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  1. I used to use " Sportwash" when,I washed all my Camo. The Birds never saw me. Sportwash is hard to find now. I used to get it at walmart. Last Spring I washed all my Camo in 2 straight washings without any detergent. Hoping,I can find Sportwash soon somewhere.
  2. Indeed- I am Realistic sounding on Yelpers/ Wingbones,Pots,Boxes,Scratchers, + natural voice. I used to scout over 100 hours from late Jan- ( now) to late April . I probably did that for a good 20 years straight when,I was younger. That's alot of Woodsmanship hours- lol! I have scaled back to around 40 hours or so now. As good a Woodsman as,I am- I feel Realistic Calling is just as important.
  3. I disagree- calling in Spring Turkey Hunting is very important. Depending on " where" you Turkey Hunt- either Woodsmanship or Calling will be used to different degrees. However Calling is extremely important in most scenarios.
  4. Today,I did some practice with a Wingbone. A Cedar Scratchbox, + a Deadly Call that Nick March here sent me.
  5. I would love to try Zone 4 in Warren County . From what,I have read and videos seen- a ton of big ol Birds are strutting around there.
  6. Can someone bring up the Graph of Turkey Zones + Availabil Weekly Turkey Permits in each one here. Thanks.
  7. I agree. A number of Zones should really increase numbers. Even 40 more Available permits added on would result in some happy Spring Turkey Hunters.
  8. I will probably wait for over the counter sales. Perhaps a few left over in Zones 1 + 2.
  9. Welcome! Where in New York? I am 18 miles north of New Jersey in Orange County,NY.
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