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  1. Have one on camera in cranberry lake in Sussex
  2. Me and my group of hunting buddies are having a good start to the season.... refreshing with how bad it was last year
  3. Congrats to your dad and so glad he made such a fast recovery !
  4. The bow has sold, please close out thread admin.
  5. That is a great idea and a great post/debate in it self ! i know where my money will be... good luck !
  6. I don't know Signal 11 to much but i have used some of their products. I prefer Rack getter . Send me a PM i can point you in the direction in getting it close to you. RIght now with the rut is upon us there hot to trot mixed with the racks up dominate buck lure and climax mock scrape will have that big guy in front of your stand in no time
  7. Price reduction 300 or BO .. message me for pictures or questions.
  8. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro by Bowtech Compound bow with lots of extra Rarely shot this bow, less then 100 arrows have flown from this bow. Comes with Upgraded stabilizer Upgraded release 6 Arrows and quiver Soft case was asking for 350 if you want to make an offer just dm it I won’t get offended. I would be open to a trade but really prefer to sell... PM with questions offers etc ... pictures are supplied upon request only reason I got rid of it was I wanted a Hoyt and used this bow to learn and get my bow permit. I know own the Hoyt and don’t plan on using this bow
  9. I am up in morris/sussex. What are some tips for getting into waterfowl ? I have always hunted everything else and always wanted to get into water fowl, i have my Hip my state and my federal license. I have non toxic shot I picked up. What else should i know ?
  10. What a monster ! i am still after my first Public land buck with a bow as well ! good work
  11. Great story, inspiring ! Glad you are healthy enough for the harvest and congrats !!
  12. Wow that is crazy and cool at the same time ... resilient animals !
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