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  1. Not sure if this will work or not buthere is a picture of my grandfather with his buddies. He is the taller gentlemen on left. Lots of rabbits and a few birds. He started me out hunting as I would tag along on his rabbit hunts. He raised and competed his beagles in field trials. I also added one of him with a deer he shot. I like how they dressed for the hunts.
  2. I'm in the same boat as you. I am looking at the parkers xbows now. I just feel they do a great job of ethical killing. Just might pull the trigger. Haha.
  3. Really nice property. Any ducks liking that pond!
  4. I tried to add my pic to saltwater gallery but the selection did not work. How do I load from gallery to my post.?
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  6. Did some trolling and claming this morning on friends boat. We did real good with 9 bass up to 17lbs.
  7. The guy holding the deer with my grandfather also has a tie on. They did that kind of stuff back them. Crazy, now we wear the camo and face paint?
  8. I finally found these pics of my grandfather with his hunting buddies. He is the one on the left with the bunnies and on the right holding the deer. I counted at least 12 rabbits and 6 cock birds. I love these pics that are over 70 years old. He started me hunting when I was 12 as he loved rabbit hunting. He raised beagles and belonged to a beagle club out in Pennington, NJ. LET'S JUST SAY HE GOT ME HOOKED ON HUNTING. Glad I found em.
  9. Bob, my brother in law has it now. He just loves it and I'll never get it. The detail is unbelievable. We had a duck identification lesson last night. He doesn't hunt and he thought it was a wood duck. It might be made of wood but that's about it.
  10. Thanks for fixing! I couldn't figure out how to fix so I gave up.
  11. My father in law received this as a gift a long time ago. The carvers name is J.B. Girard. The detail is awesome. Anyone ever hear of him?
  12. SAme thing at Assunpink last week at the skeet range. People just leave their empty shells on the ground. I ended up picking some up that were left behind. Slobs.
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