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  1. That sounds like a plan but remember all sorts of critters will move whatever bait within the 300' mark. A bowhunter near my turkey spot uses whole cobs of corn. I actually found one about 1000 feet away. Try making dust bath bowls based on your 4 of them. I do it. I put them 100' away. 4 of them in an X with me in the middle. It works! Thanks! And Good Luck!
  2. I would love to know where you got that information. Can you lost anything to prove that claim as I have done every step of the way?
  3. Ok so when you said ... "the Chief of Law Enforcement saw fit to end the program" You meant to say that the Chief LEO fired volunteers? I don't think fired is the correct word to use. Deputies are appointed not hired.
  4. Ok thanks! They may not have any right at this moment but if they want to appoint any deputy wardens they can.
  5. I don't understand what you posted. This screenshot is the law. The deputy warden issue is not a program. They can choose to not appoint a deputy and they can choose to appoint a deputy. It's not a program that was cancelled as stated.
  6. Thus is from the NJ Conservation Officers Association website. NEW JERSEY CONSERVATION OFFICERS ASSOCIATION CONSTITUTION: 1. The name of the Association is "New Jersey Conservation Officers Association". 2. The objectives of the Association are: (a) To maintain as association of Conservation Officers who are of full time, deputy, retired full time or retired deputy status within the State of New Jersey.
  7. This post makes no sense at all. The deputy warden issue is not a program it's a law/statute. You said "only the Director who is recommended by the Fish & Game Council is seated by the Governor" and I showed that you were wrong. That the council is appointed by the governor. Yes I fed the turkeys thru the winter before the season started. I stopped feeding before the season started when the plants started to green up. It's not bait it's feed before the season.
  8. Yes... It was claimed that the program ended years ago. The deputy warden appointment is specified in State Statutes it is not a program that an AG can cancel.
  9. The chief of law enforcement ended a program that is specified in a State Statute? In other words our legislators made a law to create a program and appoint deputy wardens and a chief rescinded the law? Yea ok.
  10. No what you said is quoted above and I showed that you were wrong. The Council is appointed. As far as the deputy warden program ending years ago these quotes are from a 2018 Bill that you can read at https://legiscan.com/NJ/text/S2511/id/1782459 6. R.S.23:2-11 is amended to read as follows: 23:2-11. The deputy conservation police officers shall have the power and authority of conservation police officers to enforce Title 23 and the Fish and Game Code, and shall be subject to the regulations provided by law for the enforcement of the Title and Code, but shall receive no salary or other compensation from the State for the performance of duties of law enforcement. Search the page the 2018 Bill mentions deputies numerous times. I'm a hot mess? So far everything that you have said has been proven incorrect.
  11. I write like I talk. When I said 'some who don't get paid" to me that means they are volunteer wardens who don't get paid. I didn't have the statute in front of me I wasn't sure what their title is so I didn't put it. But I did know that their are wardens who do not get paid because I read the laws. I read all of them long before my problem. I had the turkey bait law that allows hunting turkey from the ground near bait in my bag along with other laws and things that are in my petition. When the warden showed up while checking my license and shells he asked where's the bait. I said there is no bait, He said if he finds it that I will get a violation. I said if he finds any it's not mine and that I would fight it because baiting when hunting from the ground is legal. He said that he could show me that im wrong. I said I can show you that you are wrong I have the papers printed in my bag. He wouldnt look at them, He said you have a brown bag folded behind the drivers seat. I said yes I do! Its an empty bag of wild bird seed. Ive been feeding the turkeys all winter because of the acorn crop failure want to see where? When I shoot a turkey I put it in a bag instead of just putting it in the bed of the pickup so anti hunters don't see it. I showed him where I fed them all winter, by GPS it's 1200 feet away from where I was setup. He asked if my gun was loaded when I went in to setup. I said no it wasnt, then he says that he could have fined me because i was within 300' of the bait when I walked in. The road I walk is about 5o yards from the feed area. First thing I did when I got home was look up the regulation. The Regulation is a weapon of any mind it says nothing about a loaded weapon! I guess the warden didn't know that or he would have violated me. Sound reasonable? Reasonable one of the requirements to make a regulation? I wouldn't call what I posted animosity. I call It facts and the truth. Yes interpretations. All that they need to do and had 60 days to do it was do as they said they would. Show me a law that can be interpreted to say that hunting turkeys from the ground over bait is not allowed. They didn't because they can't. The Regulation should be repealed because of that one fact. I didn't really even need any other of the numerous other facts that are in my petition. That one fact is enough. Someone else posted something about no one here posting about being busted near a bow hunters bait. I'm sure there are people here that bait spring and fall and some who have been fined for baiting but they sure aren't going to talk about it here! Even now that they know that it is not against the law that rules over the regulation that says you can't. Read thru the council's minutes and se how many times that talk amount the number of fines for baiting. Some of them must be on this forum.
  12. Deputy game wardens are appointed. I responded to the claim that there are 0 game wardens who are not paid. Deputy game wardens are game wardens who are not paid.
  13. I've provided verifiable proof of everything that I've said but you continue to say otherwise. Now I will now provide more about salaries and appointments to show that you are wrong.
  14. I guess the blocking feature isn't working?
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