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  1. Raised 12 for the past 4 years until the foxes and hawks decimated them the past 3 months. Loved the eggs and watching them. They are great for tick control etc.
  2. Watched this guy grow for 3+ years. Still haven't connected with him. Hopefully he is still around. I did hear a rumor that he was taken but I have yet to see a picture or confirm. No pictures of him since October.
  3. elusive


    Beauty is only a light switch away......in this case, a mask away!
  4. I would recommend Design One Architecture in Flanders. Mike is great architect and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He does quality work and will take the time to go through every detail. Worth taking a look or giving him a call to see if he fits what you are looking for. designonearchitecture.com 973-538-2242
  5. I had a few like that too......Seems to be a lot of coons at this one spot. This was a nice pic with a buck and one of them.
  6. Its nice out now in North Jersey. Good luck to everyone going out
  7. Great job Robin! Def. unique and big! Congrats and I hope for a speedy recovery for your father.
  8. I agree on the positioning part of that especially on the newer vehicle/one bulb setup. It is the older two bulb setups that I have seen problems with. Same positioning and setup, just an insanely brighter light.
  9. I do believe people drive around with there Brights on all the time BUT you also need to take into account that a lot of people dont look at the Lumen count when changing over to LED's......many LEDs sold on Amazon etc are extremly bright and are sold as low beam lights when in fact the lumen count ends up being just as bright, if not brighter, than the high beams.
  10. Will be out the last few hours this evening in Z5 with daughter. Should be a good but cold sit.
  11. Lunch time or so in North Jersey should be the time to get your butts out there. Looks like the precip should stop around then.
  12. Good luck everyone. Should be good once the rain stops this afternoon. Tomorrow should also be a great day with the high pressure and cool temps coming in!
  13. I had a Coopers take one of my Chickens two weeks ago. They are def. big enough.
  14. Good luck! Hopefully I will be out this afternoon.
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