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  1. 2 seasons ago, opening day rifle. Shot from the ground in a thick creek bottom, no blind, just some camo burlap and natural cover..... it was approx 16 degrees all day. First buck with the gun up there since the antler restrictions have been in place... wmu 4O....it's always tough hunting up there. Way less deer than most areas of Jersey and super alert and skiddish
  2. Sounds like you'll be fine then.... Another little bit of advice....be careful ....waterfowl hunting is very addictive! .... and gets expensive!... next thing you know you'll be posting pics of lab puppies and sneak boats...lol.... good luck with your hunt
  3. Wow, looks and sounds like an incredible adventure.... wishing you luck with one of those giants ... very eager to see deer down pics... At least it seems you are "into them"... and getting some stalks and close encounters..... in the end it's still bow hunting .....and out west....where it seems the stars need to be lined up and everything else also needs to be perfect for an ethical shot..... they aren't some Jersey corn pile deer...lol....
  4. Sooooo.... is the 1100 IC or MOD choke? ... by no means busting chops.... trying to give helpful honest answers..... With that said ...you will not hurt the gun either way... (Caution....a fixed full choke "could be bad" but that doesn't seem to be your issue)... will your 1100 work and will you kill some geese?... maybe?... probably..... if you are only going one time and with a guide or friends that are experienced and have the geese totally finishing in the decoys you will probably be fine.... that's the short answer.... the longer answer is if you will be hunting on a regular basis ... shoot the gun before hunting... see what the pattern looks like .... take both the Rem and Winchester... see what patterns best...if you are close to me I have a bunch of #2 shot and dont seem to waterfowl hunt as much as I would like these days... I would be willing to donate a box or two for you to test with if that would help you out..... also, if nobody has mentioned it to you already... I would highly recommend using some type of hearing protection..... all it took me was one time lying next to a bunch of guys in layout blinds and some high volume shooting. I will not duck or goose hunt without electronic muffs...
  5. This would make a great "sticky" as some sites have or at least be kept at the top of recent topics by the mods..... This is awesome and a very important event... we need as much interest and recruitment for our sport as possible. Creating an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for our female hunters to get involved is of the utmost importance..... Honestly creating positive experiences and a comfortable environment for all of our new hunters is important and the future of our existence. Events like this are really vital to continue our traditions these days..... Obviously covid is putting a damper on everything.....hopefully all goes well with the virtual event.
  6. Rem Mag

    Wool Socks ??

    I have been using Ullfrote also known as Woolpower US ... they are a Swedish company, I found them out at Harrisburg outdoors show 20 yrs ago... I have the 800 and 600.... (warning they are expensive now but I got them at great prices then)... they are only 70% merino and only get used on the coldest of days and have lasted many years plus keep my feet warm all day..... I picked up a new sock out at one of the outdoor shows last year (The Buffalo Wool Co). They are out of Texas and sock is made from.... you guessed it Buffalo wool.... haven't really tested them yet but have high hopes... disclaimer they are also kind of pricey.... Guess your mileage may vary.... 100 % merino wool would always be my first choice if available for frigid temps.... real merino is undoubtedly the best... read the labels ..... lots of blends and recycled materials...
  7. Your Remington may be fine but you should for sure pattern it first before going hunting... you may be pleasantly surprised or very disappointed.... even a different brand shell will perform better than another... with the IC choke you may be better off with one of the brands with flight control wads (think federal uses those)... your Winchester may be the better option because of interchangeable tubes... if you don't like the pattern there are plenty of aftermarket choke tubes and plenty of opinions about each one... also how you expect the birds to come in is a little important too... if over decoys and cupped up and feet down the IC wold be fine... I personally like #2 steel over decoys.... pass type shooting is gonna require little tighter pattern and the BB is ok..... I also know guys that use BB for EVERYTHING.... even ducks... that's not my preferred size for ducks but use what works best for you.... bottom line is a little time patterning will save you a ton of frustration, wounded and lost birds... good luck
  8. You are fine with NYS and the crossbow... there is a self certification you sign and keep with your license. It's in their version of compendium and also online... here is a copy of it... I would do a link but I am a little computer challenged...lol
  9. Without knowing anything else about the lay of your land and not trying to be argumentative.... I would say that 4,6 or 8 guys, talking, laughing and yelling. Moving around for several hours,setting and picking up decoys and picking up dead birds or looking for cripples plus throw in a lab or two barking and running around (all the things that are part of duck hunting with a group) and then have all that scent blowing into that thicket and do it for more than one morning or weekend and it may be just enough pressure to deter those deer, especially big mature bucks or does. They have so many other options they will just decide to go use all that other really nice 3000 acres where absolutely nobody is doing any of that..
  10. Deer respond to pressure period. Most they will adapt to and some they won't. I feel like it depends on how the deer are using the particular area in question and how much constant and disturbing pressure determines how they will respond..... if its bedding and there is constant intrusion deer will find a spot that they are just not bothered in.....If its food they will adjust the time they use it to feed..... If its travel corridor it depends on how much pressure is occurring, then they will adjust their route slightly..... many members have posted observation backing the position that the deer don't care and continue to use the area. I have also observed personally the same things, ie: shooting ranges, quads, equipment etc... Farming type practices and logging also back this up.... lots of noise and banging but deer still use area or come back later.... I also believe as a human when we move like a predator the deer key on that body language, how many times have you seen deer standing in woods or fields watching us. If you keep moving they mostly just watch you go by (especially on public types of land) .... step off that walking trail that hundreds of people a week usually walk on and see what happens....also see deer stand completely unbothered while driving by.... stop that car or truck and the deer realize you are focusing on them and watch what happens.... Nothing but tails.... I have also shot deer from a stand only to have more a few minutes later come through the same area, oblivious of anything..... so I dont believe the shooting in and of itself spooks the deer from the area...
  11. Just an FYI...... There is a game commission meeting later this week and according to the online agenda, it looks like they are proposing having to wear fluorescent orange while on state game lands even when not actually hunting (Nov 15- Dec 15).... ie scouting, setting blinds or stands...etc....wonder it the dog walkers and joggers are going to abide by that..
  12. Cute pups! Weir Creek is some good blood.... I like tight checks over speed, they seem to have a nice balance.... good luck with them
  13. Beautiful fish, love catching small mouths
  14. Nice looking fish, enjoy the great area up that way... I have a friend that caught a giant record muskie from the St Lawrence
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