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  1. Thank you, sir ! And thanks to all who writed a comments here and everyone who watched this video... I trying to post it on big geese hunting sites, but i can not register on them - your country email blocked by admin.. Maybe someone from you can do it and give me a link - i want to know what american hunters thinks about my style of hunting... Also it helps to develop my channel. Thank you friends. Tomorrow i am with my son will go to single journey for trout fishing in absolutely wild place.. i am afraid of bears.. this years we have a hundreds of them on our streets even in towns.. but i think eberything will be fine.
  2. Thank you. For underwater filming i use sony fdr x3000. Also i tie my fishing line to it
  3. Thank for everyone who have watched my movie. If you want -you may share it with friends.. Now i making movie about trout fishing in wild part of Kamchatka ! Soon i will show it tou you. Is english subtitles are ok in my movie ?
  4. Thank you for such kind comment. I will try to show you how beautyfull my Kamchatka is.. Thank you.. i started write subtitles to all my 74 movies.
  5. Thank you for comment ! Here is one of my fishing movies. i has no english subtitles yet, but i will wtite them soon. https://youtu.be/YOk7a37DQ9o
  6. thank you.. Please subscribe on my channel and share movie with you friends if you want. I trying to develop my chanel and show to all people how beautiful my dear Kamchatka. I love this place. Thank you.
  7. Hello again.. yes - they cool, but not enough.. my drone, that cost 1500$ drown while i filming my last movie about crabs fishing in Pacific Ocean Now i have no drone. Waiting for replacement one this is movie about that - but without subtitles.. drone crash - near end. i think you will understand everything in this movie even without subtitles. Crabs fishing and dead of my drone !
  8. Thank you. I have a lot of my fishing and hunting videos on my chanel, but they have not english subtitles yet. I promise - i will write them ! you can share this geese hunting video with your friends on other hunting forums if you like - i have registered only on this forum.. all other geesevhunting forums does not allow user with russian email...
  9. Приветствую ! Спасибо за просмотр ! На канале есть более длинный фильм об этой охоте. Спасибо еще раз !
  10. Thank you for such nice comment ! You look into my heart ! Yes, when i pet suzuki with "well done" words i mean "PLEASE DO NOT DIE !" it was very scare... Okhotsk sea takes a lot of lifes. . 2 minutes in the cold waters man can be alive. As for being alone and who takes pictures from above and on the land where cameras follow me - this is drone dji Mavic2 pro in automatic tracking mode and dji osmo pocket camera in tracking mode... I was alone. and i want to be alone - face to face with wild north. it was a good adventure.. On my chanel there is a full story (26 minutes) of this hunt.. but where is no english subtitles yet.. i will write them.. full story shows little bit more detail thank you ! here is a link.. but as i said there no subtitles yet... Full story of this hunt.. press here.
  11. Hello dear friends. Let me introduce my movie about my goose hunting in Russia this year. It was very hard travel, but i have luck ! VIDE HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES. please let me know what do you think about my hunt in comments. thank you.
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