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  1. Thank you i have to check them out
  2. I was hoping sooner rather then later but we can talk... DM me
  3. Just wondering who you are supporting, I agree with you corruption is not acceptable no matter the party. I am starting to believe you are just an anarchist then anyone who has sustainable beliefs or solutions? Who would you like to see in the white house after the next election ?
  4. I am a conservative if i was going flip only person i would even consider is Tulsi Gabbard I think she really is more libertarian then anything else.
  5. I am a conservative, I was campaigning for Ted Cruz originally as i believe he is a constitutional conservative. Just wondering and not looking to debate you what so ever. I am just wondering who on the democratic side you are campaigning for ?
  6. Any one got one for sale new or used ? 12 or 20 gauge ?
  7. If people enjoy watching their investments ( real estate, stocks, etc ) grow in value , along with getting " big " government out of their life's they should stick with the Republican party. Unfortunately we are in NJ so we are stuck in liberalville but needless to say Trump 2020. more importantly we need to flip the house and keep the senate if we do that and re-elect trump we can continue to put in conservative Judges and hopefully can replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the supreme court with someone who has conservative values.
  8. I got the grim reapers thanks for the advice
  9. Barnet ts390 Thank you for the help
  10. Barnet ts390 thank you for your help
  11. Alright Fellas, Wife surprised me with a crossbow for x-mas. Never been a big cross bow guy and don't know that I bench the Hoyt compound for it BUT i have questions. What Bolts do you recommend ? What crossbow broad heads do you recommended i always shot fixed out of the Hoyt ( Muzzy s ) ? Should I just get a yellow jacket discharge bag or something else ? it came with a rope decocker, don't even know if it works well or not just yet, but should i purchase something else ? Anything else i need to know or pick up that you would recommend ?
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