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  1. Macks didnt show the 3 pack in stock yesterday. I just ordered a 3 pack and a single. They were even reasonable with 2 day shipping. Thank you!
  2. Another good laugh from the bass pro/cabelas club. I ordered from bass pro and even though they showed in stock they are backordered. I even live chatted with customer service and they sad they had them. I still got a order delay email. It looks like I will be going lone wolf sticks and will be done ordering from cabelas and bass pro.
  3. Rehabbing the dams. It’s on going now, I’m there working everyday. It’s a couple year project so it will be low for a couple years. As as others said spruce run still has the no swimming signs up.
  4. If anyone has a son or daughter getting into hunting or knows someone down on their luck they can have this stand. It does need a new seat and for safety’s sake I’d probably put new cables it, I’m not sure how old it is. I’ve had this in the garage for 4 or 5 years and would rather see someone using it. Im located in Andover
  5. Well bass pro didn't work either, shows them shipping Oct 25th - Nov 1
  6. Mack's lists them as out of stock. Ill try bass pro, I honestly didn't look with them and cabelas being the same company now. It looks like I will cancel Cabelas at $99 and try Bass Pro at $120
  7. Has anyone been able to get a set of these? I ordered a set from cabelas when they went on sale in early September, only to get their standard sorry this is now back ordered message. They still have not updated me on my order and I'd like to get a set. Has anyone seen them in stock? Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone, I went ahead and gave it a go myself. I learned a few things for the next time but it came out decent.
  9. They are bad down here at round valley on the dam.
  10. Like you said 99.9%, Muzzy MX-#, NAPS, Grim Reapers, all the flew same as field tips. My bow did not like the montecs and I switched to Muzzy. Either way to answer the OPs question I had great blood trails with the G5s when I was using them.
  11. I've had great bloodtrails with these. The only issue I've had is they typically require a little extra tuning. I've never had them fly like field tips. No big deal as long as you sight in for what heads you're going to shoot.
  12. Yes, above the spine below the crest of the back. It lived and was shot a few weeks after with the entry and exit almost healed up completely.
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