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  1. Took me way to long to to pick up haha
  2. Or rather is that the million dollar question lol - strippers on the fly is all new to me. I just ordered a Fenglass 7wt that I'll overline with some 8wt lines. I think that might work (?!).
  3. What are you tying on for strippers? Any pro wading areas?
  4. Thanks ya'll for the insight; it just looks like there are smallies crawling around there. I've heard of cats, LMB, and I'm sure sunnies, etc. I've heard of strippers moving up the river. I've seen a few folks near the 55 bridge. I guess I am just going to fish it. And see what I get. Might even throw some conventional on a fact finding mission.
  5. Hi all I was wondering if anyone has fished the Maurice on the fly. There are also a few tribs on public that look like fun. Any intell?
  6. "Enititled" to hunt there? I have only seen this and heard of this in NJ - what gives? In other states its not uncommon to find multiple cars parked and multiple people in an area. If you see a light keep walking - even then, its still public land.
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