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  1. We are booked for 2022 for a moose hunt in NF, the outfitter had my check for two months before he could even get it cashed with the lockdowns they are under.
  2. Bumping this up as I need a new turkey gun. I would take 1,000 for the gun.
  3. I've got a handful of cell cams on public for turkey, I keep mine in a lockbox since everyone is not as courteous as you. I have them both in NJ and my NY property 4 hours away. With very little time due to work and a new baby the scouting, or at least reassurance that my scouting was good, is extremely valuable to me. The Tactacams Reveals I use are $99 up front and you pay monthly for the number of photos you'd like to send. You get a low quality thumbnail sent to your phone and the high quality pictures are stores on your card like normal.
  4. Tried a 9e, sold out by 10:00 and 40 seconds as well
  5. Some of our NY bucks, first two are mine, last is my dads.
  6. I cant imagine paying $2500, $1600/bo is what I call "the make me sell it price", someone may like it more than me and it shows my wife a good faith effort of selling it before I just go buy a 300 win. These 7600s are by far my favorite gun.
  7. I'd like to buy yours I just cant justify it right now. I bought a 35 carbine new last year and its my main NY deer gun.
  8. Remington 7600 Police Patrol Carbine, 308, NIB. This is a fairly rare gun that I bought new. I’m asking $1600 and can meet in North Jersey for a FFL transfer. I don’t need to sell it but would like to get a 300 win for a upcoming moose hunt. 4/7/21 - I need a new turkey gun, I would take $1,000 for this if anyone is interested.
  9. The heritage guild gets 06s in 760/7600 pretty frequently. They have a 760 06 listed online and a 760 308. I've got a couple from them
  10. Yup tried to sell me a 7600 from Texas.. red flags were up right away.
  11. Yeah I’d of grabbed a .35 rem also. I have the 06, 308, and .35 whelen
  12. Do you know which one? I didn’t see anything on hunting PA.
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a 7600 in 243 or 270. Does anyone have one they would part with or know of any used? I'm located in North Jersey. Thanks
  14. Were almost neighbors I'll be in Groveland. Good luck.
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