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  1. PBhunter44

    Mineral site pics

  2. PBhunter44

    Got a new Bow today

    nice good luck
  3. PBhunter44

    Heading out tonight for some Monster Biscuits

    sounds like a great time.
  4. PBhunter44

    Heading out tonight for some Monster Biscuits

    Good luck tom. Bring a gas mask.
  5. PBhunter44

    Hidden Obama's Medical Tax

    Snopes is actually the last place you want to fact check since it's run by a liberal husband and wife team
  6. PBhunter44

    Anyone know any good taxidermist?

    Carl from All Game in Neptune does unbelievable fox mounts. Sandy from Wildlife Expressions in Tuckerton is also top notch.
  7. PBhunter44

    Tommy D and his sea bass report

    2 friends were going on this same trip TD was going. They too saw the same exact thing TD was stating. They also left. Maybe this is why the boat eventually sailed with much less than what was seen originally? No one knows for sure how many potential passengers saw the crowds and left. Edited by BowhunterNJ: Just removing the part that would invoke more potential argument. The first part of the thread is relevant to this trip and worth adding. At this point given the amiable closure to this trip, I don't want to rekindle any controversy. Let's all just move on and take away from this thread what we can.
  8. PBhunter44

    Checked My Cam & A Friend's Cam Today

    love the action shots
  9. PBhunter44

    Savage 220f W/Scope

    wow that's is a great deal!
  10. PBhunter44

    New bow for this year

    BHC, the new Mathews bows have no real significant improvements over the Z7/Z7E other than a few FPS faster and weighing a few ounces lighter. Save your $$$ IMO
  11. PBhunter44

    35 Whalen

    nice gun!!!
  12. PBhunter44

    Tommy D and his sea bass report

    Seemed to be out of season, not over the limit..... http://www.app.com/article/20120305/NJNEWS/303050037/DEP-seizes-black-sea-bass-caught-out-legal-season?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CFrontpage&nclick_check=1