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  1. Presleys Outdoors Hevi steel 3in. 2 shot $159.99 a case free ship ,mine will be here tmrw.
  2. I have the sbe3,until our goose season got cut I put over 2 cases thru it a year.Only a few FTE when the gun got fowled.I have a few buds that shoot the browning maximus seems like a nice gun also.
  3. Danner lace to toe elk hunters, I started wearing these out west years ago ,I will NOT change.Lots of support and broken in feel right out of box.
  4. no longer own the gun ,13 rounds hornady 45 gr sp, free to a good home,if you don't need it leave for someone who does .middletown nj
  5. Want to end it? Tell them you have 300,000 miles on car and insist on a policy,haven't had a call since.
  6. still have 100 rnd box of federal in 2 shot
  7. My mistake it is speedshok still available in 100 rnd box 2 shot
  8. Go to Rogerssportinggoods just bought 2 cases of 3" 2shot federal powershok $120 a case plus a $40 rebate .$80 plus tax w free shipping
  9. I have the same set up ,will only shoot hornady 300 gr sst w the hastings barrel.My sons gun has factory rem barrel and will shoot anything
  10. Any geese that nest in the U.S. are considered resident,even if you kill a bird in NJ that was banded in another state.
  11. Not even in Iowa where they get 200 bu per acre,125 per is average around [email protected] $3.75 a bu less seed , fertilizer, and the cost of equipment,you do the math.Thats why your fields are growing Townhouses in nj
  12. and alot more to come,fields are loaded all the way to the thousand islands in ny
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