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  1. Rest assured that Mike calls 'em like he sees them. Great guy to deal with. Straight up, honest and personable. Pleasure to do business with!
  2. I hear ya bro and feel your pain and frustration. Big rant of mine, too. Kids and wife bust my balls and ask why do I drive to the store if I'm going to park 4 miles away. They say, "wouldn't it be easier to leave the truck home and walk to the store?" Wise asses!!! Nonetheless, I endeavor to go off-peak. Went last week, rainy day, 130 in the afternoon, middle of the week, middle of the month. I parked in the SECOND section with not a vehicle around for a hundred yards. Always park alongside a medium to at least protect one side of the truck AND even check the wind direction for any errant car
  3. How about: "I'm only beating you for your own good. Someday you'll thank me for it." Or about the time of THE TALK :"if you do it, you'll go blind". I could never understand the nuns cracking you across the hands and fingers because you had bad penmanship!!
  4. 308federal


    So sorry to hear. He will be missed. Truly one of a kind.
  5. 308federal


    Truly the "GREATEST GENERATION"!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 308federal


    5 stars there!!!!!!!!! That is one heck of a profound statement!!!! Nobody could put it better. I agree that they were the GREATEST GENERATION!!!
  7. Some might even call it "conspiracy theory".
  9. Good observation. Never thought of it like that. Just peculiar to me how the shootings just keep happening like crazy and ironically started up after the new administration took over and started their push for heavier gun control.
  10. LOL no Schuster adjustable gas block! Like to use a lifeline........... And I say AR barrel nut.
  11. Wondering if it's an adjustable gas block. Couple of questions: Did the person who gave that stuff have Garands? Can you get a straight on picture?
  12. Amazingly you did not hear of this stuff prior to or during the election. I guess they realize that the present admin is going to grab everything so they better get this stuff done now.
  13. Dealt with Keith at Cobra on several occasions. Decent guy. Nice set up. That should go fast. The 223Wylde is a great chambering.
  14. That's what I call being in the right place at the right time. Nice fish. Excellent bug picts!!
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