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  1. Great story, congrats on an awesome buck and wishing you well with your recovery. I'm going in on 12/19 for a CRT-D implant for my heart, my hunting season will be over as well. Haven't gotten it done yet, but I still have over a month.
  2. Bowman45

    My buddy scored out wesr

    He's a dandy!, congrats to your buddy
  3. Bowman45

    11/07 Check In = BBD for Greybeard!

    Nice going Greybeard, congrats to you and your son
  4. Bowman45

    8 pointer down with a lot of luck!

  5. Bowman45

    early morning buck

    Nice, congrats!!
  6. Bowman45

    Halloween Buck!

  7. Bowman45

    Got my buck

    Very nice, congrats!
  8. Bowman45

    Euro Mount of Our Son's Buck

    Nice work, looks great.
  9. Bowman45

    Big public land buck down!

    Real nice, congrats!
  10. Bowman45

    Big Brow 6pt

    Nice buck!
  11. Bowman45

    Big 6 down

    Nice, congrats!
  12. Bowman45

    Z 15 buck down

  13. My girlfriend says to me, why didn't you ask him to hold on second while I get my camera ready, truth is that's exactly what she would have done, lol
  14. Bowman45

    A Fun Hunt ends with a Nice Buck

    Awesome! Great buck!