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  1. All the roads are locked down. Helicopters flying all around. I think Trump will land at the ball park on Park ave. That's where the other helicopters have been landing.
  2. If anyone goes they can get some corn.
  3. I copied thst off of their facebook page
  4. They also sell Buck-o-Tash... "A sweetened grain blend that's sure to please" 50 pounds $10 50% whole kernel corn + 25% soybeans + 25% barley & Mixed with wet molasses
  5. Parvin farms is about an hour north of me. They sell 60 pounds whole corn for $6.
  6. What's up with 1957buck? Was he smart enough to read and comprehend the law? No answers to why you are paying so much more for licenses and permits than you should be paying? How about duck stamps? Why do they require duck stamps Being that they lose almost 2x what they collect?
  7. These are what licenses and permits are supposed to cost. Why are you paying so much more?
  8. No one knows what licenses and permits are supposed to cost?
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