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  1. Looks like you need more traps. Lol. Is that the only spot or is it new?
  2. Looks like a great trip! Nice pictures. Hey, I was the next guy in line at the sport shop the other day when you were getting your turkey supplies. I would have said "hey" but you looked like you were on a mission. Lol. Again, nice pictures.
  3. This year, you will be able to put a reserve or sale limit on your furs at space farm. You have to tell us you want this done when you show up with your furs. Your furs will then be graded and and a price will be agreed upon. If you do this, you have to be at the auction the following day to take your furs if the reserve is not met. If you do not agree on the price, you can take your furs then. It all boils down to what the buyers are going to pay, especially in a market were no one is buying. It's going to be a roller coaster this year. Anyone who sells at the auction, the checks will be cut the following Wed, once the buyers checks clear.
  4. Geez, that is one ugly grinner in that second photo. LOL. With that deer in the picture, that is one good reason to set the ends of a cross over log not in the middle.
  5. It was bad. Whole river was slicked up. Stunk to high heaven.
  6. Kype, those beaver would start re-building that dam that night. and it would be back to the way it was in a couple days. The beaver have to be removed or they will not stop building. They maintain the water level to their liking and survival. Besides food, it's one of the most important things to them.
  7. Hey RG, just put a few small holes in the bottom of that boat, that "ought to let some of the water out. LoL. Good job on the beaver!
  8. Yes I do. That deer was a tank. He mounted up great. We shipped the head to him, I beleive Texas is were he was relocated to.
  9. Mac, I don't know if you were at the the luncheon on the 12th, I didn't get a chance to meet you. I donated the mounts to the soldiers that killed bucks last year. It's a great thing that Ryan and Vince are doing. Too bad they didn't get the opportunity to take any bucks this year, but thanks to guys like you, Home Depot, and others, it's the least we can do to show our support for what they have done for us. It was a good luncheon with good people.
  10. Good luck guys, try to make it happen!
  11. Went over to Pennsy this morning, not having a clue were any birds were. usually I have them all scouted out, so I rolled in to my spot about 4:45, rolled down my windows in the truck, and drank my coffee thinking on what to do. I figured it was going to be more of a scouting mission than hunting. As it started to get light, not more than 100 yrds from the truck a bird started gobblin". I quick got my stuff on and headed towards the bird. I got about 40 yrds to his roost and sat down. I started giving some soft tree yelps with some clucks and he went nuts. At this point I just let him stew awhile. Soon as it got light enough for him to see the ground, I saw him pitch off the roost and he was gliding right at me. Holy cow, at about 10 ft he was swaying side to side trying to stop himself, when he made a hard left and glided about 20yrds and crash landed in a ball, only to finish up in a full strut. I already had my gun up when I saw him pitch off and waited for him to strut out from behind a tree. Nothing left but writting out the tag. He had a 9in beard with 1in. spurs and weighed about 19-20 lbs.
  12. Thanks guys. He was just a smart old bird. Was already henned up from day one. He would gobble his head off on the roost, answer you all day long, but never come in. If you did not come to him, he would just walk away. This was a state land bird and had a lot of other guys trying to get him also. After a week and a half of trying to figure this bird out when calling would not work, I anticipated the area he was going to and just got ahead of him and waited quietly. worked like a charm. It was a hard week of hunting, just for one single bird, but it was a fun hunt to finally be successful. He was 21lbs 7in. beard, and 1in well rounded spurs from living in a rocky area. Oh and BHC, that is an old Stevens model 67. A Kmart special I got for Christmas about 30 years ago. Killed a lot of stuff with that gun.
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