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  1. Don't hold me to this, I'm going from memory and will have to look it up when I get back home. I'm thinking That the law said that the Governor can initiate the emergency powers when something happens that the cities/towns/ECT can not handle on their own. What orders has he made that individual towns could not have done themself?
  2. If you read the laws cited in his orders it's scary! It pretty much amounts to a dictatorship. That kind of power in the wrong person can be catastrophic.
  3. I'm convinced that it's a mental condition. Hopefully one that can be treated.
  4. I can't imagine that many if any will want a refund but who knows? It makes more sense to open the closed lands to hunters.
  5. Hey I was up until 3am and just woke up. I needed something to get my blood flowing and wake me up. Thanks!
  6. On Fox news a few nights ago they showed a clip from CNN where the reporter said that Trump must have a financial interest in those meds and is pushing those meds for personal profit.
  7. What part of red and blue lights don't you understand? Do you see red and blue lights on your stars? I see plenty of stars. The 3 things that jm talking about have red and blue lights.
  8. The stars don't move but the earth does. Take some pics on a tripod of some stars with white lights and blinking red and blue lights and get back to me.
  9. I never realized that you are such a genius!
  10. Think maybe its tethered?
  11. How do you hold a balloon? Don't you think it's a really stupid question?
  12. That was a joke to lighten up the mood at the time. I don't believe that for a second! Luny, I'm not wasting my time answering you. You have made it perfectly clear that you just don't get some things.
  13. Read my first post here. They are balloons that detect explosions. Year's ago I was with a friend at a park waiting for the fireworks to start. I showed the girl the one that is over the ocean. When the fireworks started the thing dropped straight down. I searched the net and found that it is a balloon that detects explosions. That's why they are in the same place every night.
  14. No they are in the same general area every night and have red and blue lights on them.
  15. Yes exactly that's why the lights that I've been looking at for years can't be stars or planets the lights are in the same place every night.
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