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  1. Picked up my fox mount a couple days ago from Jersey Jay's Taxidermy, and I can't thank you enough Jay, it looks fantastic!!! As a testiment to how good your work is Jay, I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "New member to the family". Out of all the comments only 1 person (a fellow hunter) knew it was a mount. All the girls hitting the ♥ button and telling me how beautiful it is and wondering how I managed to get so close to take a picture has me cracking up. I don't have the heart to tell them it's stuffed, lol
  2. Bowman45

    I miss the snow

    How it was meant to be.
  3. The big deformed one and one of the little ones were from last year.
  4. Been working there for 19 years, never looked until last year. This was last years haul.
  5. I'm about a half mile from there, bucks get big when you can't hunt them, lol
  6. That one has a 5-1/2" base, definetly a mature deer. The G2 is 10", unfortunately he injured that antler while it was growing.
  7. Been looking by my house on Sparta Mt., can't find anything, decided to take a look by my work in Rahway and did pretty good. There were a couple of really nice bucks I was seeing all summer and early fall, was hoping to find their sheds but no luck.
  8. Targeted ad on FB, I'll look for the actual vendor and let you know.
  9. Don't forget about Jerry Mckinnis's The Fishin' Hole, I think that may have been the first show dedicated entirely to fishing.
  10. FB knows me too well, had to have it, lol
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