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  1. just purchased some Kent fasteel 2.0 is it any good?
  2. andover hunt and fish has the best selection of O/U at great prices to
  3. I hunt with a 10 gauge and use 3-1/2 bbb for goose and recoil is not a problem
  4. look out 45 yards to the left big buck
  5. wood duck merganser hooded merganser black duck pintails widgeon ring neck surf scoter and greater scaup and common eider
  6. I shot 11ducks this week its bin pretty good
  7. Thanks to my surprise it wasn’t that bad.Merry Christmas!
  8. Shot this nice mallard with my browning bps 10 gauge
  9. I would do some Predator control it got out of control on my farm
  10. what is the best 10 gauge coyote amm0 ?
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