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  1. I have a ceramic coated cast iron Dutch oven for roasts it is great that’s a le crueset, I cook everything on my lodge iron skillets love them, just rub some olive oil after I rinse it, just recently bought a stainless steel chain mail type “rag” to clean it much better than the plastic scraper lodge makes for them.
  2. james7

    Animal Id?

    That was my first guess too
  3. Good day finding sheds at work, 5 total, gave one to a coworker
  4. I just bought “eufy” indoor security cameras and so far they are great, they make outdoor ones too but I can’t speak on them
  5. Possibly a big bird taking off , vulture or eagle or hawk or probably a mountain lion
  6. That’s the ultimate Jersey hunter comes home drunk meal if I’ve ever seen one 👍🏻
  7. Welcome aboard, I’m also an “adult onset” hunter. Although I’m not much help with your original post since I’m way too far, I just wanted to say you’ll have fun figuring it out on your own. As much as it’s nice to have someone take you under thier wing, I’ve found that I have enjoyed hunting way more as I’m figuring out in these first couple seasons. Books, magazines, YouTube etc can help you out too but none as much as putting time out in the woods and water. Do yourself a favor and buy the “onX” app and pick up the NJ DFW Hunting Digest and find places to hunt and be sure of the regs. Good l
  8. I get rules are rules and 8 am means 8am, Most parks are sunrise to sundown and 7am is currently after sunrise but I can’t imagine riding so high on that state park police high horse that he needed to curse at you for going fishing lmao just seems so typical New Jersey
  9. I don’t think it’s meaningless , fuel was more money in 2012 than it is now, plus my car came from around the world not halfway across the country... I’d say 1700$ sounds high but those charges pay my bills so I guess i don’t want anyone bitching about the high costs LOL , I’m literally delivering fords to the port as we speak
  10. I think Shipping charges can be the buyers first jab when haggling price
  11. Yeah agreed 1700 is ridiculously high, i factory ordered a Subaru from Japan in 2012 and it was 900$ To ship haha, 1700$ for a truck built in Michigan sounds crazy...maybe it’s all those foreign parts Ford uses smh
  12. How much would you want for those
  13. I may be interested in this lot if you decide to sell
  14. Thanks, im not interested in any lot that big but I’ll ask my Buddy
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