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  1. chuprinko

    Prayers for StevO

    Stay strong and positive, and will send positive thoughts your way.
  2. Thanks everyone. He got a squirrel with the bow last weekend, and was drawing back when he got busted by another doe the weekend before that, so he's very excited about being in the woods. No one in his family or friends Hunt.
  3. That's was this morning was for me couple super crazy and stressful weeks at work, and just went into the woods for two hours. Didnt see any deer, but watched mother nature come alive, and relaxed during every minute of it! Thoughts are with you. Stay strong and positive.
  4. I started taking a new youth Hunter out who is 16, bow hunting only, and even after looking at the guide, still unsure if he needs to buy a permit for permit season. OR does it still fall under his youth permit? He can go with me this weekend again so want to make sure all is good. Thanks
  5. Make smoked salmon all the time. Similar recipe. I usually sprinkle some fresh cracked peppercorn before the pellicle starts to form. Also sometimes brush on a cherry or apricot jam to the salmon as its smoking, makes some nice candy. Like both alder and maple wood for the smoking.
  6. Thanks for posting. Just forwarded to some friends who have had lymes with horrible heath issues.
  7. Good event, can't wait. Working on a sinew backed maple selfbow and hoping to have it ready by then. Good people and nice courses. The flying disc shooting is always a blast.
  8. glowing jellyfish - Few years back, the Peconic bay in north fork Long Island at night was glowing and looked like lightning bugs under the water. The clear jellies were flashing their iridescent stripes. It was really cool. Lasted about 45 minutes. I heard it rarely happens and only when conditions are right.
  9. Thanks. Not in the market for a boat, just looking for something to do on a weekend without hunting, soccer or lacrosse.
  10. Has anyone attended? Wondering if its worth the drive over just to look around.
  11. Will probably be out with the bow as usual on Sunday, the only days I get to hunt. Still hoping to get my first this year for the freezer. Pasted on one a few months ago and that turned out to be a mistake.
  12. 1999 Suburban - but not picture worthy....
  13. Yeah, my son is really upset as the school ski-trip was cancelled, so the snowbaord will be staying dry - going to be a LONG weekend here in the house.
  14. Just about anytime I am able to get out on the woods and clear my head, enjoy the scenery, its a perfect day. Throw in a chance at flinging and arrow makes it even better. Rifledslug - I agree - As you know when my son got his first deer this past fall it was as close to perfect as one can get - still 'a proud dad' when I have chance to share his story.
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