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  1. Thanks for all the replies. One thing I’d like to clarify - I live in Bergen County but I’m willing to travel most places in NJ north of exit 7 on the turnpike and out to maybe PA - like an hour and a half from where I am - so Passaic, warren, Sussex, Morris, hunterdon, middlesex. Also: I didn’t come from a from a family that hunts - so I don’t really have any resources as far as asking others - plus I live in SE Bergen county - so it’s pretty urban- these conversations don’t go far. So again any advice/tips are appreciated.
  2. Yeah - basically. I just feel that if I'm out there, get luck and am able to harvest a deer - the least I can do is make sure I can properly eat it, and not waste it all. I know there is an apprentice license out there. (sorry for the delay in responding BTW)
  3. Thanks for the advise on those locations. I’ll check them out.
  4. Yes I’m real. But I was having issues logging into the site before. Also I didn’t have my notifications on before so I kept checking my email but thought no one responded. To reply: I’m 37, I live in Bergen county, I wanted to use a shotgun (note I don’t have one...this is something I’m trying to work out with the wife lol). I do have a firearms permit though. My hope was to try this out with the apprentice license. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it. I hope that provides some insight.
  5. Does anyone know of a someone who would be willing to take me on a first deer hunt? I can pay for reasonable expenses. I’m looking to do shotgun for deer. Specifically: I’m more interested in how to find dress the deer and responsibly hunt. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who would be, please reply or message me. Thank you!
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