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  1. Thank you all! My kid and I are both home sick today. Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to do!
  2. Hello all- I was told about this website from njgunforums.com regarding hunting information. I am looking to learn to hunt. My grandfather was an avid hunter and fisherman. My father fished. I always wanted to learn to hunt but never got the chance. The closest I came was having my grandmother hand me her .22 and a box of bullets and telling me to come home with something to cook (which is how she got me out of the house while she watched her soap operas). I’d go out in the woods behind her home and every once in a while manage to dispatch a couple squirrels and occasionally a rabbit. I currently own a 12g single shot and am looking at adding a 20g single shot. I would love to learn how to hunt for turkey, rabbit, squirrel, and pheasant. On one occasion I tagged along on a pheasant hunt (I didn’t get to hunt- just watched) and had an amazing time. im hoping to gain some knowledge here and maybe find out how to get my feet wet in successfully becoming a NJ hunter.
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