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  1. with this state it is only going to get worst
  2. this is now cross posted on Meccari and Craiglist just as a heads up.
  3. Yea that who i use as well just never real out that way unless it is for that reason. I guess i should probably just learn to do basic cuts myself.
  4. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Kit Front and back Stabilizer used once and just did not like it i paid 240 f0r it and am asking 200 for it since it was used once. The size 8 inch ( front ) 6 inch ( back ) its Mossy oak Break up country .... Please DM me if you are interested If you want to read about it https://www.beestinger.com/Stabilizers/Hunting/Sport-Hunter-Xtreme-Kit.aspx
  5. Any new butchers in Byram Mt. Olive area ?
  6. Repping Liberty U with the winter hat .. GO FLAMES
  7. I have a lake house up on the water at Lake Wallenpaupac but I mainly live in nj. I took my nj photo I’d my deed and tax paper from my pa house and asked the store what fishing permit can I buy as I’m not a full time resident of pa my primary is in NJ he said I pay state taxes and have proof or additional residence in pa so I qualify for the instate. I was fishing on my dock cuz it was a busy weekend on lake Wally. The pa game warden sees me and rushes over I actually had my liscene pinned on my swim trunks cuz I knew he was out. So I gave him the liscene he then wanted to see my photo id fro
  8. Thank you i have to check them out
  9. I was hoping sooner rather then later but we can talk... DM me
  10. Just wondering who you are supporting, I agree with you corruption is not acceptable no matter the party. I am starting to believe you are just an anarchist then anyone who has sustainable beliefs or solutions? Who would you like to see in the white house after the next election ?
  11. I am a conservative if i was going flip only person i would even consider is Tulsi Gabbard I think she really is more libertarian then anything else.
  12. I am a conservative, I was campaigning for Ted Cruz originally as i believe he is a constitutional conservative. Just wondering and not looking to debate you what so ever. I am just wondering who on the democratic side you are campaigning for ?
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