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  1. Went to Skip's Outdoors in stockton on Saturday, they had a few boxes on hand.
  2. I have a small first aid kit with bandaids, gauze, cleaning kit, and a tourniquet. Doesn't take much space in my pack and doesn't weigh much. Better to have it and not need it.
  3. Just saw some 2 man Ladderstands on sale at Walmart in Clinton for $40 a pop.
  4. Their Desert Heat dry rub is also good. I get that from time to time.
  5. Honestly it's not too bad if you find a sauce you like. I prefer to go to Wingstop, but the closest Wingstop to me is 45 minutes one way. So I settle for Buffalo Wild Wings.
  6. If you're a traditional bone-in wing guy, order them extra crispy. Much better that way.
  7. It includes an annual NWTF membership so that accounts for $35 of the $50 which is great in my opinion.
  8. My deer season was good. Didn't get a deer, but it was still time well spent. This was my second season hunting all together, but also my first bow season. I had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I learned a lot. @deadonshot2 spent a day with me in October walking me through a few things and gave me a ton of knowledge, even let me sit in one of his stands so big thanks to him! I was close a few times on getting my first deer, but wasn't able to to get a shot. I'm making some adjustments to my setup so that if I end up in similar situations like I did last year, I can get a deer down. I hope to get more time in the woods this fall and scout more, learn more, hunt more, and hopefully get my first deer.
  9. Fitness Goals - Get down to 170lbs, currently at 183lbs so pretty manageable I think. Increase cardio stamina to be able to run an hour straight, distance not really important at the moment. Increase strength so that I can do 10-15 pull ups and 75-100 push ups in as little reps as possible. Plan is to eat in a calorie deficit at around 1900 calories and then adjust based on progress. Strength train 3 times a week Cardio sessions 2 times a week.
  10. I tried working a couple birds and I could not get them to move for the life of me. It was my first go at turkey hunting and hearing those bird gobble was awesome. Felt like they were just out of sight.
  11. Tried 11 last year and didn't have much success. Might try further up North.
  12. Unfortunately I'm done until the Fall. Wasn't successful in trying to get my first deer, but I got a lot of experience out in the woods. Was hoping to get some venison in the freezer, but I learned a ton and can't wait to get back out this fall.
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