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  1. I wasn't hunting back in 2012, so could anyone explain what these tags were for? Similar to jaw tagging trout to track their movements?
  2. I'm relatively new to this site, and also pretty new at duck hunting, but I finally had a hunt go my way so I thought I'd make a post about it. With the cold snap last night I figured there might be some new birds in the area, so I set up 8 decoys on public lands around 6:15. Right at shooting light 6 mallards worked into the spread and I was able to take two drakes, the first drake mallards I've killed. Afterwards got to watch 4 or 5 different groups of mallards land in my spread till 8 as well which was exciting, as I have barely seen any birds in this spot in the past. Great hunt
  3. I’ve had a great balanced experience with plenty of professors from both sides. One professor turned out to be a bowhunter and I’ve also met plenty of classmates that hunt and fish. But I’m sure the responses would vary for everyone, such a huge school
  4. Thanks! My major is Environmental engineering. Goal is to work outdoors on our rivers and wetlands
  5. Thank you, and yes can’t thank Tuny and his son enough for passing it on. Was such a great learning experience
  6. Thank you! I am in the RU College of Engineering as well class of 2023
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Andrew Dang, sophomore at Rutgers from Middlesex county. I mostly like to fly fish for trout and deer hunt. Everyone on the site seems very friendly, and I recently even got an awesome chance to get introduced to coastal duck hunting on an awesome hunt with "tuny" from this site. Looking forward to learning more from everyone, and maybe finding some more friends to hunt with.
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