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  1. The fit is right. They are nice and snug. The part that is making the noise is little plastic “tab” that is inside the nock that touches the string. I bought 2 pack a of three and they all do it. It isn’t loud, but when I remove my arrow from my quiver I notice it. I assumed that since all 6 nocks did it that this was normal. Almost sounds like a little bit of sand in the nock.
  2. I just set up a set of Nockturnals, my only issue with them so far is they rattle just enough to make me think something may be loose with my bow or arrows.
  3. Either. I'm interested in trying them out. I've heard good things.
  4. Anyone know who may have some in stock? Have a couple of boxes lying around you want to get rid of? Send me a PM Thanks!
  5. Just caught one from the bank at Amwell Lake. Not sure how far you are willing to drive. You should signup for a free trial of the Fish Brain app. I use it to look for new waters to fish and see what is being caught there.
  6. Looking for a used compound bow for my wife. She’s interested in archery for recreation and not hunting. If anyone has one laying about please send me a PM!
  7. Will definitely try wacky rigs next. Fly casting is definitely on my list of things to try. I just started fishing this year so I started with panfish with a spinning rod, then moved up to bass fishing with a bait caster. I missed out on trout season this year, but hopefully will give it a go this fall. Going fly fishing would be awesome.
  8. Definitely hooked. I already looking forward to my next outing.
  9. I tried ned rigs (craws, short worms), Texas rigged soft plastics (craws, worms, lizards), Frogs, Poppers, Jigs, and hard baits. I had a few bites, with a variety of things. I lost two bass two weeks in a row and it was the worst! One was a few feet from the bank and it just spit the lure out. I caught this guy on a Googan Squad Mini Banger, it's a smaller square bill. It was the Ghost Gill color. Saw some little blue gill swimming around so I figured that is what they were feeding on.
  10. ...but I finally landed my first Large Mouth! I've been out multiple times to multiple areas all summer long and I finally connected yesterday. It was a great fight and a beautiful fish.
  11. This is my first year bow hunting, I've been practicing at distances out to 50 yards, will keep my hunting distance to 25 yards and in. I'm using a Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin.
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