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  1. Hate to part with this, but I had it built 7 yrs ago and have only hunted with it a half dozen times, probably 100 rounds down the tube. This is a great beanfield, long range gun. It's not light, but is a great deer gun, and shoots 1/2" bug holes with Berger VLDs 115 grain. Started as a BNIB stainless 700 from buds guns. Went to Bob White, who is a custom gun builder here in the northern NJ area. (Shooters corner). Has a Hart Barrel (25 "), HS precision stock, Rifle Basix trigger at 2.5lbs. Action is trued and barrel glass bedded. Fluted bolt, fluted barrel. Scope is Leupold a VX 3i, 8.5 x25 x50, side focus with fine duplex. It has a CDS turret set up for the Berger VLD 115 grain . I would like to keep this setup whole, as the scope is perfect, and set up for these 115s. 46.5 OAL, 13.5 length of pull. I can weigh tomorrow, got to find a friend with a scale. $2650.00. Or best offer. The scope was 850.00, and the build was over 3g . I'm looking for a lightweight (under 6.5 lbs 7mm WSM) or a Kimber Mountain Ascent in 280 AI Plus or minus $$$ depending on the set up. This is a real nice set up, but going in a different direction now and looking for an Elk and Mulie gun. Text at 973 841 3185
  2. There are a lot of great guys in the state, just DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Eyes, ears, noses are the key, that's what makes a deer look good!!
  3. Farmshine, that skull has a lot of grease in it still, not degreased properly. See the yellow in the middle??
  4. I have s Spartan go cam, ATT service, it's $10 a month for unlimited amount of pics. I have a few and love them, a friend bought this and never took it out of the box. Brand new. $250.00 firm, located in Wanaque. 973-841-3185
  5. We are in the Wanaque area, $135.00 for a clean and Whiten, no boiling, I have Dermisted Beetles on location. Plaques are $45.00 to $60.00 additional.
  6. Just looking into a 2021 Moose hunt, me and my son. I went to Effords in 2015, had a great time. We did a fly in hunt, remote, but nice moose! Good Luck!!!
  7. Location? Interested in the binos. 973 841 3185
  8. Holy hell I can't even come close to that turnaround!!.
  9. Heres a nice central Jersey p&y
  10. John, wait til you see that huge Buck! Ordered the form yesterday.
  11. Big guy, shot during 6 day firearm season. Love doing these!!
  12. Here's a nice backpack mount with a woolrich black/red bedroll.....
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