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  1. Thanks for setting me up! Best action I've had all season. The info and advice you gave was priceless. I really appreciate it.
  2. Congrats on both the doe and retirement!
  3. Seems like it. Can’t seem to even spook a deer today.
  4. Out in 7. Good luck to anyone out.
  5. Had an hour today so I went out to swap cards and brought my bow just in case. Came across a doe pack and got within 30 yards, my shooting range is 25 yards and in, then the wind changed and I got busted. Best action I've had so far. Going out tomorrow to a different spot for an all day hunt, but just saw how bright the moon is tonight so I'm not sure what my chances are.
  6. My first bow season and I've been on two hunts so far. First hunt resulted in 3 spooked deer. Second hunt resulted in deer sitting 50-60 yards away from me. Still trying to get my first deer on the ground.
  7. Not as warm as I was expecting. Grabbed the card out of the cam before I came up the tree in the morning and I have a doe pack that came through at 4 PM yesterday. Hope the come through again today.
  8. Out in Zone 11 trying to get my first deer. Lots of squirrels. It is so humid my glasses keep fogging up. Good luck to everyone.
  9. Congrats on the buck! Heal up quick!
  10. This is close to me, will probably swing by and take a look!
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