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  1. I have never been a fan of decoys keep one inflatable one on me but rarely put it out calling works great in thicker of brush where the turkeys have to look open fields good chance gonna need a visual
  2. You will have traps stolen if you don’t hide them. Happens every year and places that are not stocked by game animals(pheasants etc) you can trap before Jan 1st
  3. are you willing to trade or go lower in price (I sent a pm)
  4. You wanna find out set it up at home and shoot through it at a target and put it on video that’s how I did it and it’s amazing what happens
  5. Where can I find these locations
  6. Honestly have had the same question
  7. Bigman

    Trucks for sale?

    Hey guys my boy is still looking for a truck (starting to realize he can’t be as picky as he was) he’s looking for a reliable truck ideally under 10 grand any of y’all got anything
  8. Bigman


    So one of my friends kids vapes and he was telling me about all the tricks he can do and flavors now I don’t smoke but do you guys vape or anything
  9. Tom the butcher https://m.facebook.com/tomthebutchermeatco/
  10. I did this experiment awhile go white light put it on then they freeze red light I found they spooked 3 out of the 5 times and green light I had 0 out of the 5 spook then white light never had them spook but they did freeze and seemed like the next night deer were a little spooky getting twoards dark don’t know if that had to do with the light or not but green has been the best for me
  11. I remember back about four years ago there was a 8 pointer with horrible genetics and I set out to kill him after 15 maybe even 20 setups I killed this deer I remember when I shot that deer it was more rewarding then any other deer I shot in the past years
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