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    Same here, 15, 80, 287, 24, 78, and Parkway, it's like a day at the races.
  2. My daughter originally told me the pic was taken in Nutley, when I asked her today she said it was actually taken in Hawthorn on Watchung Dr.
  3. I'll ask my daughter and let you know.
  4. This buck was in a Nutley backyard a few years ago, daughter's friends house.
  5. Same here, learned on R9, now all I use is Solidworks.
  6. I had this problem years ago, my solution, I put a grill cover over it when not practicing, never happened again. It also saves on wear and tear from the elements.
  7. Bowman because I hunt with a bow, and 45 was the age I was when I joined NJH 14 years ago.
  8. Thanks guys, I already spoke to him, going to set up an appointment.
  9. Thanks, I'll give them a call.
  10. Does anyone do or know of anyone who does floor refinishing in the Sussex county area? Thanks in advance.
  11. My son goes to Marley's Gothem Grill in Hackettstown, 250 kinds of wings, tonight I'm having, The Reuben, including all the ingredients the name implies. I've had the Italian and the Mexican, both very good. Not sure if I'd say they were the best, but definitely high on the list.
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