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    i have only shot buttons not knowing cause no horn showing i would pass on that and wait for a doe to fill my anterless tag i do shoot small does cause they eat so well and drag real easy
  2. i have guide gear 2400 gram boots very dry and warm just a little bulky and if you catch a sale on sportsman's guide you can get them for about $100
  3. good price for 2 hogs how far from Orlando
  4. ill hook up with you some day paul my daughter lives in alatmont springs been wanting to get down there now that i am going to be a grand pa i have more reason to
  5. bayonne

    need prayers

    my son had a mass removed it was positive and spread to a limp node dont know yet if more surgery or just chemo
  6. sat in a blind poured most of the day shot a nice doe
  7. bayonne

    prayers needed

    one of the boy scouts in my troop in bayonne was diagnosed with cancer and can you all send as many prayers as possible and his family can use donations for medical https://www.gofundme.com/5gyiya0?pc=fb_dn_cpgnstaticxlarge_r&rcid=r01-152503249637-cb6b3f86f64b440e
  8. bayonne

    2004 skeeter

    yea paul modesto is selling do you think asking $9000 is to much or no still have to get up to my brothers camp ground to get the model number off my motor soyou can do my water pump been real busy and my brother toatled his truck so he hasnt been up
  9. bayonne

    2004 skeeter

    my buddy is looking to sell his boat its a skeeter bass boat with a 70 hs yamaha hes asking $9000 if your intrested ill get photos its in exelent condistion goast bear has done work on his boat hes in bayonne if you want to look at it ill set it up
  10. bayonne

    been a while

    I haven't been on in a long time do to a bad accident I was in a roll over crash back in Dec still having lots of problems 4herniated disc in my back 2 in my neck had injections no help going for a 2nd round of injections
  11. just left k mart in jersey city jugs of gulp alive shrimp $5.04
  12. could use a pot call i cant use a diphram cause of dentures
  13. i think they are only talking about the governors cup matt the season wont open till after it over its set for sunday may 18th season opens the 23rd i hope to go this year a placed two years in a row blue fish and fluke
  14. i see them walking around in the afternoon when deer hunting so i will try sitting were i seen them but not call
  15. hope you have a speedy recovery
  16. http://www.teamusa.org/US-Paralympics/Features/2013/June/18/Team-USA-named-for-2013-IPC-Athletics-World-Championships
  17. prayers sent cancer sucks i lost a brother 25 yrs ago makes you think what the lords plan is to give a child cancer question faith
  18. great catch joe congrats to sonia on a 50
  19. sounds good im on vacation last week of june going to tx
  20. we got beat up by the gorilla blues and the south wind but still got two nice bass biggest was 23lbs
  21. good luck to everyone fishing sat may your rods stay bent
  22. http://www.schuppslanding.com/index_008.htm this is the bigger boats
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