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  1. Every single day i realize more and more that you really can’t underestimate how many inconsiderate, lazy, and just straight up stupid people there are out there…….especially in this state
  2. This doe i seen had four, pic is from 2019, but most fawns I ever seen with a doe
  3. anyone ever hunt elk in Colorado on a OTC rifle tag? if so what unit and how was the hunt. Not looking for any specific heavy details just kinda getting the ball rolling on a future hunt. I Just been checking out units for thier public land and tag availability. I know there’s websites and companies to answer success rates and whatnot so that’s not what I’m asking. I was just seeing if anyone here had any good/bad experiences in what units. Thanks in advance guys
  4. Where are you located ? Interested in the gander mtn bib
  5. Echoing a few guys here but it’s always great when a few chickadees curiously come visit you in your stand or on the ground
  6. Two jungle gyms about 25-30 yards apart from eachother at a park and the edge of the park was lined with crab apple trees, one team would man each fort and we’d whip the collected crab apples at eachother, it wasn’t fun to get hit lol
  7. Dietrichs is absolutely a must stop if going to cabelas.
  8. Wow I totally missed the Cubs in the pic lol
  9. Good luck , I hope we get a follow up story of success in finding it. Even if not personally knowing you or most the guys here it’s cool to hear this kind of stuff I hope you find them.
  10. That’s great someone get him a beer
  11. james7

    U.S. Military Ad !

    I’m out of popcorn
  12. james7

    Good book

    I’ll have to check some of those out
  13. james7

    Good book

    With my long commute I agree audiobookS have been awesome way to make driving time “productive” in a way. “Read” this one not too long ago it’s an amazing story to say the least
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