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  1. Don't think it's considered a song bird, but I heard my first whippoorwill in about 25 yrs turkey hunting this year. Wonder what happened to them all.
  2. It's D week, you can hunt till sundown. If they have been roosting in the same spot a few days in a row, go in later in the day and wait for him to come back to roost. If it don't work out, at least you will know where he is in the morning.
  3. I say big buck mink. A fisher has a tail as long as it's body, and are a lot darker.
  4. Just got back from Ocracoke Island in OBX week and a half ago. It was slow for us. The redheads and pintails are there, just not many. Plenty of buffleheads though. We did go inland and got drawn for swans. We all connected on them. Good luck, hopefully this cold weather will push some down there for you.
  5. I don"t think it would happen either. States like Pennsylvania, I believe, the coyote is in the Varmint category. So they have a year round season. N.J. the coyote is falling under a game animal/fur bearer. That is why you have to get a permit to hunt them. The state is trying too see what kind of population is out there, that is why you have to call in every coyote you get. But we all know, there are a lot of them out there.
  6. Not saying snares don't work, or are not easier to use, just saying our tools have been taken away making it harder to get things under control.
  7. Neither does a snare. But it's just another way to hobble us from doing our job.
  8. You are also right. But it was not anties so much as it was our fellow sportsman also. Snares are a great tool, but it is like taking the hammer away from the carpenter. You just can't do an efficient job.
  9. Trappers could knock the hell out of them if they gave us our tools back. Namely the foot hold.
  10. I have lived in Washington twp for 35 yrs. Has not changed much, other than building/ new construction. It's not a bad place, the worst things that happened over the 35 yrs since I've been there is I've had a deer and tree stand stolen out of my carport, and a few years back, had my tires slashed, along with about 20 other people in the neighborhood. I guess that's not too bad for that amount of time. Lol.
  11. I will also be heading to Maine in a couple weeks. I usually run a trap line for fisher and marten, and hunt at the same time. Put miles on every day, but every day is a new adventure.
  12. Love Krings Point. Been going there since I was a kid. We stayed in camp site #35 last year for a week. Was hot fishing during the day. Didn't get any pike though, all smallies.
  13. Looks like you need more traps. Lol. Is that the only spot or is it new?
  14. Looks like a great trip! Nice pictures. Hey, I was the next guy in line at the sport shop the other day when you were getting your turkey supplies. I would have said "hey" but you looked like you were on a mission. Lol. Again, nice pictures.
  15. This year, you will be able to put a reserve or sale limit on your furs at space farm. You have to tell us you want this done when you show up with your furs. Your furs will then be graded and and a price will be agreed upon. If you do this, you have to be at the auction the following day to take your furs if the reserve is not met. If you do not agree on the price, you can take your furs then. It all boils down to what the buyers are going to pay, especially in a market were no one is buying. It's going to be a roller coaster this year. Anyone who sells at the auction, the checks will b
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