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  1. I would be happy to Field Test it as, I did your Ceramic Turkey Call which Called up a Gobbler + a Hen . Very good " Close Range Call".
  2. This is by far the Best Documentary on Manfred Von Richthofen. If you have 42 Minutes- it is well worth it.
  3. Old Dude Scored at the end of the Video. That's Fall Turkey Hunting-- often alot of Nothing + hard walking- then Finally a bird is shot.
  4. I have heard about these 2 Old Grumpy Guys before. Maybe- Time for them to Retire and Smile on the Golf Course!
  5. My use of Dogs involves just out for Pheasants and you take a Turkey in the Air when a rare scatter happens. Of course in NY now the Fall Turkey Season in my area has been moved back to October 19th From October 1st. You just hope that Pheasant Hunters out on October 1st will " Hold Their Fire" when their Dog Scatters a Flock weeks before opening day.
  6. I knew someone had to be working on this somewhere. You should get a patent on it.
  7. At one time, I was thinking of buying WASP STOPPER. The kind with the 12 Foot Spray after reading that alot of Hikers buy that.
  8. I have no Power. Trees are Snapping in the woods.
  9. VERY Heavy Winds in Southern Orange County,NY right now.
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