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  1. Port Republic abt 10 nw of Atl Cty
  2. Ascend FS10 Kayak complete with trolling motor fish finder and the following accessories: Anchor trolley, anchor, set out pole, sun shade, safety flag, life vest(Bass Pro), marker buoy, fish stringer, two nearly new batteries for motor and fishfinder. Also included is the 40"X48" harbor frieght trailer with kayak mounts. Transponder for fishfinder is mounted on flex mount that can be installed by the cockpit for up by the bow. $550.00 firm
  3. I'm in Port Republic, just off the Parkway and just south of the Mullica River bridge.
  4. Do we have any ammo box collectors? I received a box of reloads from a cousin and I don't shoot other folks ammo. It is a 20 round box of Peters head stamped 30/06. I pulled the bullets and dumped the powder but the box is in great shape and has that classic "Peters" look. The brass is primed and in pretty good condition. I have more 06 brass than I can shake a stick at so this is surplus to my needs and I'm not a collector. It's free for the asking but I would prefer it go to a collector rather than just a reloader/shooter. Because it's primed I cant ship. First "I want it" gets it.
  5. bump for some great swede ammo at a good price GLWS
  6. I have a 12 ga MEC 650 grabber progressive press and and a 20 ga MEC junior for sale. I have additional charge bars and over 13 powder bushings to go with them. I'll through in a bunch of 12 ga AA hulls and whatever primers are still in the stash. $225.00
  7. I have finally committed to move out of this communist paradise and need help getting rid of stuff that I don't want to move. I have about 840 rds of 7.62x54r and since I sold the Finn Mosin I have no use for the ammo. It is in two lots. 380 rds of Hungarian 21/51 light ball and 440 rds of 1988 Albanian. The description of this ammo is available here 7.62x54r.net/MosinID/MosinAmmo.htm I'm asking $.40 per round take as much or all is you see fit. Ammo pictured has the Albanian on the left in 20 rd bundles and the Hungarian on the right also in 20 rounds b
  8. I have a 223 Wylde chambered Kreiger from my old service rifle that needs a new home. It has ( as I recall) 1-7.7 rifleing with 4,616 documented rounds. Very little erosion of either the throat or the gas port and the crown is perfect. Pictures from my Lyman bore cam are enclosed. The barrel has a post ban target crown and was drilled and pinned for a tower sight/gas block. I figure about $10 for shipping and I'm asking $100.00 for the barrel. If shipping comes in cheaper I'll refund the difference. Pictures below are: the gas port, the throat and one taken about 4" up from the chamber.
  9. I have a B barrel M39Finnish Mosin with matching bolt # in excellent condition along with over 600 rds of ammo and some accessories I'd like to see re-homed. This is not an inexpensive acquisition but if you are seriously in need of a quality collectable IM me and we can discuss numbers. I've seen these sold for between $800-$1300 for just the rifle so please be serious . Art
  10. You got it. email me at Snellbaker at comcast dot net and we'll work out the details.
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