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  1. Keep the faith my son. He shall comith if you believith
  2. I forgot to mention. The biggest bucks ive shot were from hunting the ground with a compound. I hardly ever hunt from my stands anymore because it's really not necessary in most situations..
  3. When i was younger would never use a harness (stupidly) now I stay connected to the tree while eitjer climbing or in the stand. Id much rather play it safe than becoming another statistic. Its not worth it..use your head
  4. Had 8 deer today at my stand. 6 bucks and 2 does. Grunting and chasing. Was n the stand from 12-530p
  5. We all gotta work for somebody. Had a nice shooter show up just before dark last night. Going to hit the stand high noon. Good luck everyone.
  6. Going to hunt from the ground today. Lets see what happens..
  7. Nice one JH! Saw 4 Bucks during my 3 hour afternoon sit and saw a fight. They all got passes. Now I sleep... zzzZzzzZzzZz
  8. So true. I cant believe some of the crap people buy into. I just saw a $50 wind checker on Amazon. Hahaha
  9. Got in the stand late around 7am and within 5 mins had a 8pt come right under my stand. He got a pass. Stayed till 10:30a then went home for lunch and a quick nap. Was back in the stand by 2:30p and with in another 10 mins had a doe 20 yrds. She got a pass. Aroubd 4:30p had 2 does @ 20yrs. They got a pass also. Didn't see anything else. Now I sleep.
  10. Is this a serious post? The Rut is literally just about to kick off just as it always has and always will. Dont drink the koolaid and believe in too much that you read or hear.... #1!
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