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  1. i shoot there most of the guys that shoot there regular are very pleasant and helpful i just hate when we get shut out by the flea market or carni that land was donated and was meant for a archery range they should not allow others to take it over
  2. bayonne

    need prayers

    after all his rounds of chemo just found out today he will still need surgery getting it on june 8th the wife and i cant be there no visitors needless to say my life sucks right now
  3. were have you been fishing we fished near the 13 can the bunker were around all day not always popping but on the screen
  4. no this was last weekend to dam windy today
  5. hit raritn bay drifting bunker chunks ended the day with 5 bass went home with a 34 in and had to release this one to big
  6. prayers for both of you my son just tested positive and hes a cancer patient hes home now but with his comprised a immune system i rely worry
  7. bayonne

    need prayers

    he just finished his 4th round of chemo and has now tested positive for covid 19 hes was in the hospital but was sent home to isolate
  8. bayonne


    i have only shot buttons not knowing cause no horn showing i would pass on that and wait for a doe to fill my anterless tag i do shoot small does cause they eat so well and drag real easy
  9. i have guide gear 2400 gram boots very dry and warm just a little bulky and if you catch a sale on sportsman's guide you can get them for about $100
  10. good price for 2 hogs how far from Orlando
  11. ill hook up with you some day paul my daughter lives in alatmont springs been wanting to get down there now that i am going to be a grand pa i have more reason to
  12. bayonne

    need prayers

    my son had a mass removed it was positive and spread to a limp node dont know yet if more surgery or just chemo
  13. sat in a blind poured most of the day shot a nice doe
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