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  1. I honestly don't feed prior to hunting. Im always afraid that a heavy full stomach prior to running can cause Colic She gets her normal amount at night then she gets a small handful as a midnight snack as she has a sensitive stomach and always needs to have a little something in there. Then I either bring food with me or just feed her when we get home. Were usually back home by 9-9:30 anyways
  2. YES! The rooster we put up was a heavy little bugger Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. We got one today with a group of 4. Shot a few more but other hunters took them as their own. Price you pay for opening day on public. All in all it was a good time. Good work by my girl June, got my buddy his first ever rooster that 6 people and 2 dogs walked right past. He’s getting it mounted as it was a gorgeous bird. Definitely a good time and surprisingly not a TON of people this year. Maybe the cold kept them at bay. How did everyone else do? Let’s here it? We were over in walpack area. Where were you guys??? Picture is of my buddy with my dog and his first bird. Even tho we all didn’t fill our bags I’m glad I was able to get a good friend a memorable bird. That what it’s about for sure! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you, that is definitely the response I was Looking for! Definitely going to try that spot out as its only 20 minutes or so from my house. Hopefully that spot isn't super over crowded.
  5. Oh yes many many times, just looking to broaden my horizon on local spots. Walpack and Flatbrook have got to be the most popular spots in the northern area, so I tend to stay away from them as much as possible unless its an afternoon during the week.
  6. Does Anyone know if they stock the fields over by the Paxono Boat Ramp down past Millbrook? Took a drive out there Sunday Afternoon just to see if it was standing crop or not, but wasn't sure how to even access the fields since their was a locked gate and no parking signs all along the road. According to the state stocking map for Delaware South it says they stock, but how do you get to those fields. Thought for sure the gate would be open being that youth started this past weekend. Anyone have any input on that area? Looking to start going to different areas of the Delaware since its usually all I ever hunt.
  7. I swear I caught lungs. From 40 yards looked like a perfect shot, but she dropped jusssst enough.
  8. I Hit a Doe last year in that void. Perfect clean pass through, one little spray of blood then nothing. Waited about 2-3 hours and started tracking. Bumped her out about 250 yards from the shot. Saw the hole that was just a tad high. Saw her a few times after that as well from a distance. She healed up just fine.
  9. Well June and I got out on Saturday for the Pheasant Opener in PA. Man what an Experience! The shots were mayhem for the 2 1/2 hours we were there. We were able to get 1 as June was a little slow to turn the switch on. Could have definitely limited out, but we were ready to get out of there. We were very overwhelmed with the amount of shots going off in each and every direction, but I must say there were birds EVERYWHERE. PA did a fantastic job at stocking and getting those birds all over the field. This was our first time hunting the PA opener, so we went to the "model airplane" field right over the Milford bridge. Great cover, very well maintained. There were some areas where the cover was quite high, but overall very impressed. I must say I enjoyed that much more then hunting the NJ side, even tho it was still a warzone!
  10. Congratulations! That is an amazing deer!
  11. Just excited to get out into the field and let her run a little bit. Get that fire lit back up in her. Definitely planning a hunt over at Indian Creek sometime this year. For the money I believe it is well worth it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Taking June my GSP out Saturday morning to see if she can get some points in to fresh her up a bit on some of these state stocked Chukars. Anyone else going out or have been out? Has anyone been seeing anything? Going out next weekend for the PA pheasant opener as well. Can't wait! Bird season is one of my favorite Seasons!!
  13. This has to be Gary Malzone's place at Indian creek Kennels. Awesome vid! Thinking about booking a hunt there this year!
  14. I would be interested in this for hunting ducks and geese. So many farms in the northern part of NJ here, all already have gun clubs and won't allow someone like me to hunt geese from their ponds or cut corn fields.
  15. I have a great GSP that always gets my buddies and I on birds. Last year was terrible, We put up total 5 birds all season, but I"ll never complain about the price of the pheasant stamp as ill just spend that money on something dumb anyways. Ill continue to hunt pheasants as long as there is birds to hunt. I Will however complain about the stocking process which I whole heartily believe is the source of the problem. The dropping of the birds in the parking lot has to stop. Its absolutely ridiculous. They need to drive or walk out to the fields and throw the birds around. There is way to many pop shots right at first shooting light by people who aren't running dogs that are killing birds on the ground and out of the trees right in the parking lot. Frustrating to say the least. I exclusively hunt the water gap and I know everyone has been saying they stock more birds there, but unless something changes this year, I have failed to see it.
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