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  1. YouTube will not allow this to be shared and ( Right now)- it is still up.. Type in the Title above and RichieFromBoston. This is not the 45 second News Flash from last night. It lasts over 10 minutes. This Man could have lived..
  2. New York was SWAMPED with hopeful Turkey Hunters! It is still heavy out there with this Chinese Virus going on. I will be out tomorrow again.
  3. I took my Friend Cynthia out again today on State Land in Orange County,NY.- 5 /23/2020. We were almost set up too close! The Tom Gobbled only 30 yards away in his Tree. I offered very soft Tree Yelps. As it got lighter, I had to use my Natural Voice. Down the Tom plopped from his Tree. He started to move away--- but, I called him back. Cynthia shot him at less then 25 yards. He went 18lbs,8" Beard, and sharp Spurs of under 1". A 3 year old. So she is tagged out in New York in her very 1st Spring. It was early so, I tried another Public area and had a Gobbler going at 8am. Worked him for 1 hour until he went silent. Try him again Tomorrow. It has been awhile since, I took 3 Spring Birds and , I might do it this Spring.
  4. I know you won't Break the Rules-- there aren't Any!!! - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
  5. So who here will end their Season in New York? 10 more Hunting Days until May 31st. In 2016, I took my best Gobbler Spurwise on May 31st in New York. Easier to call up then!!! Now on Huntingny.com, a member says that he keep encountering a NJ Hunter in Sterling Forest near where he has a Blind set-up. Unique Plates-- Gobbler#1.
  6. 39+ years involved in the Martial Arts. Used to Teach. No Expert here though. Still a lifelong Student.
  7. Great Pic there with the Sun coming up!
  8. Hunted in Zone 6 Today and got 2 Toms to Shock Gobble at a 1/4 mile. I CUTT Hard on my Cedar Box. Both Tom's were separated from each other by a few hundred yards. Gobbling stopping fairly Fast today and, I had Shopping to do. A Truck was parked up in front of me. Kind of wondering if, I did all the Work and Raising the Gobblers and he Reaps the Benifits- LOL! Last day in NJ for me. I have 1 tag left in NY and hopefully can Bag Bird #3 this Spring.
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