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  1. This is a weird shed
  2. Thanks Rusty! now I gotta do the work you gave me
  3. Found my first shed on my birthday today!
  4. We have 30 boxes of 10 gauge slugs for sale $10 per box pick up in Andover
  5. do you think the sate could possibly close the courses due to covid-19
  6. andover hunt and fish has one at a awesome price
  7. Where are you located do you have any cable restraints
  8. I am looking to start trapping does anyone have some used trapping items I can get for not that much
  9. i would get the stoeger m3000 or the m3500 great for turkey hunting but make sure you shut the bolt hard because of the rotating bolt i learned that the hard way turkey hunting
  10. Any one have any luck coyote hunting
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