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  1. yeah bowfishing with captain mike is fun going again and yes we went to dennys after and the waiter wanted our carp to feed her family.
  2. Me and 3 buddies went out with Mike at westwindoutfitters and had a great time all of us never been bowfising and missed a crap load of fish and a bunch of big ones but had a blast Mike will put you on the fish i would recomend it to any looking to go great experience and a fun time we got some fish in the boat though. http://www.westwindoutfitters.com/nj_bow_fishing_trip_guide_service.htm
  3. theese exact ones http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/catch-and-release-live-animal-trap-pack-of-2
  4. i got 2 green ones where r u located
  5. come show me how its done then. maybe youll find out what a fish looks like, on the end of my line.
  6. i tried winter bass fishing the other day no luck not a bite i fish in a private pond that is maybe 10 feet deep and kno there are a lot of bass but never tried winter there what bait,lure should i use or any info thanks.
  7. I just wanted to know if its legal at night to use a caller and a shotgun
  8. Yeah idk if its legal i was trying to get input because there is a season for them so i was trying to lern how to hunt them.
  9. anyone know how to call them in after spotting them in a tree or call them down from the tree thanks i have a foxpro and bought some coon calls but i dont kno which ones to use.
  10. I tried in a small private pond and used Yamato worms rigged wacky no luck
  11. I might try it today after school. Should I fish slow with a worm on the bottom or is it to cold to start thanks.
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