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  1. Great guy to deal with! Im the "taxidermist up north"
  2. Nice otter trapped in New Jersey
  3. Finished this bear for a female client they wanted it to look like it was raiding a fishing spot
  4. Another we did earlier this year, different markings, also Zone 3
  5. Thank you Guy's, Have a bunch more to do, I'll keep posting pics as we do them. Coyotes, Foxes, look great when done correctly, eyes and ears , habitat, are all key!
  6. Have not been on here in a while, here's a nice NJ Yote on Mckenzie form.....nice colors
  7. Is it sold? Im interested, give me a call @ (973) 841-3185 Charlie.
  8. Nice Mike, we will make him look great!
  9. Talbot city outfitters, been with them a lot of yrs. Great property, some nice bucks there. Corey is the owner
  10. Ty! Had 15 shoulder mounts come in since monday! Its on
  11. Got lucky a week ago, not able to get out much with the Taxidermy business, living proof that even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes...176lb dressed
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