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  1. Yep... everyone laughs when I say we have front row seats to the possible fall of our empire if we don’t dig in and right this ship.
  2. I live in NJ and am trying to obtain my hunting license but there are no tests due to Covid19. The online program that I completed is only the written portion of the NJ test. It is my understanding that I still have to take the field day test. It seems that PA’s online test (And 44 other states) covers everything and gets you a hunters license immediately. I guess I’m back to waiting for Murphy to open things back up.
  3. This sounds good- but when I went to the website it said I have to be a resident of PA to take the test.
  4. I took the NJ test on hunterscourse.com and printed out the certificate of completion. So if I take the PA test, I can go to a Walmart to get a NJ license? Could you give me a little more detail on that? Would I have to take a field test in PA?
  5. Howdy all. I’m still waiting to take my practical to get my license. In the meantime I figured I’d look into ammo for turkey and rabbit. I’ve got a Henry single shot 20g for turkey. It comes with a mod rem choke. I’m assuming right off the bat I should look for a full/turkey choke? It seems that TSS shells are highly recommended online. Anyone have any input on them or what you prefer? Midway has them available in 20g in both #7 and #9. As far as rabbit, I’ve got a Henry single shot in 410 that I would love to use. It’s got a full invector choke. Any info you guys may have would be more than welcome re: chokes and shells. Thank you all and hopefully I’ll be able to get out there at some point soon.
  6. Thanks, Roy. I’ve got two estimates coming this week, but I’m going to look into the Adjusters. I listed the job on Home Advisor and got calls from 5 or 6 contractors. Picked the two with the best ratings.
  7. Thanks for the insight. I’ve reached out to a few places close to me. Waiting to hear back from two, the third wants $200 just to come to the house, only reimbursable if I go with him.
  8. Long story short: a defective dishwasher ruined the floors and cabinets in my kitchen. Called GE. They sent a tech out who discovered the dishwasher was dropped on its back and was leaking near the top. Put me in touch with the delivery co who put me in touch with their insurance co. They want estimates for the repairs. I don’t know how much has to be replaced as the laminate flooring is no longer sold in this particular color... same goes for the cabinets. I’m in Freehold if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  9. I’m nowhere’s near full retirement but since losing more coworkers than I can count (including some to Covid) I’m not looking to miss out on my family anymore. I’ve already lost almost a decade and a half. I had to take time off due to remote learning for my daughter and life has been so much better. It has put a lot into perspective. I’ve always been planning my exit strategy, it just seems like that timeline got moved up very quickly. Next will be getting out of this state all together.
  10. Looks like I’m now a retired Railroad Conductor.
  11. Hey Tony- I know it’s not old, but I’ve got a Henry .22 pump action that I’d be willing to sell. If you’re interested, message me. Thanks!
  12. Keeping my fingers crossed! I’m chomping at the bit to be able to shoot clays at Assunpink and hunt for squirrel, rabbit, pheasant, and turkey. I’m spending my time researching hunting laws/etiquette, proper cleaning of aforementioned animals, and use of a box style turkey caller. I want to see if I can find one for cheap and practice while I’m sitting at home. thank you all for your words of encouragement. These two Henry shotguns are itching to get out in the woods!
  13. Nobody that I know with a license... I need to make some friends- lol.
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