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  1. Bump, great time to be shooting, dropped price
  2. It looks like I will be ordering one from Grices and ordering wood stocks, I cant resist. Mike, its 50/50. the people that have them cant get enough, people that have never had one look at you weird when you say you like hunting with a pump action rifle. This is my 30-06 and my brother. I had to drag him out of the house and it was his 3rd time ever in a tree stand. Now he wants one too.
  3. I'm not sure which I like more the crocs or the whelens. Are those pre 96 wood stocks or grice guns you put a wood stock on? They look nice.
  4. I know its a long shot but I'd like to add another 7600 to my collection. Does anyone have one in 35 whelen they would sell or has anyone seen one locally? I figured I'd try here before getting on gunbroker. Thanks
  5. Lowrance Hook 5 HDI on my 14' Lowe Lowrance HDS 7 and 12 on my 21' Triton All have side imaging.
  6. 2013 Elite Hunter, 60 lb and 29” draw. It has new strings that Simon Peter put on this summer (over $100). It also has a QAD hunter drop away and a HHA single pin(cheaper model). It will need a new sight tape for whichever arrow you choose to shoot. It’s a nice bow that I’ve shot many deer with. It shows some age but shoots well. Im looking for $300. Located in Andover Thanks
  7. Just a heads up it does look like they add tax but still a great price. I may order a tac-14 that they have on sale. Thanks
  8. I'm also looking for the wife, she liked the glock 42 or the S&W bodyguard. It was easier for her to manipulate the slide on the glock but as stated above I've heard some stories of the 42 jamming.
  9. Based on the article this was maybe 2012. Giant for sure
  10. Does anyone or their significant other shoot a bowtech eva shockey? Does anyone have any experience with it? My wife's birthday is coming up and she recently let me replace my ten year old bow with a new VXR, Id like to return the favor.
  11. Posting this in case anyone finds this thread later through google. I called savage technical support and they had a note in the system that said the 212's safety were revised to allow the bolt to open in the full safe position. Therefore it is no longer really a 3 position safety. I also took a brand new 212 out of the box and confirmed the 3 position safety no longer locks the bolt in full safe. I'm not sure of the reasoning but you can clearly see the mechanism that locks the bolt on my 220 and other savage rifles is not present on the new 212s.
  12. Super surprised I didn't see Vortex listed. They are likely the reason Nikon is leaving the rifle scope business. Do yourself a favor and at least look at a Vortex Diamondback 3-9. That is what will be going on the 220 I just bought and is what is on my 212. I have multiple Vortex crossfires (entry) and Diamondbacks (mid range). They have lifetime warranties and perform as well as any of my Leupolds that are under VX-3. Midway USA has free 60 dollar bases when you purchase a Vortex or 10 percent off.
  13. Yes my issue is the bolt no longer locks at the full safe position. I noticed it had opened when I walked in on Saturday.
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