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  1. No as long as the same person who drops it off picks it up but if the gun is kept for more than one day it has to be recorded in the gunsmiths acquisition and disposition records. That's a record kept by the gunsmith.
  2. NJDFW can look up your previous permits and licenses. There is a form that you have to fill out at the bottom of this page.... https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/hntedupe.htm If you purchase the rifle permit now it will expire in June or July so you will have to purchase another permit to use it in the upcoming muzzleloader season.
  3. There are three over the counter covid test kits that I know of, none have fda approval. They have emergency use authorization. None of them are meant to diagnose acute COVID-19 infection or test the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccination. CVS is pushing the tests to paranoid types due to greed.
  4. It says 54,980 were harvested. That's the most taken since 2010 when 55,404 were harvested. It's the most harvested since 2010. Between 2010 and 2019 less were harvested. Is there another way to say it?
  5. From FW Council Minutes... Wildlife Management: Chief Stanko reported deer season closed on February 20 with preliminary numbers at 54,980 deer, which is up 20% over last year’s number of 45,650 deer. We are up 9,330 deer from last year and this is our highest harvest since 2010 when we took 55,404 deer. The weather and Covid contributed to the increase in deer harvests. The Game Code is going through the process and as of right now the adoption document is in attorney review and we should be finishing up in the next week and hopefully going on to the Commissioner’s office. Part of the
  6. Governor Murphy has declared that the bear hunt is over. Sparta’s representatives in the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly disagree with his position. Where does the public stand on the issue? https://www.tapinto.net/towns/sparta/sections/government/articles/what-do-you-think-of-the-new-jersey-bear-hunt
  7. The elected dems make a habbit of making fools out of the fools who blindly believe and repeat their bs. Trump on the other hand has the sense to call BS when the dem bs is thrown out there to the fools. The funny thing is that the libs never get it! They are made fools over and over and over again. Real bright bunch! Lol!
  8. https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2020/Bills/A1500/1280_I1.HTM
  9. It's in the Bill. "All" would include 12, 16 and 20 gauge shotguns too but they are also excluded. It's for center fire cartridges and anything with a projectile that attains a muzzle energy of 12,000 foot-pounds or greater
  10. Don't forget HR 1 and ending the filibuster.
  11. The covid disease spreading illegals crossing our borders are going to love that! They can get drivers licenses here too!
  12. Can vaccinated spread covid... https://www.google.com/search?q=can+vaccinated+covid+spread+to+others&oq=can+vaccinated+covid+spread+to+others&aqs=chrome..69i57.14863j0j7&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  13. COVID-19 death rates were highest among adults aged ≥85 years, AI/AN and Hispanic persons, and males. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7014e1.htm In 2019, life expectancy was 78.8 years for the total U.S. The current federal cigarette tax is $1.01 per pack. The average state cigarette tax is $1.91 per pack. Approximately 862,320 abortions were performed in 2017. 2019 Deaths... Heart disease: 659,041 Cancer: 599,601
  14. Thats as of now assuming the numbers are correct. It doesnt include deaths or issues a year, 2 years, 5 years from now.
  15. I said nothing, I simply copy pasted a quote from the CDC. That's misinformation? Yes and since this covid crap started I've seen way to many doctors, coroner's and such stating a slew of people who had covid listed as the cause of death died from something else. Gunshot victims, people falling down steps, auto accidents, ect all were counted as covid deaths because they tested positive for covid but clearly died from other causes.
  16. Those number were from December 14 thru January 13, one month. Its April 13th now, three months later.
  17. During December 14, 2020–January 13, 2021, a total of 13,794,904 COVID-19 vaccine doses were administered in the United States; 8,436,863 (61.2%) doses were administered to women. VAERS received 6,994 reports of COVID-19–associated adverse events during this period. Among all reports, 6,354 (90.8%) were classified as nonserious and 640 (9.2%) as serious, including 113 (1.6%) deaths. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7008e3.htm
  18. There has been so much evidence from so many different States that it's absurd that nothing has been done. Obama's admin corrupted every aspect of the federal gov.
  19. Wow Forbes publishing something truthful. I assumed that The Great One Trump would take a hit financially while Making America Great Again but I didn't think it would be so much. So much for the lib fake news BS that was believed by fools for years. Another lib talking point GONE!
  20. Bozo Joe is doing the same as Obama. Defund the military and make us weak again. China has been and still is building up their military. We are screwed! This is an article about the Russian torpedo.... https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2021/01/russias-poseidon-nuclear-torpedo-base-to-be-ready-by-summer-2022/
  21. I'm pretty sure there are laws about illegals and guns, they can't have guns. If bozo Joe gets any of his gun control nonsense passed the illegals will probably be exempt.
  22. The illegal Mexicans have been freshwater fishing without licenses and keeping practially everything they catch saltwater fishing in Cape May County for over 20 years. I've seen them with 5 gallon buckets of bluegill, strikers flounder and whatever they catch. Diapers, bottles, trash are common. They are always in the same places. No way that law enforcement doesn't know about it but like Lunatic said law enforcement does nothing it's a waste of their time. They write violations that are ignored by the violators. You would have to be a nutty professor who thinks he's a scientist
  23. Amazon paid almost $ 300 million in State taxes and about $2.5 billion worth of payroll taxes. Their billion in federal taxes are deferred meaning they will be paid at a later date.
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