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  1. So this spring is my first spring turkey hunting and hunting period. I don’t have any family or friends that hunt so I’m just trying to figure it out with youtube and what I read on here and others sites. I tried for fall turkey in stafford forge and a little in bass river with no luck but I wasn’t expecting much cause I heard fall turkey is more difficult but I still tried cause a bad day in the woods is better than a good day at work . Anyway I got two zone 16 period D permits in the lottery and I’m not expecting to fill both but I’d love to fill one. I’ve tried allot in stafford forge and I haven't even seen a foot print or heard a turkey. All I’ve gotten on trail cam is allot of deer and a coyote. I heard through the grape vine the forge held turkeys and I’ve seen them on the side of the parkway in the area so thats why I’ve invested as much time as I have there. Anyway I’m not making this post looking for pitty I wanted to see if anyone knows of any guides that might have availability for z16 period d I know its a long shot but I figured I’d give it a try figuring that allot of guides might have had allot of cancellations due to the pandemic and all. If not and anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction or give me some tips anything would be appreciated . Thanks.
  2. I went to the Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville today and I saw soo many shovelers as well as pin tails drake/hen pairs and a flock of canvasbacks. I got pics but they didnt come out good cause I just took them with my phone through my binoculars. Also thousands of snows. Awesome pic they really are pretty birds.
  3. What do you put down in front of the cam to get the animals to come feed? Corn or something else? I’m thinking about putting something out to get some turkeys on cam.
  4. I drive all the way there from waretown to shoot cause of how great it is. Very lax you don’t have a safety officer breathing down your neck. Theres a guy in a tower down the end of the shooting line who watches everyone and if you screw up he calls you out over the PA system in front of everyone. So don't make any mistakes . Its really affordable and they let you bring your own targets like soda cans and water jugs. It’s usually less busy in the winter you might have the place to yourself if you go on a not so nice day but during the summer you might have to wait for a spot. Blows all the surrounding ranges out of the water imo.
  5. Ok thanks everyone for the help I’m going out tomorrow I’ll let y'all know when/if I get one down.
  6. Also another question. You need to tag the deer I read somewhere you can use one the extra deer harvest report cards they give you in the digest as a tag. Would this work? I poked a hole through it and threaded a string through. If I attach it to the deer it satisfies the tag?
  7. I bought it sometime in the summer of 2019 so its good right?
  8. I purchased my buck permit/deer shotgun permit in 2019 from what I understand from this little paragraph in the digest my permit is still good for January and February of 2020? Thanks
  9. This season was my first season hunting. I bought a lightweight camo jacket in the beginning of the season which has worked alright up until recent now that its gotten colder. I’m looking for a heavier jacket with the loop on the back for a license holder so you dont need to poke a hole through the actual jacket. I was hoping maybe some of y'all have some good recommendations. Thanks.
  10. I tried the part of the forge south of south shore drive. I got there a little bit late, I thought I heard a turkey but no luck. Ran into someone who told me they see them in that area every morning.
  11. Thanks, I’m gonna try again in the morning.
  12. Anyone have any luck so far this fall in Area 16? I’ve tried Stafford forge and Bass River state forest by 539 and I haven't even heard a gobble. Anyone have any recommendations/Tips? Thanks
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