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  1. Hope members like this video. Matt Dale has really good Spring + Fall Turkey Hunting Utube Videos. I really like this one on Gobbler Yelping. Practicing up with NY coming up on October 19th and NJ on the 26th.
  2. I walked around for almost 2 hours. Plenty of sign. Shagbark Hickories are dropping plenty this Fall.
  3. I am going to Scout some in NY today. NY opener for most of the State is October 19th for Turkey. I also want to take a Scouting Trip in New Jersey perhaps this Sunday. Good Weather for some Scouting.
  4. Pic above is from Sept 20th on my Lawn. About 8 or so Turkeys visit alot. 1st pic up from me on this site.
  5. Hi everyone! I joined a few days ago. I am from NY-but only live within 20 miles of NJ. This is my 26th Fall hunting in NJ-- SO, I am making NJ Rich with the Non-resident hunting license fee of 135 dollars. Mostly a Bird Hunter and Hiker. Pheasant Hunting in NY right now and looking for the Woodcock to start their migration at night. And Spring + Fall Turkey Hunting. I enjoy looking around for sheds after Deer Season. Good Site this one is!!
  6. I have been Turkey Hunting in NJ since 1994. I just bought my Fall Tag and am set to go. Managed to take a Fall Gobbler last Fall in NJ. Opening Date is closing in!
  7. I really like a Black Lab for Flushing Pheasants. They Bull their way right into the Briar Patches to Flush up a ol Rooster Pheasant.
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