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  1. She is a beauty, good luck with her.
  2. Went out opening morning saw lots of action. Was able to harvest this Button Buck with a 32.9 yard lung shot. Ran 3o yards and crumbled into a rock wall ! Time to go after one of my hit list bucks !
  3. bumping this thread, i heard Fred is on vacation currently.
  4. great shot gorgeous dog !
  5. Great work Brother ! looks like two clean shots !
  6. hahha love that picture
  7. we get you in three weeks should be a good game... A rod always finds a way to beat us.
  8. Yea i dont care if you have the best bird dogs in the world if they dont stock birds they dont stock birds. I know all the guys at Whittingham were not getting birds even the famous thanksgiving day was a bust with minimal shots. My buddy got the only chuckar they threw out on the last day to ...
  9. Looks like whittingham is getting more birds ! so that is a good thing..... Like everyone said i cant imagine it gets worst but we shall see.
  10. Fellas, I am cautiously optimistic the pheasant hunting up in northern NJ will rebound after the horrible showing last year. I mainly hunt whittingham and Berkshire valley and the stocking was so bad that even thanksgiving was a wash. What has everyone heard about the new procedure of buying the birds from a farm in pa instead of rock port ?
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