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  1. YES! Was big but NOT 92. I know because I CAUGHT THE FISH IN THE PICTURE. https://youtu.be/HFnLkDXZodA
  2. I actually tried to contact him 3 times before I posted anything about it. I wanted to give him a chance to fix it, but never heard from him. I really think it was an honest mistake, several people questioned the picture in his video comments and he says that DNR insists it’s the right pic. Hopefully he answers my messages.
  3. This was a mistake, that fish was caught on my Boat by Tommy Adamski Here is the video of that fish being caught on rod and reel
  4. That’s a mistake. My buddy caught that fish on my boat in 2011. It’s NOT 92 lbs Here is the video https://youtu.be/6_-zEj3hjvw Mike Smedley Team Old School
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