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  1. It can be good or bad. Social media was the beginning of the end of bear hunting in NJ when pedals was killed by a hunter.
  2. He can cancel hunting and fishing but he won't. The State gets a whole lot of sales tax from sales of hunting and fishing products.
  3. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/environment/2020/12/01/dep-commissioner-catherine-mccabe-retire/6475547002/ One of the people on the FW Council said the commissioner has never even read the black bear policy. https://www.njherald.com/story/news/2021/07/21/nj-bear-hunt-2021-division-of-fish-and-game/8044391002/
  4. On January 12th the FW Council voted on and approved the CBBMP. On Jan 16th Murphy appointed an acting commissioner of the DEP who is required to approve and sign off on the CBBMP. He was made the official Commissioner in June. He never signed the CBBMP. That's not what I believe that's a fact!
  5. The DEP Commissioner has to sign off on the FW Councils CBBMP in time to go thru the APA process. The Commissioner never signed off. If he signed off now there would not be time to go thru the APA process in time to have a bear hunt. Not having a CBBMP affects more than hunting it affects every aspect of bear management.
  6. The F W Council approved the new CBBMP months ago. They knew when they voted for and passed it that there wouldnt be a bear hunting season this year they just didn't mention it. Hunters shot a bear people named Pedals. It walked on its hind legs becauae of a missing paw or paws or something else was wrong. People were outraged! Murphy is kissing butt.
  7. This is the LAW ON baiting. https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2020/title-23/section-23-4-24-2/ Keep in mind that LAWS passed by elected legislators rule over conflicting REGULATIONS passed by the Fish Wildlife council. It's basic legal hierarchy. Legal hierarchy is the reason why the feds can still bust you for marijuana in a State where marijuana is legal.
  8. Look at the other side of the coin. Of the 590,000 or so who they claimed died from covid 474,000 were near or above the average life expectancy. About 123,000 were below average life expentancy. The Gov has given billions of taxpayer dollars to the companies making the vaccines. Moderna who has ZERO approved drugs was given $1.5 BILLION for their initial 100 million doses. It seems the Gov has some politicians getting rich on vaccines. They are pushing vaccines for dollars not to protect us.
  9. Coyote season is about five and a half months long. It starts around the beginning of October thru March 15th.
  10. Some brewer! Lol! There are lots of different grains that can be used in combinations to make beer not just barley. All of which are eaten by deer. barley, wheat, rice, corn, oats, rye, etc are used. Ask KFC to Google... what grains are used to make beer... I think he may be capable of doing it for you?
  11. Lol! I posted a link to the company that sells tons and tons worth of the grain. Its below again. I understand why you would believe haskel in spite of the info from the grain dealer. Strange that the grain dealer and a thousands of other dealers and articles show the nutritional value. Haskell also said it has very little. Maybe you should contact the dealer and tell them they are wrong! Haskell said so! Lol! https://kormaprom.com/korma/dried-brewer-s-spent-grain/ Psh... SMH
  12. Coors Brewing Company to Provide Spent Grain to Aid Deer Feeding Operation GOLDEN, CO - Coors Brewing Company announced today its plans to donate more than 100,000 pounds of spent grain to the Colorado Division of Wildlife in an effort to help feed hundreds of deer that have had a difficult time finding natural forage due to the recent snows in the Gunnison Valley. The spent grain, which is a byproduct of the brewing process and are easily digestible for deer. The Division of Wildlife will be dropping the grains for the snow-bound animals within the next few days with a second load of food being dumped next week. More than 45 inches of deep snow and extreme cold has left more than 20,000 deer in a precarious situation in the Gunnison Valley and biologists at Division of Wildlife believe that if the deer do not continue to receive feed the extreme winter conditions may lead to excessive winter population losses, which could also have a negative impact on local tourism. "The recent snows have really put the wildlife in danger," said Colleen Reiter, vice president and plant manager for Coors. "Given our commitment to the environment we feel it's our responsibility to help out. Hopefully, our donation, along with many others, will go a long way to solving the problem." Coors annually sells about 600 million pounds of spent grain to feed Front Range cattle. Given the urgent nature of this current situation, Coors provided the Division of Wildlife with the spent grain at no cost. "We very much appreciate this significant contribution by Coors" said Tom Remington, Director of the Division of Wildlife. "Coors has stepped up before to help us with our feeding efforts, and this donation will reduce the cost of feed and stretch our resources significantly."
  13. I never said anything about grains coming in contact with yeast. You are seeing things that aren't there. My whole point is that you claimed the grains lacked nutrition and you are dead wrong! As I previously stated and you apparently didn't see practially every commercial feed for deer and cattle has the grains as an ingredient. That's a fact! Brewers grains and or distillers grains. Now go back to lol ignoring me so that I am not compelled to reply to anymore of your nonsense.
  14. Wow incredibly lame! Beer is fermented after the grains process with yeast. The waste grain is called distillers grains or brewers grains. It is used as a feed for cattle, deer and a lot of other farm animals. It is a high protein highly nutritious high fiber feed. https://www.google.com/search?q=brewers+grains+feed&oq=brewers+grains+feed&aqs=chrome..69i57.5292j0j9&client=tablet-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
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