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  1. Best shop ever! Your always helped right away people are really nice there. And prices are awesome if your in the area stop by you won’t be disappointed!
  2. Andover hunt and fish they will spend all day getting your bow perfect
  3. CVA wolf with 100 grains of pyrodex shooting 295 grain power belt hollow point
  4. I use cameras but I know people that don't use them and he kill a lot of deer.
  5. thanks for posting it looks like a good deal might purchase
  6. i used to live in pa and have a PA license so i should be fine
  7. nickyan04

    Buck down

    congrats nice buck!
  8. there is one in PA i think its called the SGL rifle range
  9. nickyan04

    first buck

    Those are cool ideas i'm gonna try them out Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the help I think I’ll try out the one in PA
  11. Picked up Cva wolf muzzleloader today any ranges to take it to other than the flat brook
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