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  1. Unfortunately here at NJ woods and water, if you post anything bad about something,if people disagree with your opinion, they get really butt hurt over it. So a lot of people, instead of sharing opinions, or even posting in general, rather lurk and not reply about anything.
  2. Unless you have a signed lease stating you and your members can hunt there only. Then you got taken to the cleaners. Other than that he can lease it to 100 other people.
  3. If you watch the cams enough you’ll pattern them and I know you know that. I’ve never really had desire to get in a stand at 3am as to not spook a good buck in the morning lol. I like the afternoons the best now personally.
  4. I was unsure how these would do, they have some plug you stick in To keep the blade closed, but I just used the rubber band o ring instead.
  5. Killed this buck a few years ago Hunting bait in the morning. I walked in pushed a few deer out it was a cool morning 3rd day of early bow, and had deer coming from every direction back in, and he came in after standing like a statue at 80 yards for 40 minutes had to be the first to the bait pile.
  6. With my beard and a surgical mask, air gaps all over lol
  7. Had my stepson test out the new Levi Morgan Swhackers 125 grains. Talk about a hole. He smoked a nice 3 pointer quartering away Last Saturday
  8. Had this one show up this morning around 7am. Still up in the air if I’ll hunt tomorrow or not.
  9. I’ll try and contact Paul Tarlowe tomorrow to see if I can find a better answer in regards.
  10. Yeah says there’s a physical checking requirement but doesn’t explain anything else. I assume people will be traveling to check in on bears to various locations. Hence the question about skinning and butchering.
  11. I wonder how long their gonna expect people to wait to skin the bears and butcher them
  12. Does anyone know how they’re doing the bear check ins this year? They show up to you?
  13. If anyone is interested $30 for a 20 oz tumbler let me know
  14. My wife made me this yesterday, all the guys at work were impressed I like it. Probably turn it into to my new whiskey cup lol
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