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  1. Out in zone 6 now. Got out too late due to little league game. Does out in the field already. Successfully got around them downwind only to get busted by a buck as I was tying in to my stand. guess I’d better stay out of this one for a couple weeks now.
  2. Also an excellent choice! I love my Bisley model. Makes you slow down a bit and focus on each shot.
  3. I looked long and hard at the Satori before buying the Black Wolf. Glad to hear you like it. I think somehow I convinced myself that the carbon riser on the BW wouldn’t be as cold in my hands for winter bow hunting...
  4. Just before the COVID fiasco began I decided to pick up a lighter set of win and win cheap target limbs that work out to 36# on this riser and switched to an NAP flipper centerest. Lighter limbs and tunable rest went a long way toward letting me improve my form and release. Still bare bow, semi-instinctive. Shot it that way until switching back to 45# limbs around Labor Day, now I can consistently shoot a 5 arrow group of 6” or less from 20 yards. The bow is still way better than me, but I’m improving! Next one will be a one piece bow, I think. Hmm, recurve or longbow?
  5. Yeah, I didn't buy a pheasant stamp this year, and I don't think I'm going to bother based on how many people I've seen running beagles for rabbits this season. Which sucks, because I can literally walk down my driveway and cross the road onto stocked WMA fields...
  6. Bill, I missed your post somehow, it’s yours if you still want it.
  7. Put me in the Buckmark camp too. Mine was a little finicky with bulk ammo (even high velocity) at first, but after a few hundred rounds it smoothed out. It’s way more accurate than I am, and so nice to shoot.
  8. Welcome. I pretty much grew up playing in the woods, but this is actually only my third year hunting. So I am still learning, and I know that what I do know is miniscule compared to what I have yet to learn. Lots of good tips here, but I will echo: get out in the woods as much as you can, scout and look for patterns over over the season and keep doing it into the spring. You will learn, and it will take time spent in the woods to do so. Mistakes are opportunities to learn as well. Above all, enjoy the experience, and don't get discouraged.
  9. I have a Bear L'il Brave 2 12# youth bow, right hand, which my kids have outgrown (probably good for a 5-8 year old to get started with archery), and a vintage Indian No. 25 35# ambidextrous Glassflex bow which I acquired somehow, but I don't need. I'm trying to thin out stuff that I am not actively using, so these are up for grabs for anyone who can use a kids' bow or collects vintage glass bows, etc. I am located in the Newton, NJ area. Here's the specs on the Bear: https://www.bowhunterssupplystore.com/bear-lil-brave-2-bow-set-right-hand-ays5400rb2/ Here's an old catalog cut fo
  10. Looks like some good suggestions here, but have any of you tried any of the low-budget options? Thinking maybe something like the Halo XL450 or the Simmons Volt / Venture options might be better for a cheapskate like me who's never tried an rangefinder before and doesn't want to sink to much $$$ in. They seem to get decent reviews online.
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