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  1. I am based out of North Jersey but hunt mostly coastal and some south. Don't mess with open water much, so mainly tight areas. Haven't decided between jon vs sneak but it sounds like sneaks may be safer.
  2. Hope everyone is having a nice summer. I am looking for a small boat I can use during duck season. Right now I hunt out of a canoe but would love to have a little more reach and be able to get a little deeper a little faster. I hunt solo most of the time but may have others I hunt with, so something that can be manageable when I am alone, but can hold two people+gear. If anyone either knows of something for sale used or has suggestions on how to find one or rig one up, I would greatly appreciate it. Not looking to break the bank here either, so something on the cheaper side. Also s
  3. Agreed on the importance of scouting. Bagged a wigeon and bufflehead on Saturday, but really spent most of the day scouting around for next season.
  4. Congrats on the mako! That sounds awesome. I'm getting tempted to buy a jon boat... something small with a motor to get around with some confidence in open water. Unfortunately won't be able to get back down this season, but it would be great to team up next season!
  5. Thanks all! Appreciate the warm welcome!
  6. Hi all- new waterfowl hunter here. I am the first in my family to jump in so unfortunately do not have the benefit of learning from generations before me. I am a 27 year old living in Hudson County, and keep my things at my parents house in Bergen County (apartment life...). I got tired of skeet shooting and had a friend that got me into waterfowl and took me on a couple hunts to learn the basics, but he has been hunting more in private clubs in PA where he is from (got me hooked and sort of left me hanging!). I have been on a couple of hunts by myself this season (was at Great Bay Blvd on Sat
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