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  1. Thanks everyone, I went ahead and gave it a go myself. I learned a few things for the next time but it came out decent.
  2. They are bad down here at round valley on the dam.
  3. Like you said 99.9%, Muzzy MX-#, NAPS, Grim Reapers, all the flew same as field tips. My bow did not like the montecs and I switched to Muzzy. Either way to answer the OPs question I had great blood trails with the G5s when I was using them.
  4. I've had great bloodtrails with these. The only issue I've had is they typically require a little extra tuning. I've never had them fly like field tips. No big deal as long as you sight in for what heads you're going to shoot.
  5. Yes, above the spine below the crest of the back. It lived and was shot a few weeks after with the entry and exit almost healed up completely.
  6. Good luck, I've had a " no mans zone" hit buck come back a couple weeks later and a friend of mine shot it from the same stand.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone in northern NJ do a reasonably priced skull mount on a wood base?
  8. I don't have a setter but I do have a hunter 3.5" O/U and it has been an awesome gun for the money. I also have a a tristar viper that has been great.
  9. Thanks guys that is what I figured. I read the township code and it only mentioned the permit required, hunting from an elevated position and stands removed daily. When I set my cams and choose the area I want to set up (roughly 300' from back of the houses to stay far enough from the 150' safety zone) I accessed the piece from my property and didn't notice all the yellow signs further in facing the other way until recently.
  10. Guys, A township piece near me has safety zones posted 450' off the back of the houses. For bow hunting does the 150' rule apply or do the safety zone signs at 450' override that? Thanks
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