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  1. The online thing is definitely convenient for some and I guess they are ok with paying the extra fees. For New Jersey I'd rather not do online. I have had to use online for some out of state hunts to get licenses or permits due to time constraints or location but really prefer to get local if possible. It's probably not even very practical for the NJ store owners to be involved with selling them because the state is probably a giant PIA to deal with and have their machines. With that said... I just hope NJ doesn't go to an online only system in the future....it's nice to have the option at least
  2. Where you live and how far you are willing to travel will help you decide what to do... PA does have some nice public ranges, Google "PA Game commision public range" and you will find a link with the game land number and descriptions of the ranges (50/100 yds etc.) and a map link also... some of the ranges you can shoot handguns at also.....But as others have said you need PA hunting license or their range permit (permit is like $31) Davis in the Goshen NY location is nice, they have a 100yds indoor range. I recently went to Shooters in south Jersey. They have an outdoor 150yd range and you can shoot at 50,100 and 150... liked it a lot... Good luck!
  3. Great find, are you elevating it or just setting it at ground level...interested to see the end results. Good luck with it
  4. Really nice deer and pretty great for mountains of Potter County.... PA sure is producing nice ones consistently since they put the antler restrictions in...unfortunately i haven't connected with a buck last few years myself but have seen quite a few my friends and friends of friends have been shooting and I totally agree the antler restrictions are working there
  5. Nicely done...Love it when they drop in sight and no tracking needed
  6. Rem Mag

    LBD, 12/2

    Congratulations! Plenty of snow out there....You made some great memories and your son was there to share the moment...you definitely earned that one.... it's alway said that you can't shoot one if your not out in the woods hunting
  7. Great bear and congratulations on making B&C... good to see a NJ bear represented like that
  8. Some times you have to get out of the blind or off stand and try and make it happen.... congratulations on making it happen
  9. Lion country supply has had bells available for many years, I had gotten some from them over 20 years back when we had beagles... I wouldn't even think about turning the dogs out without bells attached... really helped keeping track of them when they were in heavy cover trying to start a track or if they suddenly went quiet cause the rabbit likely went down a hole..
  10. Congratulations on the nice PA buck and getting it done on such a snowy day
  11. Congratulations on a great deer.! Huge body and looks like lots of antler mass, plus spending time with friends..... win all the way around
  12. Congratulations, way to get it done on such a wet and snowy day
  13. Great buck, and well earned on such a snowy wet day
  14. Rem Mag

    Youth Day Buck

    Congratulations! Nice buck and to have gone 7 out 7 youth days is the icing on the cake... those are truly 7 years of great memories for you both..
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