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  1. I havent tried them yet. I think they will work but who knows until I try them out?
  2. Hi All! Do any of you make your own lures? I always felt that commercially made lures do not flash enough so I made some lures with Swarovski Crystals. Crystal lures provide a brilliant, shine and a sharp, bright flash of the 7 colors of a rainbow in all directions. Fish can see them from much farther away than conventional lures. I made a video of a few of my homemade lures. It's hard to capture the flash but you can see the reflections of the flashes on the blue background. It's best if you watch it Full Screen!
  3. Put a broken or cheap camera in plain sight and your real camera higher up and pointing at the spot that you want to see and at the broken camera. You will get the pics that you want and pics of any thieves who steal the broken camera.
  4. These are from my trail cam. I used a video editing program to zoom in on the coyote. YouTube coyote vid...
  5. There is a law against them doing that. The law is in my petition. The last paragraph in the first screenshot and the first and last paragraph in the second screenshot. Keep in mind that none of these issues were discussed at the council meeting nor were they mentioned in their denial notice. They were completely ignored by the council as were most all of the other laws and facts in the petition. yes it is easier for the unethical council to make regulations than to have our elected legislators pass laws. It's also easier to shoot a turkey over bait. In both cases there are laws. The Council has ignored a multitude of laws when they made the regulation. The law rules over regulations. The law says that it is legal to hunt turkeys over bait as long as you are not elevated in a tree or in a structure of any kind.
  6. If any of you disagree just pay the fine! After paying the fine how comfortable will you be when hunting turkey knowing that if someone baited within 300' of your location and a warden shows up that you will pay another fine and months later get a letter notifying you that your hunting privileges have been revoked. Of course you can also choose to search a 6.5 acres area around where you hunt before hunting to make sure there is no bait.
  7. The laws says that you can bait if hunting from. The ground, the regulation says that you can not. The law rules! Not to mention the multitude of other laws that were violated to make the regulation.
  8. Piss on this. The second/middle screenshot is from a NJ Court Decision.
  9. That's the only one! There is a law that forbids baiting waterfowl. There is a law that forbids feeding bears. There is a law that allows baiting deer while elevated or within a structure or from the ground with the bait any distance.
  10. If I was as dictator on the FG Council I wouldn't allow baiting for any species. That's what they should do. Get the legislators to lass a law like the federal wildlife refuge law. Not only is it forbidden to bait you can't even possess bait on reserve property.
  11. There is no law that forbids hunting turkey within 300' of bait if you are hunting from the ground. If there was such a law many would bait anyway.
  12. What law? I posted a screenshot of the law. If you sit on a pile of corn while hunting game birds aka turkey you are not violating the law.
  13. Correct again! A regulation is supposed to be an interpretation of a law. There is a law that says that you must be at least 300' from bait if elevated in a tree or in a structure of any kind. There is a law that you can not hunt waterfowl over bait, there is a law (That fish and wildlife ignores) that you can not feed bear, there is no law that says that you can not be within 300' of bait when hunting from the ground
  14. Yes being that the petition process doesn't work. It's a good thing that criminals are not their own judges as no one would be in prison.
  15. You are correct! The law is the law and the law says it is not a violation to be any distance from a baited area if you are not in a tree or structure of any kind. It is the regulation that was not made according to the laws that is the problem.
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