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  1. Deer-a-thon 12/8

    Would of came up but driving the 2.5hr and a chance of to many no shows was to much to risk. Ext tear
  2. Deer-a-thon 12/8

    And have a gun with you next time!!!!!!
  3. Deer-a-thon 12/8

    How about that drive we did a few years back down the side of the one mountain pushed all those deer Just didn’t it have it set up right the first time
  4. Youth camo wanted

    http://m.dickssportinggoods.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=youth%20camo&origkw=Youth+camo&sr=1 Dicks has great clearance $$$ right now Also have insulated orange jacket for $20
  5. Reminder! Buy 2017 licenses

    License what's that???
  6. Merry Christmas In Haven

    I wanted to call you today to say I love you, but your old number says it is no longer available. I tried the operator. She said, "Sorry, I have no number for you". I tried going to your house, but you don't live there anymore. The post office has no forwarding address. I guess Heaven is just too far away. I love you. I miss you. You are in my heart always. Merry Christmas to all those in Heaven; loved ones gone but not forgotten
  7. Anybody heading out this Afternoon?

    Yep should clear up by 3. Taking my son out with ML. Only 4 days left in our zone
  8. Mossberg 695 bolt action slug gun

    Guy on the other sight selling one for $400firm. Lol
  9. HR 20ga Sling

    What sling do you guys have on yours. Have a browning X Cellerator on it but it's a tad to long hangs a Lil loose. What do you guys/gals use??? Thanks
  10. Cabelas Codes

    Anyone have any codes there not using Please Pm Thanks!!
  11. REMINGTON 870 20 GA W/AMMO

    Drive 10mins west and get it for $229
  12. How long has nj had the youth day hunting days???what year did he state start it? I don't remember it when I was growing up late 1980/1990 Remember it was a junior and senior licenses though.
  13. Anyone Looking Forward To Muzzleloader Season?

    What are your shooting out of your cva???
  14. Anyone Looking Forward To Muzzleloader Season?

    zone 34 as southern as you can get!!
  15. Anyone Looking Forward To Muzzleloader Season?

    Nope F&G cut are zone back. We have 14 days not worth the $$$. Leaves just 2 saturdays to hunt