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  1. ringwood boy

    What cut is this?

    Exactly right!
  2. ringwood boy

    VA Muzzle Loader Opener

    Good luck john
  3. ringwood boy

    Got my buck

    Nice Mike, we will make him look great!
  4. Talbot city outfitters, been with them a lot of yrs. Great property, some nice bucks there. Corey is the owner
  5. ringwood boy

    Big 6 down

    Ty! Had 15 shoulder mounts come in since monday! Its on
  6. ringwood boy

    Big 6 down

    Took, lol bud!
  7. ringwood boy

    Big 6 down

    Got lucky a week ago, not able to get out much with the Taxidermy business, living proof that even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes...176lb dressed
  8. ringwood boy

    Big public land buck down!

    Ron, another great buck my friend , we will make him look great!
  9. ringwood boy

    Maine Moose down 2018

    Great Moose! Good to see you guys the other day!!
  10. ringwood boy

    Sahanas Taxidermy wishes all good luck!

    3 More Sleeps!
  11. ringwood boy

    Sahanas Taxidermy wishes all good luck!

    Thanks Joe!!! Ron, good luck brother, you will get him. Just booked opener of shotgun with Corey again in md
  12. "Hudson Bay Saskatchewan for whitetail after Thanksgiving" Electric, been up there 3 times to Hudson Bay for whitetails. Bruisers there
  13. Nebraska spot n stalk Mulie/ Whitetail nov, Eastern Shore MD opener of Shotgun weekend after Thanksgiving, Texas in early January for Whitetail/ Hogs
  14. Hi, hope everyone is excited about the upcoming opener. We again will be offering our taxidermy services and skull cleaning and dipping service for you to enjoy! As always, we will be offering FREE skinning and quartering of your deer, if you use us for a mount. We have a walk in cooler here on premise, so feel free to give me a call if you get one you need done! We specialize in mammals only, and skull cleaning, utilizing dermistid beatles to do all the work. Located in Wanaque, Passaic county, 10 mins from exit 55 off I287. 973-841-3185, give me a call, we can accommodate early or late drop offs. Here are some pics, lots on this site are customers of mine for years now. Good luck, and be safe!!
  15. ringwood boy

    A Good Way To End The Day.

    Lol John! Hope you and David have a great season