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  1. Remember you don't always have to kill a deer every time out. Sometimes passing a shot just feels better than taking the shot.....having them in front of you totally relaxed and presenting opportunities but yet you let them walk can be just as rewarding..... There is so much more to hunting and being out in the woods and it sounds like you experienced it that day... A day in the woods is better than a day at work and a day above the ground is better than below it... Good luck next season and on all your future hunts
  2. So I asked for my friend to find out who his other friend fished with and he got back to me with this... Armadillo Expeditions - Puerto Natales Good luck with trip
  3. Nice rifle, good luck with it
  4. What a nightmare, real PIA getting two in a row... hope you are successful on your hunt!
  5. I don't really know anything about pricing but a friend of a friend was just there last weekend and sent my friend some amazing pics of the fish he caught... based on seeing those pics, I don't think you will be disappointed with the fishing.... good luck!
  6. Congratulations, and glad to hear you were able to catch up to and get that bull down.
  7. Nice buck, congratulations to both of them
  8. Awesome time spent together, the deer is a bonus
  9. Nice pics, I have mostly seen them in Ocean and Burlington counties in the past...
  10. Rem Mag

    Trail cam pic

    Nice buck, good luck !
  11. Congratulations! Its tough to keep doing those sits and not see any deer... your perseverance paid off
  12. Nice pics, always love seeing the birds of prey
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