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  1. I like the 2 pics where the deer are looking at the posted signs. Probably making sure they aren't on State ground and are safe from the large majority of hunters.
  2. That's an easy shot as is but I would have probably shot before he got there or as he passed by. He surely wouldn't have smelled me but would probably be coming in due to the scents.
  3. Sorry! Bouncing pages clicked wrong link
  4. Unbelievable! See the screenshot of your post. SMH
  5. A human hair is about 70 microns. Split it into 10 strands = 7 microns. No mask is 100% against covid. It can get thru a n95 mask.
  6. Maybe not but anyone can try it for themself if they want they don't need to be discouraged by those who don't believe it and never tried it. I didn't buy quart bottles to try it out I bought small bottles from shoprite. I bought quart bottles because it worked.
  7. You didnt get it again... How would you know if my mature deer were taken with or without it? Or if I took a pic from the internet?
  8. I shot plenty of nice and inferior bucks long before I tried overwealming a deers sense of smell. What good are pics? Its obvious by the pics I posted that the aroma attracts deer if they get downwind of it it is all they can smell!
  9. I give an on topic truthful reply, show pics of some of what I use, post pics of deer attracted to it, it's logical, common sense backed by science but if a mods who never tried it don't believe it and throw insults at me I'm trolling?
  10. Gezzzz... If I said those things I would be banned. Let me see if I'm comprehending. If you don't do something that someone else does and dont believe it works even though you never tried it and it logical and common sense they get called trolls? And of course the other insults.
  11. Were they residential areas with funnels? Any from State land where there aren't houses nothing but woods?
  12. What did you say about learning how to read or comprehend what I read? I already said in this thread that I don't bait deer and I never said that I bait turkey. I hunt you bait. Two different things! And to think that I was going to post about my numerous Crystal fishing lures. Nothing flashes and has the action of my various Crystal lures. I do occasionally bait when fishing though.
  13. I did better than that. I posted pics of deer at the scents with me on the ground 10-15 feet away from the closest deer.
  14. It was a simple question... Do you bait?
  15. What's good advice? Getting down and going to another stand? Do you bait?
  16. That's pathetic! I have no need or desire to post pics. I don't need to be patted on the back.
  17. That's why I said "Usually" What do you do when the wind changes get down from your stand and run to another stand? As the sun rises cold air sinks then as it warms up it rises, it swirls, ect. The wind constantly changes. Or do you have a cable setup so you can fly from stand to stand As the wind changes?
  18. Honest is the key word and the reason why I won't post pics. You and others will call BS. It would also upset you being that I hunt State land, not residential deer that see, hear and smell people regularly. You don't believe a logical common sense method to cover your odor plus attract deer and you are going to believe pics?
  19. Try reading what I posted and look for "usually" Usually because...
  20. I've given the OP the best advice in this thread, something that I know works. You have been sucked into every scent control gimmick known to mankind and it has done nothing for you. You have never tried what I do so you can't say it doesn't work.
  21. Ok you keep doing what you know doesn't work and I will keep doing what I know works. I also hunt from the ground. Winds change constantly based on rising and lowering temperatures, obstacles openings, hills, gullies, ect. I overpower their sense of smell so they don't smell me. Trying to play the wind is usually worthless but fooling a deer nose isn't.
  22. He posted a paragraph full of equipment and things that he does for scent control and then makes a statement that everyone knows you can't fool a deer nose. Does anything else need to be said?
  23. Each of the six smells give off way more oder than the natural smells and mine. Is it really that hard for you to figure that out?
  24. Cut me a break! The deer smell the max that they can simultaneously smell, the 6 strong, pleasant smelling extracts. All of which give off a hell of a lot more odor than I do.
  25. I'm old but I always try out different methods to see if any work. If you want to keep doing what get you busted every time go right ahead but dont critisize me for doing something that works!
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