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  1. I love a good politically charged thread, it makes for the best entertainment.๐Ÿ™‚ I like Trump, he's a regular run of the mill American who delivers, he has my vote.
  2. Oh I get and I mentioned nothing about not caring. We just have to resort to good old fashioned non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  3. Ahh, the good ol days! Between Two Guys and the collapse of Rickles the world seemed different. I had a Daily Journal route, the tips were better 'round the holidays.
  4. How quickly we forget regular influenza kills people everyday as well. My theory is if you smoke many cigarettes and drink a lot of coffee your safe.
  5. Two Guys used to have a nice hunting and fishing department.
  6. I'll use an old 1960 model 37 with a 30in fixed open barrel and some kind of 5's. My first order of business is trying to find these so called Turkey's, they are as rare as Hens teeth round these parts.
  7. I've took my limits for pheasant every Saturday in Stafford Forge and this is without a dog. They stocked pretty good in the smaller section of the WMA parallel to the Parkway, the birds were evenly spread out everywhere. I had a fun season. I bagged 2 quail in Greenwood as well.
  8. Hats off to your son๐Ÿ‘ I was in the woods last week on the fringe of a field in the sticks and a fella seen me walking, we made eye contact and I proceeded on.. about 5 mins later I heard a shot and was showered with pellets. Some people I tell ya...!
  9. Thank you, a lot of walking but it was worth it.
  10. For the roastin' on Saturday, wrapped in Prosciutto and smothered with love. Tasty. Signed, A dog less wingshooter.
  11. Kosher salt is course and much easier to season something because you can see the coverage. I don't mind paying the 1 dollar more to keep the wife happy. Lol
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