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  1. Just got it to work on my phone, wasn’t working on the desktop
  2. Anyone having any problems with the aspira website with their turkey lotto permit? Called and spoke with a woman and she said it’s been a problem they’re trying to fix it, wondering if anyone got theirs through.
  3. I got some insulated xtratufs beat the hell out of them in the woods and fields for two seasons now, warm/comfortable and well made
  4. I use the energizer rechargeables in all my cams been running since them since June/July, hundreds of videos and none of them are dead yet. The base is only about 20$ and I think I mighta paid 8-10$ per 4 pack of the AA’s not expensive and so far I have no complaints. I’d definitely recommend.
  5. Real interested looks real nice , any info phone # or website on the guy would be appreciated thanks
  6. Thanks for the responses guys nice looking setups, keep em comin
  7. In the market for a muzzleloader, just wanted to hear what everyone is runnin for their muzzleloader setup & bullet choice, thanks
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