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  1. That’s what I was wondering- doesn’t make much sense. I went to Dicks to get a hard copy of the Hunting Digest. No luck. I’ll wait for the new addition to show up and hopefully snag one of those. Until then I’ll go silent on here.
  2. Gotcha. It sounds like I’ll be heading to Assunpink. I’m assuming that they require steel shot for environmental reasons... do you also have to hunt there with non lead shot? Steel shot seems to be more expensive from what I’m looking at online.
  3. They didn’t. Not surprised. I’ll go back this week and ask for one.
  4. Good to know. A couple guys waiting to have their kids tested mentioned the shotgun range was closed. One of the guys administering the tests told him the shotgun ranges were open again. *shrug*
  5. I can understand that. I have no idea how it was allowed to go through but it did.
  6. Not sure how Dicks selling me the wrong thing puts my fellow sportsmen in danger, but thanks. I just figured it was quicker to get an answer here vs searching through the NJ fish & game website. It’s all resolved now.
  7. Not sure what you mean- I have an FID for 20 years or so. Passed the range test. Went to Dicks and was issued a rifle permit. Had to go back and was then issued my hunting license. Originally charged $10.50.
  8. I went back. The kid immediately apologized and told me he was wrong. A couple other guys from the same class I was in went there and they finally figured it out. They credited me the $10.50 towards the license cost.
  9. I just passed my hunter range test and went to Dicks to get my license. The kid behind the counter wasn’t sure how to do it and asked someone else for help. They weren’t sure either. They handed me a green card that says rifle permit- is this my actual license? I’m looking to be able to shoot clays at Colliers Mills to practice and when I’m proficient head out for pheasant, rabbit, and turkey during their respective seasons. Here’s a photo of what I got today:
  10. And I’m booked for my range day! Nothing like a little sunshine in what has felt like a hurricane.
  11. Thank you. He’s stable but suffered significant brain damage (this happened a year and a half ago). He’s in long term care and I’m paying his bills and overseeing his care. He contracted Covid but managed to pull through. It’s been a rough ride and I suspect it will be like this for the remainder of his days so I’m really trying to streamline my life to make myself available to him. Sorry for the story but I don’t get out much these days. Lol
  12. I bought these off of eBay for my 21A Bobcat but after putting them on realized I like the plastic grips better. I got them a while ago for $45. The only other set I could find like these went for $61. I’d like to see these go to someone local who could use them. I think $30 is a very fair price. they have a bit of wear but no cracks, chips, or structural issues. I would normally just hold on to something like this but now that I’m caring for my brother (he suffered a major stroke) I’m trying to sell anything I have that’s not a necessity. I’m getting the ball rolling with this listi
  13. Yep... everyone laughs when I say we have front row seats to the possible fall of our empire if we don’t dig in and right this ship.
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