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  1. Yup, pretty much the norm. Had a package coming from Scranton. Could have walked there and got it myself. Went to Tenn then Georgia to Philly to Lehigh Valley then sat in PO for 3 days. The one that ticks me off more is when they charge you (UPS) rates then hand to off to the USPS to finish it off, and it sits in the PO for 4-5 days as it comes in on a big shrink-wrapped pallet til someone gets around to unloading it. Funny how we are more "technologically advanced" and things just grind down to nothing.
  2. As far as they are concerned, WE are the bad guys!!
  3. Well, if that be the case, then they will be in toilet very quickly.
  4. 100% right on that. Just a feel good thing. It's like the buttons on the traffic light poles to cross the street. They ain't connected to anything! But they make you feel good to push it.
  5. Some incredible looking stocks and wood!!
  6. I think joe's wife should go over there and personally attend to their needs and desires and wants. She should accommodate them. She would be leading by example. No doubt joe will have the poor woman courtmartialed and then give those poor evacuees several million bucks for what happened and probably have them over the house for lunch and dinner.
  7. Along those lines.....Is one of these kids you?
  8. YUP! Same thing here. Next door neighbor(literally), elderly lady, sent a birthday card to me. Never received. Bud was mailing an anniversary card to wife in FL while up here to salmon fish. I noted that he forgot to seal the card. He said if he sealed the card, she would never get it. I ordered an item from Scranton. I should have WALKED there and picked it up. Went to Philly. Then to Detroit then to Tenn then to Lehigh Valley. Took 4 weeks. It's not only the delivery. I went to 5 different Post Offices to get a money order. 4 were closed. No signs why there were closed, if they were closed, if and when they would reopen. It's mind-blowing! I cringe when someone says they are sending it USPS. Sent PRIORITY MAIL to west coast. 7 and 1/2 weeks to arrive. WTF!
  9. Along the same lines, here is a WTF or what were you thinking:
  10. Pretty cool nonetheless, but way above my pay grade. My light wavelengths are limited to the porch light and high beams in the truck! Ask me what those lights are, and I'd say the headlights from ZZ TOP'S "ELIMINATOR".
  11. Everything looks good. Where did you get the seed?
  12. We as firearm owners are held to a very strict protocol to own such, yet ANYONE can be a teacher/academia and yet not be held to a standard. They are charged with and trusted with a far greater responsibility. WE are giving to them and trusting them to help form our precious children now and for the future. Not only should a college degree be required, but there should be a thorough mental status examination to be hired, and continuing periodic testing to maintain a teaching position. But then who would do the testing? Most law enforcement agencies require a psychological test to make sure an officer doesn't have anger issues. Teachers should also be required to pass one before they can teach students.
  13. YUP! It's not education. It's indoctrination.
  14. That's some really impressive shooting! I don't think people realize what goes into the right picture, or how many things have to come together to take it. Weather, time of day, pollution, in this case either real or light pollution. Thanks for sharing. I think the last camera I had was a Nikon too. An XG-7 and that took film. Lol
  15. Pretty nice. Probably older that everyone on this site.
  16. That’s impressive. Is photography a hobby?
  17. UNBELIEVABLE! Thought you might want to see this: https://www.yahoo.com/news/washington-state-high-school-cancels-142800622.html
  18. YUP! And climbing walls to get in, but nobody leaving. Gee, back in the day you came here and assimilated and became an integral part of the fabric of the US. Not anymore.
  19. WOW! A REAL car! Carburetors and all! Love it! No pollution BS. Tell ya what..........I'll plant a tree in your honor! Sweet ride. Enjoy!
  20. APPEASEMENT?? There has NEVER been any benefit to appeasement!! Look at Hitler in WW2. Was he appeased? There are no benefits to appeasement. All they will do is take and take and take. Were they appeased when they dropped the mags from 30 to 20? Then to ten? I don't appease anyone by giving up my rights. Simple as that. You will never ever satisfy them with appeasement. They will ALWAYS want more and more. MAZZ said it best! 'THEY" do not get the credit that "THEY" so richly deserve. They will take that quarter inch today and another quarter inch tomorrow and take it everyday till they get that whole mile.
  21. GOOD NEWS for a change. Lots of people called and wrote in against this guy. Guess it was worth all the effort. https://www.yahoo.com/news/biden-pulls-plug-nomination-gun-151700599.html
  22. Thanks for posting!! This has been an ongoing issue with ALL the last dem administrations. If you remember, when BOLTON was around under the bush administration, he told the un to stay out of our affairs. One only needs to look at this "monument/statue" to see what the un is about. In order for the new world order to succeed, then disarming the people is a priority. Some day, the UNITED STATES will only exist as a name or a place on the map if we are not vigilant. The present admin would have no problem giving up our sovereignty.
  23. You bring up a good point about helping women and children. The thought that comes to mind is that all the pictures that I saw of the refugees in the planes, just about all of them were male. Where were all the kids and women. AKA free for all? Kinda makes you wonder about the mindset there. Hmmm. Unfortunately, due to the times we are living in, we are subject to stereotyping and those that helped us are taking a bad rap for those that want to destroy us. I remember that it only took a handful of terrorists to kill several thousand AMERICANS 20 years ago. I also remember dancing in the streets as the towers were coming down. Lots of good points made during the thread. You try and scour the internet to find out how many refugees there are, and it's virtually impossible to find two sites that come up with the same number. All those military vehicles left there and disabled? I guess joe will be sending techs and mechanics over there to fix them or getting a bill together to send a couple of billion $ to restore them to working order.
  24. AHHH! The tuna is probably hollow!
  25. YUP!! Vargas & Ward will always be the tops on my list!
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