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  1. Bigman


  2. Amazing gun killed many birds with that model
  3. My son took the test 6 years ago and I did not let him use a crossbow I made him use a compound but all the other kids were sitting on the ground with crossbows using tripods so anything should be allowed
  4. What about the new 2020 Tacoma pros 🤤
  5. I’m hunting zone 8 too and I have a bird about 100 yards hen up
  6. Thinking about buying a 1970 dodge
  7. The buttons are smiling at you
  8. I’m loving this topic no politics nothing like that just men and trucks let’s get some pics of trucks in here too
  9. If you don’t mind me asking how much that truck cost you Bc it’s a damn good looking truck
  10. I love my federal I use number 7 shot with a 3.5 inch shell it shot better then long beards by a mile but you just have to be prepared for the kick
  11. Wow extremely cheap good deal
  12. Wow amazing deal
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