Still hoping to get my first bird this season!
  11. Hey man, the same thing happened to me... I was scheduled to take the Hunters Ed field day on 3/14... then COVID shut everything down on 3/13! I went to huntersed.com, took the PA course online, and then brought the certificate of completion from that to Walmart and purchased my NJ license. The course cost $20, but I didn't want to wait because I wanted to get out for turkey season. Pretty easy, though it takes a few hours. Just a thought!
  12. Very cool. Had a skunk walk within 2 feet of me AND a hawk try to take my decoy in the same hour the other day... no birds that day though
  13. I spend most of my time on LBI. I shot you a PM.
  14. Recently became interested in waterfowl/turkey/small game hunting over the winter. Didn't get my gun til February and didn't get to take Hunters Ed until March, so I missed out on the waterfowl seasons. Been reading up, watching videos, etc. like crazy, and can't wait to get out there. Been in the turkey woods a lot. Nothing yet, but I'm determined... Anyway, waterfowl is what interests me most, and I'm already starting to think about the upcoming September Canada Goose season. I was practicing on clay pigeons a lot before the lockdown, and I'll be back out there regularly as soon as things open back up. What else does a new guy need to do to properly get prepared? I don't know anyone who hunts, so unfortunately I don't have anyone to show me the ropes. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Hell, I'd love to join in on some hunts this fall if anyone is willing to mentor a 30 year old who's never done it before. You'd receive beer and free decoy/blind/etc. set-up labor in return! Thanks in advance. Cheers.
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