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  1. It would be a strange story indeed if I was in Atlantic County. I was in Morris, I was nervous about the bear situation beforehand but they always seemed to stay away from me while i was hunting there. In fact I did not see any bears until after the shot this time.
  2. Yeah, he had his face down on the trail I felt like he was pushing me off of the trail although I know that sounds a little more strategic than a bear may be capable of. I was swearing bears up and down all day after this, I was enjoying the blood trail until the bear showed up, my first one died on the spot so I didn’t have much of a trail to follow. My problem is that I am in this alone for the most part and have no idea if I could drag a bear myself or where to even process it, I took my deer to a guy who does it. I got mad and would love to put his head on my wall and meat in my freezer but I think it’s too much logistically this year. Thanks though I felt like I messed up and I just want to do hunt right.
  3. I shot my 2nd deer today and it ran off. I started following the blood trail and I encountered a bear getting a little too close. I backed off and waited a while before returning to try again. I care back and saw “a bear” maybe not “the bear” laying about a comfortable distance away so I got back onto the trail. I was on the phone while following the blood to let the woods know someone was walking through because of the bear activity. While I was looking to find more blood a bear cane out and was tracking my trail. I backed away and watched and it started coming towards me. I was on the phone with a seasoned hunter and he said the bear is taking your kill and it’s not worth getting into a fight with a bear over. I feel terrible, I can’t stop thinking about it and I am upset that this spot might not be good to hunt if it is swarming with bears and I might lose my kills. Any advice and what should I have done differently?
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