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  1. that sucks to hear but maybe tell us the make and model. i know there can be a lemon in any model but just a curiousity thing. hit up google . shouldnt be hard to find a specialty lawyer.
  2. Vermont you are allowed to hunt any private land unless posted.
  3. what model? replacing the stock with a plastic one is a good option. then you could play around with the cracked one. with YOUTUBE today its much quicker to just jump on there. youll find a million versions for wood repairs but in think its as easy as opening the crack and getting the right glue in there and clamping it. the repair will be stronger than the stock.if you repair it and not buy the plastic stock you could hit it with some truck bed liner- stone or marble effect spray can finish and make it look like a custom $300 stock. plenty of those how to videos too. its not all that hard. good luck!
  4. and to complicate things one of the best days i had in the woods with several bucks cruisin was on the morning after a full moon. ive come to say if you can go then go.
  5. many years back i ran into an old timer who mentioned he would carry deer rounds while small game hunting and the area was loaded with woodcock most years. guess people do both. he said you never know if you kick up deer he was ready.
  6. you need a hunting license or range permit in Pennciltucky. dont worry though. soon as they see a Jersey plate pull in about half the people there will remind you that you need one. some may ask to see it.
  7. can they have a meeting to change the meeting dates. Tuesday at 10am. im mean really??? how can the public get in on this. just sayin...
  8. for years i would get these from Lowes as its a great deal. problem is that they tend to leak . i have lost a few good headlamps and assorted other items. ive switched to Anker brand batteries on Amazon. they are guaranteed not to leak. anything of high value like range finders and cameras get re-chargeable batteries like Enloops. ive been bit too many times.
  9. co worker told me today he goes to Sayerville Sportsman. goes every year.
  10. thats not good. they have such a great rep but expensive. i know they are supposed to have a lifetime warranty but being its 2 different items that makes me worry compared to say just a bad batch of pants. post what customer service does to help you. i own a few pieces so id be curious. best of luck!
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