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  1. There is a bill in the legislature now about semi-auto guns. I've seen guns posted in pics here that would be banned. S98 https://www.billtrack50.com/BillDetail/1170529
  2. You do realize that the NJ Outdoor Alliance thread that you started and somehow feel that you would fit in with their PAC does exactly what you are claiming in this thread won't work? In that thread you say how effective the NJOA is and in this thread you are basically saying what they are doing won't work. The NJOA was started to prevent the re-election of two anti hunting politicians. They used and still use the power in numbers of outdoors people sending emails and making phone calls to the politicians to accomplish their goals.
  3. The screenshot are the NJ stats for the 2019 elections. Less than 500,000 voted. There are over 800,000 hunters, trappers and fishermen in NJ. It really wouldnt be so hard to get rid of the illegal alien loving liberal politicians if we get involved and do it!
  4. Yes well it doesn't hurt to start voting out corrupt Liberal politicians now. Being the current situations in NJ it will be easier now than Its been in the past. If it takes a few years to get enough on our side that's ok. If it takes 10 years it's ok it's better than doing nothing and expecting things to change. Doing nothing, lying and cheating is the liberal way! There are a whole lot of people who aren't happy at the moment so now's a good time to start picking them off! Each time one gets picked off the others will notice!
  5. Don't let any liberal discourage you from calling your Legislators. With all of the crap going on in the Country and in NJ now would be a good time to put pressure on those who may vote against it. The pic is a list of States that have passed it and is now a part of their States Constitution.
  6. A mural with the words "Black Lives Matter" will soon emblazon Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, right in front of one specific landmark: Trump Tower. On Thursday morning, work crews blocked off traffic between 56th and 57th streets. Groups of painters then used rollers to start filling in large yellow letters on the pavement... https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/07/09/889380500/nyc-begins-painting-black-lives-matter-mural-in-front-of-trump-tower Liberals! A mayor who was handed more than he needed by Trump during the covid crisis in NY blantly paints something like that in front of Trump Tower. Typical liberal nonsense!
  7. You can read it at.... https://trackbill.com/bill/new-jersey-senate-concurrent-resolution-100-proposes-constitutional-amendment-to-preserve-right-of-people-to-fish-hunt-trap-and-harvest-fish-and-wildlife/1917762/ You can contact your Legislators at... https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/legislativepub/contact.asp There are more bills in NJ Legislation listed in the News Forum here. Some good for us, some terrible for us. Call your Legislators!
  8. If the FW Council was or could be controled by Murphy there wouldnt be a bear hunting season. The only thing that Murphy could do is close State Lands. A quote... "Murphy said his hands are tied by state law, which gives the state Fish and Game Council regulatory authority for authorizing a bear hunt. The council has authorized hunts through 2021." As I stated previously the FW Council is INDEPENDENT! https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/topic/39469-parts-of-wmas-closed/?do=findComment&comment=554363
  9. So BLM torches police cars and the department's have to buy new ones!
  10. Funny that you say that! I posted a list of pending legislation in the NMP category. Some of the legislation would be great for us others will be terrible but few have seen the list. I guess if the bad stuff gets passed we shouldnt complain being that we did nothing to support the good legislation and nothing to stop the bad.
  11. It's not just the DEP it's all non essential State employees. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/06/furloughing-state-workers-and-pausing-raises-will-save-nj-100m-murphy-says.html Senate Republicans also criticized Murphy for failing to act on that bill and for doing “too little too late.” “By not implementing broad furloughs months ago when much of New Jersey, including most government offices, were shut down, the opportunity to achieve savings has been greatly diminished,”
  12. Yes fish and wildlife is under the DEP BUT... "Powers and Duties The Legislature has empowered the Fish and Game Council with the independent responsibility to adopt a Fish and Game Code for the purpose of providing a system for the protection and conservation of fish and game. In addition, the Council has been authorized to perform an advisory and recommendatory function in the development of comprehensive policies in this general area" The regulation that was used to do the closings was passed by and enforced by the "INDEPENDENT" FW Council.
  13. The article doesnt specify what employees were furloughed. I doubt that the CPO's were furloughed they will probably be out in firce writing violations. I still don't see how they had the authority to close the WMA's. I don't see how a furlough... Nothing contained in N.J.A.C. 7:25-2 shall preclude the Division from limiting, or closing from, public use any specific land and water areas under its control, effective immediately upon making the finding that prevailing conditions warrant such restriction to protect the users, or to protect and preserve the land and water areas, or both, and continuing for so long as such conditions warrant.
  14. Yea no kidding but they keep voting them in.
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