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  1. Hope not! Hopefully March 30th goes without a Problem.
  2. I usually wait for the ( over the counter Day). March 30th this year.
  3. There are usually at least 2 Turkey Call Vendors. Another Vendor was selling Daypacks and such. All kinds of stuff besides just Fishing related.
  4. What County is this pic taken from? Possibly Warren County?
  5. The more Women are involved in this Spring Hunting-- the Better!
  6. I always like to check out the different knifes as well. The Food there is great and, I make sure, I have Lunch before, I go. Some vendors won't let you go if you stop for smalltalk. Mostly a good experience though.
  7. I had that shotgun years ago in 10 Gauge. Kind of wish, I did not sell it. The kick was not too bad at all.
  8. Last year there were 2 Turkey Call Vendors. One guy had alot of Cedar Scratch Boxes for sale. Always Crowded on Sat. Long walk in from parking area.
  9. Thrusday- Feb 27th-- Sunday - March 1st. I love this Show and go every year. Plenty of Seminars as well- Google large list. I usually spend a good 2 1/2 hours there. Some great food there also! I usually go on crowded Sat. So-- who is going this year?
  10. 60 here and have never had a Flu Shot. If, I feel a Head cold coming on, I take 2 ECHINACEA. Works every time! You can buy them at a low price at wallyworld. IT IS WORTH THE SMALL PRICE. Do not overlook Garlic Cloves or Powdered Garlic on your Foods. Costs pennies for peace of mind if this Virus spreads big time to the US. GARLIC was called ( Russian Penicillin) in WW2. Just these 2 above-- pennies on the dollar to possibly protect you + yours!
  11. I recently in the Turkey Forum gave some good ( parking) areas . I leave the rest up to the hunter who may want to try NY Public Land. You are right though about hunters ( being guarded) about information. I have so many Hotspots in NY and, I can't be everywhere. Hunters need to open up a little more to help out New Hunters.
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