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  1. Location, I am interested in the 444. Thanks
  2. Little Eddie scored on a bird at 1115. Quite a show three of them put on. First bird.
  3. I'd like to add little Eddie to the youth turkey contest. Donation sent. Thank you
  4. Same guy. Only a face a blind mother could love.
  5. Here's another decent face shot of the loser and a picture of the inside of his rat hole house.
  6. They were able to get an exact position a few months ago when I contacted spypoint about recent activity, but when the spypoint rep used the triangulation method she was looking at the wrong camera. The officer's ended up finding my other camera and blind at a different spot. So this pinging method does work sometimes.
  7. I hope so. Ocean County
  8. Spypoint and Jackson PD have been working on it trying to use a triangulation method to obtain coordinates but they're not too accurate.
  9. Early December I had a ground blind and trail camera stolen off a private piece of land in zone 16/51 border. Over the past six months I intermittently get pictures of the thief when he decides to fiddle with the camera. Anyone know this clown?
  10. Recently, a study from Delaware showed that only 54% of fawns survived even when there were no predators around. The culprit? Disease. Often overlooked and difficult to quantify, disease may contribute to fawn mortality by directly killing fawns or making them more susceptible to other mortality sources. It was likely easier for the Delaware study to detect disease because predators weren’t there to cover up any evidence.
  11. I will try to find and copy the link, but Penn State did a fawn mortality rate study and from what I remember regarding their findings, predators weren't the biggest threat to fawns. Pneumonia was. I'll try to find the article and post it. There are many interesting studies they have listed on their website if anyone wants to look through them.
  12. Never heard of such a thing on a snowblower. What's the model? Might be trying to pull a fast one on your pop. Call the shop and tell them you replaced all three 02 sensors and she's running strong.
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