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  1. It was my first time there. Heard about it from a coworker and it’s close to where I live so I decided to check it out. Had a new set of arrows cut and inserts glued in too. Was in and out within 30 minutes. Nice shop. Great experience.
  2. I’ll be out there with my Bear Vast. Just got it tuned and replaced the stock peep sight over at Skip’s Outdoors in Stockton last week.
  3. From Texas, this was taught in school during Texas History class.
  4. This is awesome. Great moment!
  5. Similar situation, but in Zone 8. Unfortunately I’m done for the season It was definitely fun and I’m already looking spring.
  6. Lawn mowers and chainsaws just started going off around me. 😒
  7. 50% sure I have at least 2 gobblers hung up on a farm 200 yards away. I’m calling every 20-30 minutes. They are responding to my calls, but won’t move any closer.
  8. Out in Zone 8. Bird is hammering, but can’t tell how far off.
  9. It’s a sweet rig for sure.
  10. Started the day on private, it was quiet all morning. Around 10 made my move to public, same deal there. I have one more shot to get a bird next Saturday. I have a permit for Zone 8 & 11. Gonna hunt my face off next Saturday to get a bird.
  11. Man GG, you do not disappoint. Great work.
  12. Only deer so far. Not one gobble.
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