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  1. Ok thanks everyone for the help I’m going out tomorrow I’ll let y'all know when/if I get one down.
  2. Also another question. You need to tag the deer I read somewhere you can use one the extra deer harvest report cards they give you in the digest as a tag. Would this work? I poked a hole through it and threaded a string through. If I attach it to the deer it satisfies the tag?
  3. I bought it sometime in the summer of 2019 so its good right?
  4. I purchased my buck permit/deer shotgun permit in 2019 from what I understand from this little paragraph in the digest my permit is still good for January and February of 2020? Thanks
  5. This season was my first season hunting. I bought a lightweight camo jacket in the beginning of the season which has worked alright up until recent now that its gotten colder. I’m looking for a heavier jacket with the loop on the back for a license holder so you dont need to poke a hole through the actual jacket. I was hoping maybe some of y'all have some good recommendations. Thanks.
  6. I tried the part of the forge south of south shore drive. I got there a little bit late, I thought I heard a turkey but no luck. Ran into someone who told me they see them in that area every morning.
  7. Thanks, I’m gonna try again in the morning.
  8. Anyone have any luck so far this fall in Area 16? I’ve tried Stafford forge and Bass River state forest by 539 and I haven't even heard a gobble. Anyone have any recommendations/Tips? Thanks
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